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Season 11 UK-Box / Region 2 / PAL (equals the upcoming Vol. 10 in the US)

The Last House On The Left

Return to Savage Beach


Girl Blood Sport

Family Guy

9.11 German Guy


  • TV version
  • DVD version
Release: Dec 24, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version.

- 7 alterations including 4 sound changes
- Difference: 52,6 seconds

Looks like FOX wants to fly high with the Family Guy releases in the UK. While the recently released US box "Vol. 9" at least contains the last episodes of S8 plus the first ones of S9 (available as S10 in the UK since May 2011! / the comparisons are already online), S11 (aka Vol. 10 in the US) is available since November 2011 in the UK. This DVD box contains the remaining episodes of S9. Unfortunately, this DVD release doesn't contain any audio commentaries like the previous releases did. It might be, but that's just an assumption of mine, that the commentaries haven't been recorded so far because the release of the US counterpart "Vol. 10" isn't yet in sight. The episodes themselves are completely uncensored, as usual.

The 8th episode of this box (9:11 ‚German Guy’) mainly presents sound changes in the TV version. There are two controversial, new scenes which only made it to the DVD. In the beginning Stewie talks to the topic of masturbation and in the end, the Nazi villain is caried into a grave – in a proper manner. Strange thing: the mention of concentration camps is directly refered to Dachau on the DVD.

Brian adds: "That might occupy him and get his mind on other things."
(It is about Chris, who is constantly masturbating and Brian who tells him to find another hobby.)
Stewie says: "Hey, man, lay off the kid.I say, if it feels good, do it!"
Brian: "Stewie, you don't do that yet."
Stewie: "Hey, you don't know what I do."

Because of reasons of connection the first frames are slightly different in the TV version (no pictures).

DVD version: 9.3 sec. longer

Sound change

Strange deviation: When Herbert tells where he was put to when the nazis thought he was gay, his formulation differs. In the TV version he says “I was taken to a concentration camp.”
In the DVD version he says “Dachau”.

TV version: 0,2 sec. longer
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Sound change

Peter mentions in the uncensored version: "...some shit."

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Sound changes

Chris nags: "Well, learn my birthday, asshole!"

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A new scene before Lois rings the bell. Peter and Chris talk to each other in the basement. An intercut occurs.

Peter paints some stripes onto the wall; "Twenty-five. That's how high I can count. We have been here for three hours."
Chris: "I'm scared, Dad. What's gonna happen to us?"
Peter: "Well, he's a Nazi, Chris. If I had to guess, he's going to make us into a lamp shade or a wallet or a bar of soap. I guess that means, I'll be Irish Spring."
Intercut, a commercial for soap with a man in nature; "Irish Spring will get you fresh and clean as a whistle, see?"
He whistles, takes a knife and cuts the soap.
Soap-Peter moanss: "You cut me! Why? What is that possibly supposed to show the consumer?"
The guy answers: "There's more soap inside the soap."
Soap-Peter: "They know that!"

34,5 sec

Sound change

Herbert says in the uncensored version: "I don't give a shit!"

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Herbert adds: "It's time to give you a proper German funeral."
He puts Franz into the oven and switches it on.

9,1 sec