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artist: Nirvana


  • US MTV Version
  • European MTV Version
Release: Feb 14, 2013 - Author: sine707 - Translator: Blake47
The censored video version of MTV US was compared with the uncensored English video version of MTV Europe.

The video was shot with a usual super 8 camera in Kurt Cobain's basement in the beginning of 1993. For the American audience, the material was altered for one shot.
Video version MTV US: 2:16 Min
Video version MTV Europe: 2:16 Min

One change of scene: no time difference
The shot where the front page of the US magazine "Better Gomes And Gardens" can be seen was zoomed in so the sticker that says "Indie Punks Still Sucks" is not discernible any more. Furthermore, the logo of the mag was pixelated.

no time difference