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  • US Version
  • International Version
Release: Jul 02, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shorter US Version and the uncut International Version, both available on the German DVD by Maritim Pictures / Al!ve (FSK 18).

There are 9 missing scenes with a total length of 11 minutes and 50 seconds.

One day, young ans pretty Angela gets an offer by her friend Madeline: to do a photo shoot. Angela is curious and accepts her offer. When she gets the job and topless pictures of her are being taken for a perfume ad campaign, the pictures pop up in several mags. From that point on, Angela's life takes a turn from good to bad. First, she loses her job as hairstylist. Then she has huge problems with her parents, gets kicked out of apartment and last but not least, her ex is stalking her. Angela has to decide between her old and mostly uneasy life and her new life as model in the glamorous but malicious world of fashion.

Shot in 1979 and released as "Snapshot", is a mix of drama an thriller in the setting of the 70s. Every now and then, the atmosphere is really suspenseful, a few murders take place as well. The movie focuses on its leading actress through. She gets sucked into the world of fashion which is rather promissing at first but at the end, it is a nightmare.
0 Min
Longer black screen at the beginning of the US Version.
9 sec

1 Min
Extended shot of the firefighters preparing for their assignment.
20 sec

2 Min
Several people are standing in front of the burned building in order to gape. Then the firefighters doing their job plus an approaching ambulance.
43 sec

4 Min
When the movie title "Snapshot" is being displayed, the German Version contains the additional title "The Day After Halloween" in German.

Please note: the alternate title in German is obviously not an issue for any international release but the movie has the alternate title "The Day After Halloween", so there is a chance this alternate title is also used on other releases.
no difference

10 Min
Madeline's conversation with Angela in the car is longer:
Madeline: See? Easy.
Angela: You nearly cost me my job.
Madeline: So what? You want to be a hairdresser for the rest of your life? Besides, he won't sack you.
Little exterior shot of the vehicle.
Madeline: Anyway, what if he does? Stuff it.
Angela: Madeline, you've got money... everything. You could afford to call Mr. Pluckett a faggot. I can't. My mother will kill me if I lose that job.
Madeline: Sugar, Linsey pays more for one lousy photo session than you've earned in six months. Besides, you're too old to be living with your mother.
35 sec

12 Min
The camera pans to Lilly who is doing some breathing exercises. Madeline and Angela come up the stairs, Madeline calls for Lily. Cut to Lily, she is still busy with the breathing exercises. Madeline and Angela enter the room. Lily jumps in their direction, Madeline gets startled. Then Madeline asks if Linsey was there as well and Lily says she was upstairs. Cut to Linsey. He is looking at a dead mouse and pets it a few times with a toothpick. Then he turns on the light and makes preparations for taking pictures of the dead mouse.
102 sec

21 Min
A man is singing on stage. Tracking shot to the both girls.
Angela: Oh God, Madeline. What have I done?
Madeline: No turning back now.
Madeline then immitates Angela's mother. A man arrives at the bar and asks the girl: "Are you ladies here alone?"
Madeline: Shove off, Jack!
The girls look at each other, the man says "I see. Pity!" and leaves. The girls laugh, then the singer on stage again. He makes the audience laugh with a couple of wordplays in his lyrics. The scene keeps getting interrupted by cuts to the audience (the singing continues off-screen though). Then the girls again.
Angela: Why do you come here?
Madeline: Oh, because itís a good place to be seen this month.
Angela: Your husband comes here.
Madeline: Oh, sugar. My husband doesnít come anywhere nowadays.
The girls laugh.
Angela: Then why is itÖ
Madeline interrupts Angela: Does a gorgeous creature like me stay married to a 50-year-old movie producer whoís too old to care what I do?
Angela: Say no more! Do you.. you knowÖ
Madeline: Öscrew myself with anyone I please? Damn right.
Then the singer on stage again. He is now dressed as a pirat and sings with a corresponding accent.
165 sec

