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Game of Thrones: S7 Conquest&Rebellion

Final Fight 3

original title: Final Fight Tough


Region: USA

SNES Japan
Region: Japan

Release: Jan 20, 2015 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana
Final Fight 3 (Final Fight Tough in Japan) is another installment of the popular beat 'em up. Haggar and Guy are back and they get support by sexy cop Lucia and a spiky hairy guy called Dean in order to take down the Skull Cross Gang. The game itself still follows the common "walk and fight" formula but everything seems smoother now and the gameplay is excellent. The graphical style got a complete overhaul and the music is quite good actually. A nice idea is the so-called "Auto 2 Play" mode in which the CPU controls the second player. It comes in handy when there's no second (human) player around. Unfortunately, this modus doesn't handle the "Continue" very well. When all life energy is gone, the game can't be continued.

About the censorship:
Because the Nintendo standards had already eased up at the time, one gets to beat up almost anyone in the thrid installemts. Even women got their emancipation, they were allowed to represent hostiles now. But one minor detail was still too much: beating up Afro-Americans was probably too delicate for Nintendo of America. As a result, they got the "Michael Jackson treatment".

Compared are the US Version and the Japanese Version (both for SNES).
No Afro-Americans
Apparently, beating up Afro-Americans was politically incorrect. As a result, the the skin color of the characters "Andore" (1st screenshot) and "G" (2nd screenshot in green, 3rd in light brown) has been bleached a bit.

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