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UK Blu-ray with new 2K restoration


National Lampoon's Vacation

The Covenant

The Burning

Evil Dead Rise

The Pope’s Exorcist

Dragon Lord

original title: Long xiao ye


  • Scandinavian Blu-ray
  • Asian work-in-progress cut
Release: Aug 25, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
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22:02 / 32:28-32:42

Tiger sneaks through the bushes, while baddies rush around in the background. Afterwards, a few shots are missing, which were only shortened in the original version, but basically included.

14.7 sec

26:52 / 37:32-37:40

More passes on the way to the goal. Then we can see the spectators - here the cut actually ends with the original version. But on the Scandinavian Blu-ray the follow-up shot from the pitch is missing as well.

8.8 sec

27:27 / 38:16-38:19

After the cheerleader interlude the kick-off is missing...

3.2 sec

27:42 / 38:34-38:48

...and the following scenes are included in contrast to the original version. But after the ball has gone offside, the next move is missing, which ends with a foul in front of the goal of Dragon's team. This actually includes the sound, which you have mistakenly heard in the Scandinavian Blu-ray already over the shots before.

14.5 sec

28:16 / 39:22-39:28

The cheerleaders can be seen a little longer - this shot was actually completely missing in the original version. To compensate for this, the Scandinavian Blu-ray again lacks the beginning of the following shot.

5.5 sec

28:22 / 39:34-39:52

Various other shots of the game.

17,4 sec

28:54 / 40:24-40:44

Ditto, including parade/kick from Cowboy.

20.3 sec

29:02 / 40:52-40:58

Dragon speaks to Cowboy, who runs back into the goal.

5.5 sec

29:15 / 41:10-42:03

Dragon and co gather briefly, then the game continues, with several fouls. Dragon gives an instruction and another move follows, in which he is fouled and gets a free kick.

52.7 sec

29:45 / 42:33-42:41

The opposing team prepares an attack.

8 sec

31:02 / 43:57-44:01

After seeing the cheerleaders the shot of Dragon and co actually starts a little later in the original version. In the Scandinavian Blu-ray this beginning of the shot is included, but shortly after that there is a rough jumpcut.

3.6 sec

31:41 / 44:40-44:41

When Dragon starts to kick, a small jumpcut was reconstructed.

0.5 sec

31:57 / 44:57-45:13

The time has not yet directly run out here. Instead we get a first glimpse at the hourglass and see further moves.

15.6 sec

32:06 / 45:22-46:09

Here, several cuts have now been combined over a large area.

The opposing team scores one more goal, but this is not counted because the time already ran out. Immediately the referee has to listen to complaints, while Dragon and co are happy. In between you see the cheerleaders and the audience several times.

47.3 sec

34:44 / 48:47-48:48

And the next sloppy cut: Killer King actually curses a little earlier about the missed free kick. The shot of him is completely included here, but the following one from Dragon simply breaks off abruptly. So there is a conditional error to the following shot of him in the middle of the movement.

1.6 sec

37:33 / 51:38-51:50

Here too, nonsensically too much was removed and thus the sense of the scene was somewhat destroyed. Dragon and co check the wind conditions longer, Dragon gets the go too early and cuts the line.

12.7 sec

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