30 Min
Angela walking in the alley.
18 sec

42 Min
Angela gets home and opens the door.
Mother: Well?
Angela: What are you doing here?
Mother: Well, perhaps youíd like to answer that.
Angela: How did you know where I live?
Mother: Does it matter?. This is where you live, isnít it? In an attic?
Angela: Mom, what do you want?
Mother: What is this place, Angela?
Angela: Itís my home, Mom. And would you mind keeping your voice down, please? Thereís a meeting going on downstairs.
Mother: What kind of meeting?
Angela: It doesnít concern you.
Mother: Iím sorry. Youíre perfectly right. Youíre 19 years old, you donít need a mother. I just brought around a few of these things, thatís all.
Angela grabs the paper bag with her stuff in it and says "Thank you".
Mother: I should have just left that at the door. I think it would have been better not seeing you.
Angela: Mom, please donít start.
Mother: Oh, I see. But I suppose itís been coming to this for quite a while.
Angela (screams): Mom!
She keeps talking with her regular voice: You locked me out of the house at 4 a.m. Remember?
Mother: Oh, 4 was it? Thatís a fine time to come home, isnít it? *kurze Pause* Well, what else youĎve been up to with your new friends? Iíve been looking for you at the salon. Mr. Pluckett said youíd gone off with someÖ lady. You have a job, have you?
Angela: Yes.
Mother: Well? Is it so top secret you canít tell me about it? You have to lock me here in the attic while thereís a meeting going on downstairs in the middle of the nightÖ Oh, tell me about your new job, Angela. Is it paying well?
Angela: Well enough.
Mother: Well enough. But you canít tell anyone?
Angela: Iím learning about advertizing from the guy who lives downstairs.
Mother: Also a young man living here as well as young ladies.
Angela: For heavenís sakes!
Mother: No, Iím sorry. I shouldnít have asked, Iíd rather not know. Oh, Angela. My little angel.
Angela: Iím not your little angel, Mom. I never have been your little angel. Becky perhaps but not Angela.
Mother: How can you say that?
Angela: For as long as I can remember, itís been nothing but "Becky, Becky, Becky"! The only time you ever used to talk to your little angel was to tell her how awkward she was, what a disappointment sheíd been. I was believing it.

Cut to the people downstairs who hear the fight as well.
Mother: What about poor Daryl?
Angela: What about poor Daryl?
Mother: Well, he comes over a lot, you know? Mopes around, tells me his troubles. I think Iím more of a mother to him than I am to you.
Angela: He frightens me.
Mother: Whatís that?
Angela: I said he frightens me. He murders puppies.
Mother: Puppies? Well, Iím sorry Angela. I do regard myself as a pretty fair judge of character. I can at least understand his behavior but as for yours?
Angela: Mom, poor Daryl has been following me. Heís been getting in here because BeckyÖ Do you know my little sister Becky?... told him I dumped him for a lesbian.
Mother: Well, I donít see any point in this. I heard Darylís version of why you dumped him, I heard BeckyísÖ I think I know where the truth lies.
Angela laughs.
Mother: Is that funny?
Angela: Believe me, Mom. Itís hysterical.
The mom slaps her in the face.
Mother: Donít you ever speak to me in that tone of voice again, do you hear me? Do you?
Someone knocks. Angela opens the door and apologizes instantaneously: Iím really sorry, sheĎs just leaving.
The girl at the door responds: Give it 5 minutes, OK?
230 sec

46 Min
Angela's nightmare is cut. When she wakes up, she starts to scream. Cut to Lily and Linsey on the couch. They are watching a movie. Angela comes in.
Angela: Iím just going out. If anyone wants me, Iíll be at Madelineís.
Lily: Oh by the way, Ange. ItĎs that time of the month again, as they say?
Angela: You might have to carry me for a bit.
Lily: You got through that lot in a hurry, didnít you?
Angela: Yeah. Listen, ehmÖ speaking of starving to deathÖ when are all these drops gonna start falling off my lap? Itís been nearly a week.
Lily: Donít worry about it. Itís all got to do with demographics.
Angela: Demographics?
Lily explains demographics with some geek-speak.
Angela: Well, as long as the campaign is a big successÖ
Lily: For Godís sake, Angela. Relax. Does Linsey look worried?
One can hear a car horn outside.
Angela: Thatís my cab. Listen. In future, Iíd really appreciate it if you didnít just let any Tom, Dick and Harry walk into my room make themselves at home. OK?
Lily: OK!
Then she says "OK!" one more time, but less noisy this time.
80 sec

60 Min
Madeline and Angela disturb the guy during sex. He is not happy about it and tells them to leave. The girls leave the room gigglingly.
17 sec

87 Min
The end credits differ.
no difference