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Dragon Lord

original title: Long xiao ye


  • Scandinavian Blu-ray
  • Asian work-in-progress cut
Release: Aug 25, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the cut Scandinavian Blu-ray by Universal / Sony and the uncut Asian work-in-progress version on the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films

- 44 cuts
- Duration: 1170,7 sec (= 19:31 min)

In the report on the Asian Alternative Version we have summarized in detail what basic knowledge one must have about two, respectively three, versions of Jackie Chan's 80s classic Dragon Lord. In Germany and other countries, among them probably also the Scandinavian ones, an export version was published first. It was based on the "original version" but then cut for about 5 minutes. The "Asian alternative version" mentioned at the beginning of this article was widely used since DVD times. It offers 15 minutes of additional material but is conversely also 8 minutes shorter than the original version.

On the Blu-ray premiere of a new 2K restoration in the UK, which has been available since August 10, 2020, 88 Films has called this alternative version a "work-in-progress cut". As with the German Blu-ray (with SD upscales), the "original version" is also on board, called the "Hong Kong Theatrical Cut" by 88 Films. Both versions look really outstanding in their new HD scans, a clear quality update for every fan. Originally, the export version was also to be reconstructed. However, according to participating fans in the forum, even the own scan of the "original version" was only delivered by Fortune Star quite close to the release date and yet one more additional version would have exceeded the disc size.

This statement in passing might already partly explain what happened with the Blu-ray box Jackie Chan Vintage Collection Vol. 3, released almost simultaneously in early August 2020 in Scandinavia (Norway, Finland & Sweden). For budget customers Vol. 1+2 might have been interesting here, because for ~ 20€ per set with 6-7 films you can find the same 2K/4K restorations. However, only the English audio is included, not a lavish bonus package as with 88 Films or Eureka. Additionally there are compression problems, partly due to the outdated MPEG-2 codec being used here. On the plus side, some titles are available a bit earlier than in the UK. This was the case with Armour of God II as well as other titles from the same box (see cover scan in the appendix). It will also be the case in November 2020 for, among others, the legendary Lucky Stars films in Vol. 4.

As said, one finds always only English audio: This has probably caused a problem, since obviously at first only the Asian alternative version was scanned in HD. In this version, there is not only some additional material that was never dubbed, there are also many scenes missing from the international and export version. Even the order of scenes was changed. All the dialogues in English have now simply been adapted to the alternative version - and everything non-English that seemed "superfluous" has been rigorously cut out again.

What remains is an 83-minute torso, the most heavily edited release worldwide. The editor was also downright sloppy, because many moments missing in the international / export version are in it and shortly after that a shot cuts off with a rough jumpcut right in the middle. It seems that when they put on the sound, it was often only noticed later that something just didn't fit anymore instead of using the correct shorter version as a reference. A job done quite horribly, which is probably not even the fault of the Scandinavian label, but how it was already delivered to them by Fortune Star. Hands off anyway.

Terms are arranged according to the scheme
Scandinavian Blu-ray / Asian alternative version on British Blu-ray

Note: A large part of the screenshots was taken from the old report.
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00:57 / 00:57-01:11

The first shot after all the logos is missing: A tracking shot over the roofs of the houses from the right. While the original version showed at least the last part of the shot, this part is missing in Scandinavia, too. Instead, the follow-up shot with the title over the shot of Dragon's buddy is included, while it is missing the original version.

13.9 sec

04:33 / 04:47-04:56

A scene removed for the export version and consequently here as well: After Dragon (Jackie Chan) says goodbye, the teacher turns around and tells another student to inform his wife that he won't be coming for dinner again this evening. Hence, he has probably done the work for Dragon several times before.

9 sec

07:54 / 08:17-08:42

The talk between the baddies is longer.
Cowboy's father thinks that they will be rich in less than a month after the antiques are shipped.

24.9 sec

08:02 / 08:50-09:51

Tiger speaks earlier to his colleagues and expresses his displeasure about the planned antiques sale. He does not want to sell treasures belonging to the country and appeals to national pride. The boss replies that the Qing Dynasty is over and that the possessions have changed accordingly. Tiger responds that as Chinese they should still be interested in preserving China's sanctuaries. In response to a question coming from the background of how they should survive without such crimes, he says that there is enough legal work available. The others aren't convinced.

61.1 sec

08:26 / 10:15-11:25

The next cut from the export version: The villain turns away in the other direction and orders another of his men to take turns keeping watch.
Afterwards there is a scene missing in which Jackie and cowboy talk to a woman. She is matchmaking someone and is hit by a stone from Dragon's slingshot. During the conversation it turns out that she was hired by Cowboy's father to find a woman for him. They both complain that the woman would never introduce pretty girls to them and they gape at the girl who was just sitting at the woman's table. The woman says that she actually did introduce this girl in question before. On closer inspection the two agree and think she is not so pretty. Cowboy whispers to Dragon that maybe she knows the pretty girl they saw shortly before. The woman wants to know who the two are talking about. After a while they say they don't know the name and walk away. Dragon then whispers to the woman that she should introduce him to her first.

In contrast to the export version, two follow-up shots of Jackie/Mars and the girl are missing as well.

69.6 sec (= 1:10 min)

13:42 / 16:41-16:58

More haggling between Dragon and Cowboy in the alley. At first the shot from above is longer. Cowboy angrily accuses Dragon that Dragon only uses him to make himself look good.

17.1 sec

15:43 / 18:58-19:07

Some discussion as Dragon is supposed to demonstrate his literature teaching.
His father wants to hear Lee's poems or a classical essay, Dragon would rather recite "Going to war".

8.9 sec

15:53 / 19:18-19:46

Dragon is told the first line of the poem, but does not know what to do. Since he can't find the right text in his shoe, he repeats the beginning line over and over again.

28.2 sec

16:55 / 20:47-26:52

Here, for the first time, cuts from the export version and additional material from the Asian alternative version are mixed: after the text read from the shoe, the scene in Scandinavia (as in the export version) ends directly. Actually, it continues for a while, about 3.5 minutes in the international version - and even 6 minutes in the Asian alternative version, due to extensions at various points.

Before teacher Mr. Chu defends him, Dragon recites another poem but he only succeeds because he has hidden the text sheet under the carpet. When his father gets up and he can no longer read without being disturbed, Dragon looks for excuses. Dragon misspeaks a few times and criticism hails. The father now says that Mr. Chu will be fired if Dragon cannot remember what he has learned. He sends Dragon's buddies into the kitchen and continues to gripe at Dragon. In an unobserved moment, Dragon throws the book of poems to the two of them, which they immediately browse for the pages they need. Dragon now distracts his father several times by holding up notes, but that doesn't last long. The two buddies then stand behind the father and mime the text. After further slapstick, a page is attached to the father's back and Dragon dawdles after him until he suddenly can't read any further through the chair his father sat down on. Eventually his father walks away and Dragon is briefly happy to have torn the piece of evidence off his back in the last moment, but then falls down.

364.7 sec (= 6:05 min)

21:25 / 31:22-31:50

After Dragon has shot a hole in the roof of a cowboy's house, the original version would actually have an additional scene with the bandits discussing Tiger's disappearance. Due to being based on the alternative Asian version, this scene is missing anyway and is not counted as a cut here. However, a scene in the courtyard comes after that, which is indeed extended in two places in the alternative version. But in principle it was also present in the original version with English audtio. With the Scandinavian Blu-ray, however, the editor went the easy route and removed it completely.

27.9 sec

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