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Police Story 2

original title: Ging Caat Gu Si Zuk Zaap


  • French Version
  • Export Version
Release: Oct 01, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the old cut French DVD by TF1 and the Export Version on the German Blu-ray by Splendid

- 10 cuts
- Length difference: 561.6 sec (= 9:22 min) in PAL

There are numerous comparisons regarding this Jackie Chan classic in our archive. With a length of approx. 2 hours, the Japanese Extended Version has been the most common version available on DVD and Blu-ray for a few years now.

But there are several cut versions as well. One of them was released in France many years ago. Based on the shorter Export Version, the old French DVD by TF1 lacks almost 10 more minutes. The pattern is obvious: The subplot with Jackie's girlfriend, played by Maggie Cheung, was considered irrelevant. Every single scene in which she is bitchy or when their relationship is in trouble has been reduced to a minimum. In addition to that, a few of Jackie's arguments with his boss are missing as well. Considering that the Export Version already suffers from missing plot and comedy scenes, the emotional part is now missing as well. The bottom line is that this is the most action-oriented cut of Police Story 2 there is.

Later on, the French label Metropolitan released a new edition that contains the Japanese Extended Version. So at the end of the day, there is a happy ending for the French as well.

Time index refers to
French DVD / Export Version Blu-ray
Logos / Credits

The German Blu-ray contains several logos and the original Hong Kong credits (because the Export Version is based on the Japanese Extended Version master).

On the French DVD, the logos are much shorter. Furthermore, it contains the old English credits with a black background. In other words, the original credits popping up during the first landscape shots are also missing on the French DVD.

Export Version 24.9 sec longer

French DVDExport Version

14:22 / 15:24-16:11

The French DVD lacks a conversation between Kevin and May.

They are on some ship and Kevin wonders if she really wanted to be with a cop. May tries to reason with him at which point Kevin admits to having resigned. Since this is what she wanted in the first place, she jumps up enthusiastically and hugs him.

44.9 sec

22:10 / 24:18-25:23

Almost the entire cunning stunt pulled by Kevin's superiors is missing on the French DVD.

Kevin and May do not go on board until the announcement there is a problem with Kevin's ID. For that reason, he leaves May behind.

61.2 sec

22:55 / 26:09-26:46

More arguing with Kevin's superiors.

The question is whether or not Kevin is still a good fit for the team and Kevin mentions all the bad things people say about him. Bill and Li have mercy though resp. they twist everything for their benefit and understate Jackie's deficits.

35.7 sec

23:37 / 27:30-28:13

After Kevin agrees to take the job, the end of the scene is missing.

He gets sceptical again resp. he adds he would do it AFTER his vacation. Bill and Li follow him and keep delaying him that way. They allow him to discuss it with May. Then they go to the tarmac where the plane is taking off at the very moment. Jackie is desperate and explains he still had her ID while Bill and Li try to act natural and signalize their satisfaction to each other by making hand signals.

41.1 sec

24:00 / 28:37-30:17

The French DVD lacks May sitting on the bench all wet and Kevin's subsequent outburst of rage.

She takes the ID problem personal resp. she accuses him of all that being part of his master plan, she reckons he has a new girlfriend etc. In the process, she pushes him back in the men's locker room past lots of nude guys but May does not care one bit. At the end of the day, she surprises Bill who is still suffering from diarrhea in the stall next to Kevin. The latter then complains to Bill because after all, it is all Bill's fault.

95.9 sec

31:09 / 37:44-38:38

After the fight on the playground, Kevin actually pays May a visit.

She is a little distanced and imagines being attacked with acid instead of ink. Eventually, she says she would rather have someone taking care of her than some tough guy.

52 sec

32:38 / 40:11-40:13

Probably a jump cut: Jackie's pal walks away.

1.6 sec

55:06 / 63:37-65:40

Kevin's attempt to explain why they should engage asap is longer.
When Inspector Li appears shortly afterwards, Bill tries to convince him of the plan. And after a short conversation, Li leaves and talks to his superiors. Li now defends the plan as well.

Subsequently, there is footage of May and her mother on the street. While talking about the relationship with Kevin, a car drives by and May is being abducted.

Last but not least, the scene at the office starts earlier: Bill and Kevin knock at Li's door but he is on the phone.

117.3 sec

55:21 / 65:55-66:11

Kevin's conversation with May's mother is longer resp. he hangs up earlier on the French DVD (without actually seeing her once).

May's mother adds she had not seen anyone but she would not be surprised if Ko was behind it which also explains why angry Kevin pays him a visit after hanging up.

14.8 sec

58:43 / 69:42-71:23

The thug reads from May's letter much longer. She is begging him not to do it. Jackie can't keep his mouth shut either which makes the goon squad even angrier. Kevin and May are whining when it comes to the more emotional passages in the letter.

97.1 sec


On the French DVD, the end credits are also in the English (as they are supposed to) while the German Blu-ray contains the original end credits.

Export Version 2.3 sec longer

French DVDExport Version