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Quantum Theory

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Quantum Theory


Censored Version
Rating: 16+
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: Jan 12, 2012 - Author: Once - Translator: Bensn
Storyline (Backcover)

In an apocalyptic world, the last survivors of mankind are threatened by a bitter end. The mysterious phantom of the Diablose emerges from a giant tower and destroys everything that is in its way. Only one man, a warrior with dark secrets, seems to be up to the task: That is you.

You fight together with your partner on nightmare-like, fast changing battlefields. Act quickly and aim precisely. By means of the spectacular joint hand-to-hand fighting moves you are even able to break the last resistance.

The Game

What does a game producer do if he wants to release a game
but lacks any ideas for a new concept? Right, he just copies a famous and successful game.
When you play the game, it quickly becomes clear that for Quantum Theory the developers strongly used the popular Xbox 360 Shooter “Gears of War”. Unfortunately, they left all the nice features of “Gears of War” out and did not integrate any own good ideas.
The control is not able to keep up with the role-model and especially the imprecise targeting system is more than once the reason for frustration.

Since a “Gears of War” with Japanese setting sounds or sounded very promising, both the story and the gameplay could have actually become good. Sadly however, the result was not satisfactory at all.
Indeed the game has few “good” parts and some cut scenes as well as the soundtrack can satisfy.
At the end of the day, however, the game can be counted among the bummers of the year 2010.
The game also contains a multiplayer mode, but I was not able to start a game for simply no opponents or servers were found on both consoles.

Perhaps there will be a second part which then does things properly and which will be an adequate alternative or competitor to “Gears of War”. However, this will probably not happen even though there are indications of a (possible) sequel. The number of sales should not speak in favor of a second part.

The censorships

Except from the critical hits, the censorships are restricted to two chapters (scene 2 and 3). Later in the game, the censored version also shows red blood again and further cut scenes are uncensored. These edits applie to the European versions (PS3 and Xbox360). The US Versions are uncensored. Aside from the German rating sign (USK) and the European PEGI sign, the Disc contains the Australian sign, too, which implies that this version is identical in content to the European one as well.

The US-version contains the uncensored version of Quantum Theory, but whether the German version is based on the Japanese original and the level of violence was just raised for the US-version cannot be clarified at this point.
The US-version does unfortunately not contain any subtitles (at least on the Playstation 3, I cannot guarantee that to be true for 360 as well) but is code-free.

For this censorship report, the German USK-version (Xbox 360) along with the European PEGI (UK) version (Xbox 360) and the US version (PlayStation 3) were compared.

censorships within the game

The blood of the Gillskin enemies has been recolored to be turquoise in the European version. However, this only affects level (scenes) 1 and 2. Later in the game, you encounter further Gillskin enemies who have red blood in the German version here, too. Nevertheless, the color of the blood is a bit brighter and the enemies (all of them) leave smaller puddles of blood.

German versionUS version

Blood (floors/walls)
Due to the recoloring, the textures of blood which can be seen on the floors and walls (when an enemy stood closely next to one) are of course turquoise, too.

German versionUS version

Critical hits
During the battle, you have the chance to knock out an enemy by a critical hit. When this hit is triggered, the camera zooms to the enemy’s head which explodes because of the shot. When you critically hit an enemy in the censored version, the head stays where it belongs. The uncensored version, by contrast, shows the head missing after a critical hit.
The censorship becomes particularly apparent in scene 13 as you fight some Filena-clones.

German versionUS version

censorships in cut scenes

scene 1: The Fallen World
The initial sequence of scene 1 has been censored for the European version. While the enemy is being shot quite bloodily in the head, the censored version fades the scene to black. In the remaining scene, which is again existent in the censored version, the blood has been removed.

German versionUS version