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Africa nuda, Africa violenta


  • Italian TV Version
  • German Theatrical Version
Release: Dec 26, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Africa nuda, Africa violenta

At the funeral of her friend Maludi, Chantal muses about how the two met and fell in love during a trip through Africa. Maludi showed Chantal the various rites of her culture, which Chantal followed with great interest. Much of it may seem barbaric and disturbing to Western civilization.

Africa nuda, Africa violenta is a dubious representative of the mondo genre. The film is poorly made and is held together only by a thin frame story, though it was impossible to decide whether the plot was narrated by Chantal or by a narrator. Due to the immense number of animal killing scenes, the trash becomes distasteful very quickly. So far, there are hardly any releases of this rare mondo film.

German Theatrical Version and Italian TV Version Shortened

In Germany, the film was released in a version shortened by plot. Mainly irrelevant scenes of festivities were removed. After about 50 minutes there is a scene in which a woman is punished by a wooden dildo dipped in red peppers. This is inserted into her. The German version has a noticeable jump in picture and audio here, suggesting that the scene is not quite complete. Italian TV ran a heavily cut version on RAI 4 in which all the animal killing scenes are missing and any references to same-sex love have been removed. The plot scenes that are missing from the German version are included here. The conspicuous scene with the wooden dildo is completely missing in the RAI 4 version.

On 26 November 2021, Mr. Banker Films released a Blu-ray mediabook containing the German Theatrical Version. Whoever is interested can definitely buy it here, especially since there are no viable alternatives at the moment.

Picture comparison:

Italian TV version:

German Theatrical Version:


Italian TV version: 73:29 min.
German Theatrical Version: 88:31 min.

Comparison between the German Theatrical Version and the Italian TV version.


The German version starts with the German distributor logo.

German version: 5 sec.


During the first shot, the German version fades in the film title.

Kein Zeitunterschied.


The Italian version fades in the movie title later. The other title inserts also follow at other points.

No time difference


The Italian version shows more shots of the women dancing on the beach.

IT: 26 sec.


Film tear: People are seen longer. In the next shot, Maludi walks across the street earlier.

IT: 4 sec.


In the Italian version, the sacrifice of the dog to the male fetish is missing. Here the priest cuts the dog's throat and lets its blood drip onto the fetish.

German version: 18 sec.


After the dancing woman was seen, the German version shows how the dog's heart is cut out. The priest places the still beating heart on the fetish. He holds the heart briefly to his mouth, in between cuts to the audience. Another dog is brought to the fetish.

German version: 1:49 Min.


The German version shows after the infant's hand is laid on how the priest holds the dog.

German version: 14 sec.


In the German version, the sacrifice scene continues. After a sheep is sacrificed to the female fetish, a chicken has its throat cut. The blood drips onto the fetish. The priest throws away the chicken, which eventually dies after a death struggle.

German version: 1:39 Min.


As the "Mami Water" festival comes to an end, the German version is missing a few scenes from the beach, especially of the people dancing.

The German sets in again as the eggs are rolled into the water.

IT: 28 sec.


In the German version, a few shots of the people dancing are missing.

IT: 14 sec.


Film tear: Maludi is seen earlier walking to the temple.

IT: 3 sec.


The Italian version shows more scenes of the people as the Madonna image is carried through the village.

IT: 18 sec.


The shot with the schoolgirls is slowed down in the Italian version.

The German version shows this shot at normal speed and then a cut to a burnt goat carcass having its hair removed.

IT: 4 sec.
German version: 5 sec.

The German version later shows another cut to the goat carcass.

German version: 4 sec.


The intestines are removed from the goat carcass.

German version: 18 sec.


Missing part in the Italian version: the women in front of the convent room are seen longer.

German version: 2 sec.


The camera continues to pan to the two women in the German version during the same-sex declaration of love.

German version: 40 sec.


The German version shows a scene of the priestesses making love in the evening.

The next shot starts earlier.

German version: 44 sec.


The man falls upon the priestess in the German version. Chantal and Maludi become so aroused from watching that they also drop to the floor to exchange caresses.

The next shot starts earlier.

German version: 49 sec.


During the punishment of the Vudussi, the woman is introduced to a wooden penis, previously dipped in an extract of red chili peppers. This scene does not look complete in the German version, as there is a suspicious picture and audio jump.

German version: 25 sec.


Film tear: The people at the booth are seen longer. In the next shot, the drummers earlier.

IT: 3 sec.


A goat is sacrificed in the German version by cutting its throat. The sacred objects are soaked in the blood of the goat. The dancing people are seen earlier.

German version: 44 sec.


The Italian version shows more shots in which the Kukussi carve themselves bloody with their sacred knives.

IT: 54 sec.


In the German version, the priest sacrifices a chicken to the fetish. He lets its blood drip onto a wooden penis. The supposedly infertile woman then rubs herself with the blood.

The next episode starts earlier. A group of young people come to a priest with a dog. At their side is a Vudussi each. The priest pours red palm oil from a canister into a bowl.

German version: 2:19 Min.


The young people are rubbed with the palm oil for a longer time. The speaker tells that the youths have to sacrifice their dog. The youths run to the priest who sacrifices the dog by cutting its throat. The dog's genitals are cut off and eaten by the youth. At the end of the ceremony, the Vudussi rub the blood on their navel as a symbol of receptivity. The priest prays at the fetish.

German version: 1:47 Min.


Film tear: Chantal and Maludi are seen longer with the medicine man.

IT: 3 sec.


Film tear: The men are seen longer. The next shot starts earlier.

IT: 1 sec.


The goat is stabbed on Maludi's shoulders by the Kukussi. In a fit of madness, Maludi is raped by the Kukussi while the goat slowly dies.

German version: 36 sec.


After the scene in which Chantal and Maludi walk through the jungle, the two are seen arriving at the Dogons. They are celebrating a feast.

Afterwards, the two are seen riding donkeys.

German version: 1:09 Min.


The body of Maludi is carried out of the tomb. A goat is sacrificed at her feet.

German version: 15 sec.


The body of Maludi is carried up the mountain. The body is pulled further up by a rope. Chantal accompanies the procession.

German version: 37 sec.


In the German version, the credits start earlier.

No time difference