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  • Unrated
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 11, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Iíll make no words about the content of this lousy, completely brainless Euro-Backwood-Torture-Slasher. But itís interesting to mention that the plot of this movie is set in Minnesota, USA but the Rednecks all talk Swedish if they not just grunt. So far the movie has only been released on DVD in the USA, right away as unrated version. One could be thrilled to bits but haÖthatís it. Even the unrated version isnít uncensored what can be seen in the following comparison with the uncensored Swedish original version. The abuse of a male victim by an also male Redneck has been almost completely removed. There hopefully wonít be any discrimination taking place?

Compared has been the US-DVD (unrated version, Well Go) with the Swedish original version, identical to the upcoming Austria DVD.
34:24 Min.
The abuse of Oliver in the off-screen by Redneck One-Eye has been completely removed. The cut starts right after the Redneck holsters the revolver and ends with the take of the girls.
( 41,5 sec. )

40:23 Min.
After Chad has armed himself and seeking shelter at the wall the rest of Oliverís abuse is also missing.
( 12,5 sec. )