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High Tension

original title: Haute Tension


  • US DVD
  • Austrian DVD
Release: Oct 26, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD by Lionsgate and the unaltered Austrian DVD by NSM.

- 5 graphical alterations
- No difference in running time

The 2005 US DVD of High Tension had to be retouched before its release. However, the content that had to be removed from the movie was not of a violent nature, as one might suspect. Instead, the Jack Daniel's logo was removed every time it could be seen. Unfortunately, we do not know why this happened and whether it was someone from Lionsgate or someone from Jack Daniel's who stepped in. It is possible that the the rental company decided after the first close-up to remove all of the company's logos in order to avoid being sued. However, other brands can be seen in the US version as well. During the stop at the gas station Twix, Snickers, Coca Cola, Martini and so forth can be easily identified on the shelves.

The same altered master was also used for the Austrian Mediabook (on both Blu-ray and DVD) and the US Blu-ray. The unaltered version used as a comparison here is taken from an earlier Austrian DVD release. The British Blu-ray features the unaltered version as well, it should be the same with the French HD release.
But everybody has to decide for himself, of course, whether this is even a problem for him or her. The fact that we only heard of this alteration because of the Austrian mediabook already hints at the fact that most US viewers did not really care about it.

Running time designations are formatted like this
US DVD in NTSC / Austrian DVD in PAL

The US DVD features the Lionsgate logo at the beginning.

13,4 sec


The credits of the US DVD are in English, whereas the ones on the Austrian DVD are in French. Note: The ending credits are French in both versions.

US DVDAustrian DVD

Before the Gas Station

47:50-47:58 / 45:39-45:47

At first in a close-up and then in a shot from behind, the killer can be seen taking a bottle of Jack Daniel's and takes a big sip. The bottles in the US version feature a digitally added bown print on the label, making the logo unrecognizable.

US DVDAustrian DVD

After the Gas Station

61:20-61:21 / 58:36-58:37

The first frames of the shot with the slightly visible bottleneck were unaltered, but the brown overlay returns when the killer takes another sip. We do not know why the image was cropped in this and other shots of the US master.

US DVDAustrian DVD

61:24-61:21 / 58:40-58:37

The two versions differ again when the bottle is being put back down.

US DVDAustrian DVD

61:30-61:31 / 58:45-58:46

Almost unnoticeable: when the whiskey is being poured over alex through the grate, the bottleneck can briefly be seen and was only blackened out this time.

US DVDAustrian DVD

61:36-61:38 / 58:51-58:53

And again, after Marie could be seen driving.

US DVDAustrian DVD


As already mentioned, the credits are in French in both versions. However, the font differs a bit and the US version features both the alternative movie title and additional credits for the english synchronization.

US DVDAustrian DVD