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Joy Ride 3: Road Kill


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 13, 2015 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Year after year, Rusty Nail is up to mischief and seeks the lives of young people. While the first Joy Ride with the deceased Paul Walker was released in theater, the sequel released a few years later was released direct to video. The same goes for the recently released third installment. While the orignal was rather a thriller, the sequels focus on splatter and torture.
Besided the Unrated Version, 20th Century Fox also released an R-Rated Version of Joy Ride 3 for video stores because some video stores do not have unrated versions in the assortment. In order to get the R-Rating, a lot of alterations were required. The explicit nudity scene and the detailed violence and kills were simply too much.

Compared are the censored R-Rated Version and the uncensored Unrated Version, both released by 20th Century Fox.

There are 37 differences:
15 scenes with alternate footage
21 additional violent scenes
1 additional scene

The Unrated Version is 38.03 seconds longer than the R-Rated Version.
0:54 Min.
Candy is sitting on the bed. In the Unrated Version, one gets a better look at her breasts.
no difference


1:04 Min.
When Candy is making out with her boyfriend, both versions have a different image section. The Unrated Version more explicit nudity-wise.
6.42 sec / 6.23 sec


1:11 Min.
And again a better look at andy's breasts during the sex scene.
no difference


1:52 Min.
And again: Candy's breasts are barely visible in the R-Rated Version while Rob is looking for a new weed pipe for his girlfriend.
no difference


1:59 Min.
Different image section in order to show less nudity.
no difference


2:05 Min.
Same here.
no difference


2:32 Min.
The Unrated Version shows Candy on her bed completely naked, the R-Rated Version only shows her face.
1.63 sec / 2.08 sec


2:33 Min.
Rob a bit earlier.
0.42 sec

2:39 Min.
Again less nudity in the R-Rated Version. The Unrated shows Candy's breasts again.
no difference


2:50 Min.
Alternate footage again.
no difference


4:14 Min.
When Rob takes a nudity pic of Candy, the R-Rated Version is less explicit.
no difference


4:40 Min.
Candy is on the radio with Rusty Nail, the R-Rated Version does not show her breasts. What a surprise.
no difference


5:08 Min.
Less explicit footage in the R-Rated Version.
no difference


5:21 Min.
Alternate footage when Candy is supposed to get dressed.
no difference


5:27 Min.
Different image section in the R-Rated Version one more time.
no difference


10:39 Min.
Rob's severed body under the truck.
0.38 sec

10:40 Min.
Several body parts spreading on the road.
2.33 sec.

10:43 Min.
Close-up of a shredded torso.
0.54 sec

10:45 Min.
Candy's head rolling across the street.
0.88 sec

45:41 Min.
Austin loses a few fingers.
2.13 sec

45:45 Min. / 45:38 Min.
In the Unrated Version, the hand keeps getting shredded by rotor blades. The R-Rated Version only contains Austin screaming.
0.63 sec. / 0.68 sec.


46:06 Min.
His fingers of the other hand hit the ground while being severed by rotor blades.
1.75 sec.

46:09 Min.
Another shot of the hand.
0.75 sec

46:27 Min.
Austin can kiss his face goodbye.
1.08 sec

46:29 Min.
More footage of that. Pieces of flesh end up on the street.
1.71 sec

46:32 Min.
Extended shot of Rusty Nail pushing Austin's head into the rotor blades.
4.84 sec

1:06:39 Min.
The bar keeps penetrating Bobby's body.
1.67 sec

1:06:47 Min.
The metal thingy gets closer to Bobby's eye.
1.75 sec

1:06:53 Min.
Close-up of Bobby's bloody mouth.
1.17 sec

1:06:56 Min.
Close-ups of the chains and bars slowly messing up Bobby's face.
3.59 sec

1:07:05 Min.
An explicite close-up of the scene.
1.01 sec.

1:07:09 Min.
Bobby's mouth.
0.96 sec

1:07:12 Min.
That thingy keeps rotating in Bobby's eye.
1.33 sec

1:07:15 Min.
The chains around Bobby's face get tighter.
3.5 sec

1:07:27 Min.
Close-up of Bobby's squashed head.
2.92 sec

1:13:01 Min.
In the Unrated Version, Mickey's head gets squashed.
1.79 sec

1:23:32 Min.
Jewel's upper body bursts when it hits the bridge.
1.84 sec