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5.11 Sammy and Me / The Last Temptation


  • US DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 09, 2014 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the shortened version of "Sammy and Me / The Last Temptation" on the US DVD by Paramount and the uncut version on the German DVD by Turbine Classics.

The differences:

4 cuts = 1 minute and 10 seconds

The Ren & Stimpy Show is one of the most over the edge cartoon shows ever. So it's no surprise that Nickelodeon US - similar to Disney - reacted to the feedback of the audience and made a few cuts. On top of that, later broadcasts on Spike TV contained further alterations. More cuts were made and, if required, some scenes had a higher frames per second rate in order to reach the regular length for syndication. These versions are the available ones on the so-called "uncut" US DVDs by Paramount.

Surprisingly enough, the German broadcasts back in the 90s were almost uncut, only a few scenes with too explicit footage were removed.

For the uncut box the comparisons have been made with, Turbine Germany used the cut (but restored) US masters and the original German versions in order to put the longest versions possible on the German DVD set. Missing scenes in the US Versions have been filled with the German version (including the German dub), missing scenes in the German versions have been filled with the US Version (and they got subtitled in German, if necessary). The result is the longest version available of every single episode.
Sammy and Me

5 Min
Ren and Stimpy are lying in the bed and Stimpy hands Ren the book "Sammy Kazootie", so he can read it out to him. The scene of Ren getting angry because of the book title and yelling at Stimpy that he won't support his weird cult is missing in the US version. Stimpy is begging him and says that he has promised it. Ren looks a bit irritated at first, but then gives in. Both versions are equal again when he starts reading from the book.
18.5 sec

The Last Temptation

0 Min
Stimpy takes a taste of the oatmeal that he's just made for Ren and notices that it's too runny; Ren had told him to make it rather stiff and lumpy. Stimpy immediately runs to the kitchen cupboard, takes a box of thickener and tries to pour some of it into the oatmeal, but the only thing that comes out is a big lump of thickener which then plunks down into the oatmeal and fogs Stimpy in completely.
14.5 sec

6 Min
Ren is mowing the lawn in the middle of the night.
5 sec

7 Min
Another short scene of Ren mowing the lawn in the night. Scene change: Stimpy walks along the pool to the diving board. He meets Ren, who's standing in a rather bad mood next to the pool throwing seed corns on the ground. Stimpy greets him nicely and asks if he wants to go for a swim with him. Ren then gets angry at Stimpy, who isn't bothered by that at all and then jumps into the pool. Some water splashes at Ren. All wet now, he's just standing there looking bummed out.
32 sec