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To Live and Die in L.A



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Live by the Fist


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated / German VHS
Release: Dec 24, 2023 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey

Like many former martial artists, Jerry Trimble made it into the film business after his sporting career thanks to his athletic abilities. As a world champion in kickboxing, he was also a suitable stuntman in his own right and at the same time did not yet have the big salary demands. For film studios, these were always welcome protagonists, even if most of the fighters had to accept that they were only amateur athletes when it came to acting. Jerry Trimble made it into the leading role in a few films, but then quickly slipped into second place. Live by the Fist, which is discussed here, also shows quite well why Trimble is no Lundgren. The numerous fights are mostly short and without any consequences worth mentioning, and the uninspired story about a dictatorial prison warden who sets the various ethnic groups against each other drags on rather dully across the finish line despite the rather tight running time. To put it in Trimble's actual field of activity: the film is more of a technical knockout.

For US consumers, however, there's certainly more reason to be troubled, because at the beginning a bit of nudity and one of the few bloodier scenes have been toned down a little with alternative material and a zoom effect. The German FSK 18 VHS unexpectedly proves to be the best solution, as it is uncut and contains the unrated version.

The R-rated US DVD (from New Concorde) was compared with the uncut unrated version on the German FSK 18 VHS (from Pacific Video).

With 4 differences, the R-rated version runs 0.8 sec. longer.

0:03:15: The VHS shows more clearly how the woman's panties are pulled down. The R-rated zooms in so that it cannot be seen.
No time difference


0:03:40: Once again, the R-rated zooms in.
No time difference


0:03:51: The throat cut can only be seen on the VHS.
0.52 sec.

0:03:53: John is seen a little longer in the R-rated version, but the woman with the throat cut is seen a little shorter. In the GER VHS it's the other way around.
The R-Rated runs 0.72 sec. longer.