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Cursed Films


Barry J. Gillis Triple Threat Collection

Live Feed: Collectors Edition

From the Cradle to enslave

artist: Cradle of Filth


  • Clean Version
  • Per Version
Release: Oct 04, 2012 - Author: Dodo - Translator: Tony Montana
Compared are the Clean Version and the Per Version of the video "From the Cradle to enslave". Both versions are available on the "Pandaemoneon" DVD (FSK 18). Each and every musican has his own scene where he either gets killed or commmits suicide. These scenes are different in either of the versions. Please check out the following comparison for the details.
1. Gian
In the Uncensored Version, Gian holds a knife in his hand. Close-up of some blood dropping from the blade plus the woman in the confessional box is undressed.
The Censored Version lacks the knife and the woman is dressed with a shroud.

Censored Version

Uncensored Version

2. Lecter
In the Uncensored Version, the two chicks show up topless in Lecter's cell. One of them lifts up her leather mini and shows her pierced genital area. Then he gets tied up.
In the Censored Version, the chicks are dressed (real bummer!), start kissing him, cling to him and finally tie him up.

Censored Version

Uncensored Version

3. Stuart
In the Censored Version, the 4 chicks are playing on actual fiddles. The fiddles are slightly bleeding.
In the Uncensored Version, the chicks are playing on their arteries. Furthermore, the chick that gets out of the tub cuts Stuart's throat with a razor blade in the mouth. This scene is missing in the Censored Version, the remaining footage runs with less fps to make it fit.

Censored Version

Uncensored Version

4. Robin
The Uncensored Version contains a shot of Robin from the front. The nippers reach the tooth. During its extraction, blood splatters on the dentist.
The Censored Version lacks the shot of the nippers reaching the tooth. During the extraction, the Censored Version contains a shot of Robin from behind plus no blood splatters at all. And the most important thing: the chicks aren't topless in the Censored Version.

5. Dave
In the Uncensored Version, the delinquent gets touched by Dave's chambermaid for an extended period. She keeps touching after the beheading, a gush of blood runs over the delinquent's body and the chambermaid's hand. Furthermore, the chambermaid stabs the delinquent with a spear. Blood leaks out of the wound.

6. Dani
In the Uncensored Version, the chick also rips Dani's heart out and sticks it in his mouth.
This shot has been removed for the Censored Version.