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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare


  • R-Rated
  • German LD
Release: Aug 15, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
The fifth sequel of the long „Nightmare On Elm Street“-franchise cannot actually be called censored. Neither the German FSK 18-version nor the US-Rated-R-version show any censorship in terms of violence in direct comparison. However there are partly considerable differences. So it is more appropriate to say they are differently edited versions: both versions contain scenes the respective other version misses completely.
As well in number of scenes as in runtime of cut scenes the US-version falls behind because it misses many details and also some bigger scenes. Thus the German version is better, even if it is not complete.

The scenes missing in the German version are covered in the following censorship-report: FSK 18 vs. R-Rated at
Differently edited scenes or scenes with different footage are listed in both censorship-reports
The GB-Version (BBFC 18) is also based on the shorter US-edition but was also, at least for the old VHS-tape, heavily censored concerning the finale. Many shots of weapon used(e. g. shurikens) were removed here.
The runtime specifications refer to the US-DVD.
This comparison is between German "Final Edition"-LD by LaserParadise, rated FSK 18 and the US R-Rated version from the "Nightmare On Elm Street"-Box by NewLine Cinema.
Because of alternative footage it is difficult to make exact specifications about lenght of scenes or cuts!
All scenes, which aren´t included in the US-version, add up like this:
15 scenes= 167 Sec. (=2 Min. 47 Sec.)
The woman speaks with the black psychologist
This scene was edited differently in both versions. As she says "And you don´t get paid for being a dream doctor", the US-version already cuts to the psychologist, and then the woman is shown standing in front of the 3D-picture.

Here the German version runs longer. As she says her line "And you don´t get paid for being a dream doctor", she is still shown; so she doesn´t speak the line being off-screen while the psychologist is shown. While she says her line, she takes the 3D-glasses from a table next to her. Only then the psychologist is shown, however in the German version this happens a second shorter.

However, the scene continues:
The psychologist says (off-screen): "At least I work as I see fit." - The woman holds up the 3D-glasses and asks: "With these?". Then she stands up and asks "What´s this for?".
As she walks to the wall, the psychologist explains that it is a new kind of vison and that kids should first see their problems before solving them. The German version also includes an additional shot of the 3D-picture the woman is looking at.

In summary one can say that the US-version misses the 3D-glasses in terms of content and the treatment method of the doctor. The rest of the conversation may be identical, but edited differently and in parts with different footage!

Because of the differently edited versions it is difficult to state exact runtimes; however, the German version is clearly longer.

Measuring the scene from the part where the woman says " And you don´get paid for being a dream doctor" until the scene when he stands behind her in front of the 3D-picture, we get the following length:

German Version: 19 Sec.
US Version: 8 Sec.
Difference: 11 Sec.

Pictures of that scene from the US version:

Pictures of that scene from the German version:

Here the German version runs slightly longer. After the doctor said "... and change our nightmares into reality" the woman asks wether he already found someone (for treatment). He turns away briefly, then says "Ich guess there are enough candidates."

Both versions run identicalls from the moment the man knocks.
9 Sec.

The doctor tries to help the blond girl.
Thecomplete scene is missing in the US version!

The position of the scene:

The scene happens after the woman and the boy talked about his reasons why he assumes that he will die when he falls asleep.

The blond girl tries to challenge him to an sportive duel. She screams at him that he is afraid. The doctor dodges all her kicks and blows and tells her, that when she is in control of her emotions it would be possible to walk the path of her dreams. She thinks nothing of his therapy and continues trying to beat him. He asks her if she still tries to find the gate to her dreams like he told her to. She just answers "I keep getting better!". He says: "Your body improves, but your mind needs work!" - Then he makes some moves to her until she falls. As he turns away, she attacks him from behind, whereas he pulls away her foot and twists her arm.
46 Sec.

The boy sleepwalks
Here again is footage to be found which only one of the two versions exclusively contains and vice versa. - This time, the US-version has the longest runtime.

The position of the scene:
The boy enters in his dream a soft cell, where he finds himself splattered with blood and tied in a strait jacket. Then he screams and moves backwards a few steps.

