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Dead Presidents


  • R-Rated Ending
  • Unrated Ending
Release: Apr 21, 2011 - Author: Wishmaster - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Theatrical Version, found on the German DVD by Hollywood Pictures has been compared to the American UNRATED Criterion Collection Laserdisc.

Dead Presidents already had problems before the theatrical release with the MPAA and some scenes had to be cut. Unfortunately, there is no available release containing these scenes. The Criterion release offers something in between. The raid on the money transport at the end of the film is found a second time on the LD after the complete main film. This second version contains said scenes. You cannot quite count it as deleted scenes, though, since those are contained as well, both said duck hunt of Anthony and his father and a conversation between Anthony and Kirby about Mexico.

Connotation: The scene shots were taken with a digital camera directly off of the TV-screen, since there was no capture-card available. Please excuse the strange and rather bad quality.
German DVD Version: 1:44:26
US Criterion Collection Laser Disc (Unrated): NTSC 1:49:..

2 cuts = 3.5 sec.
2 alternative shots
The policeman falls to the ground.
1.5 sec.

Different shot: The third gun shot is seen from above.
Theatrical Version


No time difference

Different shot: The first hit with the weapon is shown in a close-up shot.
No time difference

The policeman with the bullet hole in the neck is shown again, also the blood spluttering.
2 sec.