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1.24 Exodus - Part 2


  • Censored Version (Blu-ray)
  • Uncensored Version (DVD)
Release: Jul 07, 2018 - Author: LOST - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Censored Version (Lost: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray]) and the Uncensored Version (Lost: The Complete First Season [DVD]).

On 05/25/2018, the season 1 finale of Lost premiered on ABC. Since this is a two-parter, a two-part episode for subsequent broadcasts and international distribution was edited as well: Exodus (Part 2) and Exodus (Part 3). On 09/06/2005, Lost: The Complete First Season was released on DVD in the US. The DVD set contains the Original Broadcast Version with a length of 84:58 minutes. On 06/16/2009, Lost: The Complete First Season was released on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the Blu-ray set only contains the shorter two-part episode and that goes for Lost: The Complete Collection on both Blu-ray and DVD as well. Both were released on 08/24/2010. These two-part episodes have a length of 43:09 and 43:24 minutes. Keeping that in mind, the two-part episodes are actually longer than the Original Broadcast Version.

The following comparison will shed some light on the reason for the length difference. Not only are there cuts but there is also alternate and additional footage and the aspect ratio is slightly different as well.
These differences may appear rather redundant at first glance but one should have both versions in the collection anyway.

12 differences = approx. -23 sec
0:00 - 0:03 min
The black at the very beginning of "Exodus (Part 2)" bis slightly longer than the one at the beginning of "Exodus, Part 2".
0.8 sec

0:03 - 1:33 min
Subsequent to that, the recap begins. Here is what is missing:
- Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the island. ("Pilot, Part 1")
- Some survivors try to send an SOS signal but receive the message of some French woman instead. The signal has been on a loop for 16 years now. ("Pilot, Part 2")
- Sayid follows some cable in the sand. The French woman, Danielle Rousseau, takes him down and holds him captive. She warns him to better keep an eye on the other survivors. ("Solitary")
- Claire is being attacked in her sleep. Hurley counts the survivors and thanks to the manifest, he figures out that one of them was not on the plane. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")
-79.4 sec

4:32 - 4:35 min
Additional shot of the rear of the "Black Rock".
2.8 sec


4:35 - 4:52 min
Here, the Lost opening begins already.
17.1 sec

4:52 - 4:59 min
Locke, Jack and Kate enter the "Black Rock" just one after another.
The Blu-ray here contains alternate footage - the actual content remains unchanged though.
In addition to that, the opening credits start rolling here.
no difference


4:59 min
Locke slightly shorter in the cargo space of the "Black Rock".
-0.3 sec


5:04 min
Locke longer when he gets up the stairs inside the cargo hold of the "Black Rock".
-4.5 sec


10:45 - 10:47 min
Now a black screen.
The Original Version contains the Lost opening at this point. In addition to that, the subsequent scenes contain the opening credits.
-15 sec

42:03 - 42:08 min
Now an additional scene with Jack. First, he takes a look around. He then keeps walking with caution.
4.8 sec


42:15 min
Hurley longer in the jungle.
0.2 sec


42:18 - 42:23 min
"To be continued" appears.
4.5 sec


42:23 - 43:09 min
"Exodus (Part 2)" ends with the Lost end credits.
46.1 sec

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