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Stand by Me

Night Killer


original title: Kite, A


  • International Version
  • German DVD
Release: Apr 29, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut international version by Media Blasters has been compared to the uncut German DVD by I-ON New Media

The anime from 1998, which by now also has been followed by a sequel, was released in different versions on DVD in the US. The initially published "international" release by Media Blasters/Anime Works is about 47 minutes long, meaning there are 4 minutes missing. The version released later by Kitty Media, called Director's Cut, may be longer than the first one, but was still censored at 6 different points in the movie. Also, the OVA consisting of two parts was merged into one movie, resulting in the ending credits of the first part missing.
00:00 The international version is missing the Green Bunny Logo.
6.5 sec.

05:37 The international version is missing the entire sex scene between Akai and Sawa. Their voices can be heard off-screen.
47 sec.

06:30 The start of a tracking shot is missing in the international version.
2.6 sec.

06:58 Oburi is shown longer as he descends the escalator.
6.1 sec.

16:15 The flash back of a sex scene between Akai and Sawa is drawn differently in the two versions.
International Version = 1 sec.
German Version = 1 sec.

International VersionGerman Version

24:07 The two versions are drawn differently as the guy leaps at Sawa from behind and both fall out of the hole in the high-rise building. The international version shows this frontally while the German version shows everything sideways.
International Version 2.4 sec.
German Version = 3 sec.

International VersionGerman Version

24:13 A shot of the guy falling is a bit longer in the German version.
2 sec.

24:18 The ending credits of the first episode as well as the Green Bunny logo at the beginning of episode two are missing in the international version.
112.9 sec.

24:24 Another part of the second episode's credits is missing in the international version.
4 sec.

24:33 Ditto.
4 sec.

26:58 The international version is missing a shot of the building's interior as Sawa and the guy fall down. A man and a woman are having sex as the two speed past the window.
3.5 sec.

28:04 The title card of the second episode is missing.
10.1 sec.

29:53 After the scene at the police station: A short tracking shot outside Kanie's apartment is missing. Cut to inside. Kanie is having sex with a tied-up and gagged young woman as he suddenly notices a sound. He quickly draws his weapon, but it's only Akai asking if he was done soon. Kanie puts his gun asaid as Akai draws a knife.
49.7 sec.

32:24 The German version shows Kanie, the girl from the cut before and Akai. As Kanie talks on the phone, the girls sucks Akai off. The international version shows a completely different shot.
International version = 6.3 sec.
German Version = 6.4 sec.

International versionGerman version

39:51 The international version shows Akai a little longer before fading to black. Conversely, it completely misses Oburi being, at gun point, forced by Kanie to watch Akai having sex with Sawa. Short flash backs are missing, too. Finally, you can see Akai's ear wound bursting open and blood squirting on the bed.
International version = 3.2 sec.
German version = 136.4 sec.

45:14 The ending credits differ. In the international version, they roll in English while in the German version, they do in Japanese.
International version = 108.6 sec.
German version = 95.7 sec.