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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 29, 2019 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

This low-budget vampire action movie with Don "The Dragon" Wilson was released two years prior to the iconic Wesley Snipes film Blade and can't really impress in comparison. In the US, it was released with an "R" rating and misses out on some plot material. In other countries, such as Germany, the Unrated Version was released.

The US DVD by New Concorde (R-Rated) was compared with the German FSK 16 DVD by EMS (based on Unrated Version).

The differences:

15 cuts = 7 minutes and 20 seconds

16 Min
Det. Hooper hands Det. Browning a file in which some clues about the wanted murderer are noted.
15 sec

22 Min
The cops stand in front of Jack's car with their guns drawn. One of the cops gives his colleague a sign and he slowly walks towards the car.
12 sec

24 Min
Bruno's limousine is on display. The driver gets out to open the door for Bruno.
3 sec

25 Min
At the police station, Hooper and Browning talk about a reporter interfering in their case. Hooper then says that there is also good news and that the blood in the found car has been used to find out that the reporter was shot. Change of scene to Bruno's house: Bruno runs down the stairs into the cellar, where other vampires have already gathered and are now working for him. He greets each of the vampires and talks to them briefly.
100 sec

26 Min
Jack strokes the unconscious Raimy longer over her face.
23 sec

27 Min
Raimy's starting to come around. Jack gets up and walks across the room.
16 sec

34 Min
Jack keeps his back to Raimy. She tells him why he is hiding from her and asks him to come to her. Jack hesitates and then slowly walks towards to Raimy.
47 sec

38 Min
Jack gets down on his knees, touches the asphalt of the road and then smells his fingers. This gives him a vision of Unger and where he is right now. Change of scene: You see Raimy on the phone with one of her employees. They talk about their current case and Raimy tells them that she is on the trail of a vampire hunter. Her co-worker tells her that she is probably crazy, to which Raimy agrees. Then she tells him that she is about to go to the morgue.
48 sec

38 Min
What's missing is Jack entering the disco and looking for Unger.
23 sec

40 Min
Jack's been searching the bathroom for Unger longer.
41 sec

43 Min
Raimy's been looking around the lab longer.
12 sec

46 Min
Jack's got a gun and looks around the house a little bit. When he arrives at a door, he discovers traces of the wanted vampire. He opens the door and walks through.
31 sec

47 Min
Jack sneaks through the cold chamber and looks around.
25 sec

47 Min
Again we see Jack walking longer through the cold chamber.
10 sec

49 Min
Jack takes a few steps and hears a noise near him. He sees that Bruno and Sid have joined him and are looking for him. He then withdraws.
34 sec