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Guyver - Bio Booster Armour - Data12

original title: Ky˘shoku s˘k˘ Guyver


  • PG-13
  • Japanese Version
Release: May 23, 2010 - Author: [BGZ]Iczer - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Guyver Data 12

Comparison between the censored US-Version and the original Japanese Version.

Both are on the "The Guyver - Bio Booster Armor: Vol.2" RC1 DVD from Manga Entertainment. However, the uncensored version only has Japanese dubbing.

Some nudity was removed.
US-Version (PG-13): 00:25:13 min incl. credits.
Japanese Version (NR): 00:24:53 min incl. credits.
total lengh of the censorship: 0:20 Minuten
additional cuts: 6
13:57 Mizuki's clothes are cut off her body. The US-Version only shows the beginning of that.

2 Sec

14:03 Mizuki is shown from the front when she watches Sho being gored with the tentacle of Enzyme II. In the US-Version this scene is completely missing.

2 Sec

14:35 During the dialog Mizuki, who has been captured, is shown. Instead, the US-Version repeats the scene where Sho has his hands on the wound.
8 Sec

Sho kicks Enzyme II in the face, which causes the latter to drop Mizuki. This scene is also completely missing.
3 Sec

15:38 Sho carries Mizuki in his arm. Again, this scene is missig.
1 Sec

15:44 Mizuki wakes up in Sho's arms.
5 Sec