While he steps back, the German version shows two episode-like scenes. In the first scene, the boy is shown tied to an electric chair, in the second scene Freddy Krueger holds a ringing alarm clock in his hand.

pictures (German version):

The US-version misses these two scenes with the electric chair and Freddy Krueger, however the scene here runs longer: The boy steps back and running backwards hits with full force security guard.

The security man falls backwards through a window behind him. Now the boy awaks from his sleepwalking and as he sees the security guard, he exclaims "Oh shit!". The security man stands up from the pile of shards, saying "Asshole!".


The two shots, which are only contained in the German version, run
2 seconds.
The scene with the security guard and the windowpane runs:12 seconds

At the amusement park in the ghost town
Again both versions are different.

Position of the scene:
The woman travels with the boy to his hometown (Springwood). While they are on the road they discover the other kids were hiding in the van. As they enter the city, they notice an amusement park. The woman sends the kids to a phone booth to make a phone call to someone to pick them up. While they are away, one boy notices that there is not a single child at the amusement park.
As he repeats"... but no children", the US-version shows a shot of him which the German version misses.
Duration of the shot: 1,5 Sec


At this exact position, the German version continues differently:
The boy approaches a man standing at a booth. Frightened, the man runs away. The boy sees him running and says perplexed: "He is scared of me?!"
Duration of scene: 8,5 Sec.

When the spire starts to ring its bell, the German version shows another shot of the crazy adult couple.
1 Sec.


Shortly after the above mentioned cut the German version contains another shot of the spire with the bells ringing. Afterwards there is a cut to a fat woman and an old man, who irritatedly puts down a bucket, saying "Give me a break!"
5 Sec.

The three kids try to return home
The car ride takes longer in the German version: when the boy in the passenger seat yawns, the militant girl tells him to stop that because she is dead tired. Then the car is shown driving along a street.

When the car makes a turn, both versions are identical again.
9 Sec.

Position of the scene: the two guys make fun of the girl because they assume that she got lost. Thereupon she threats the long-haired guy to stab two fingers into his ribs.
The US-version misses here a shot of the long-haired guy and how the boy says ironically he had once seen that and it wouldn´t look nice.
4 Sec.

The boy and the woman find the drawing of the Freddy-figure on the street
The biggest difference is here the sound: in the US-version both say nothing at all while the camera zooms away slowly to a wide shot; only the music is relatively loud und scary.

In the German version the music remains in the background while the boy explains to the woman that the fiure in the drawing is Fredd Krueger and that he is responsible that no children are anymore in the city. The woman replies that it´s just a picture and the boy says. "That would be nice!"
This scene runs 4 seconds longer in the German version.
4 Sec.


Position of the scene:
The boy in the passenger seat tells the girl that she had two chances and that it´s now his turn to drive.

In the German version she says defiantly that he just wants to fumble her when she sleeps. He just answers that he rather freezes his hand.
6 Sec.

The boy and the woman in the abandoned school
Position of the scene:
in a classroom with a crazy teacher they both look at a list of names of deceased children on a blackboard.

The scene has different sound in both versions and is differently edited.
While the US-version pans over the blackboard there is a brief intermittent cut to the woman and the boy. In the German version the camera panning over the blackboard is not interrupted.
In the German version the woman cannot believe that only ONE man killed all the people. In the US-version she wonders what happened there and the boy anserws "Freddy happened.".
In the German version the scene runs 1 second longer.

The search for the missing children
A pity that the US-version misses a complete and well done scene:

Position of the scene:
The scene is shown afterwards the woman scolded the boy he shouldn´t argue and just search.

In search for Carlos and the long-haired guy the woman goes down the stairs to the basement. In a ramshackle wall she discovers a grip and opens a door to a hidden room. There are lots of Freddy Krueger´s torture instruments he left behind when he died. Apalled the woman realizes that this was once Freddy Krueger´s home.
53 sec.

Another attempt to escape from the city
Unimportant: the sign, on which Freddy corrected the population of the town, is shown briefly longer.
1,5 Sec.

Mastering error: In the German version is a scruffily edited scene of the woman running down the stairs; exactly at a change of reel.
1 sec.

The German version briefly continues after the notice "Freddy is dead": the camera zooms away and the three hold hands. Then the picture freezes and the credits start to roll.
6 sec.