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Cry of the Banshee


  • US Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jan 28, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version and the UK Version (both available on the German DVD by Ostalgica).

Lord Edward Whitman is a strict patriarch who, in cooperation with his son Sean, lets kill most members of the coven of witch Oona. She summons forces of evil in order to get revenge on Edward and his family. The first victim is Sean who apparently gets attacked and killed by some blood-thirsty beast. On the hunt for said beast, a dog with rabies gets taken out and Edward believes everybody is safe now but he could not be more wrong. It does not take long until further bodies show up.

Comparing "Cry of the Banshee" with the two years older "Witchfinder General" is not that far-fetched because in both movies, legend Vincent Price plays a ruthless witch hunter. Due to supernatural elements including werewolves, "Cry of the Banshee" is more of a horror film even though the horror part gets interrupted by the witch scenes (or vice versa?). Once one sees through the rather complicate family constellation, the movie is not actually that bad - despite a few lengths now and then.

For its theatrical release in the US, alterations were made by AIP. Terry Gilliam's opening has been replaced and Edward destroying Oona's coven is now at the beginning of the movie - probably to increase the pace. In the UK Version, this scene comes up after approx. 30 minutes. The scene at the tavern when Sean finds out about Oona has been recut as well. Any kind of nudity is either cut or zoomed in. Also, some violence is missing. The music by Wilfred Joseph has been replaced with new music by Lex Baxter.

The title differs.



UK: 13 sec
US: 15 sec


In the UK Version, Terry Gilliam's animated opening follows the Edgar Allan Poe quote.

The US Version here contains a coven scene - later also in the UK Version, except it is shorter in the US Version (please see subsequent cuts).

Then a new opening.

UK: 1:46 min
US: 5:57 min



One of the men is sneaking up.

UK: 4 sec


That man again.

UK: 5 sec


Missing to the man and then to the altar.

UK: 7 sec


When the girl is lying on the ground, her breast pops out.

UK: 1 sec


The topless chick dies after getting stabbed by the soldier.

UK: 2 sec


The man is hiding in the bushes while the soldiers keep hitting their victims.

UK: 7 sec



In the UK Version, the allaged witch gets branded earlier.

UK: 2 sec


Margaret earlier.

UK: 6 sec


Margaret gets put before the cart, her shirt gets ripped apart and she gets whipped. The US Version starts later.

UK: 15 sec


Margaret gets whipped longer.

UK: 4 sec


The shot of Margaret getting whipped starts a bit earlier.

UK: 2 sec


Margaret gets whipped. Her shirt is ripped open.

UK: 4 sec


Another shot of Edward.

UK: 3 sec


Margaret is being taken to the pole and tied to it.

The US Version shows the scene with Edward instead.

UK: 10 sec
US: 2 sec


Margaret gets tied longer.

UK: 2 sec


The man had never seen anything like that before and believes his sheep had gotten killed by a beast.

UK: 5 sec


After the boy gets stabbed, the shot of the bloody knife is slightly longer.

UK: 1 sec


Patricia earlier before she gets kissed by Sean.

UK: 5 sec


Sean tears her dress apart and starts kissing her against her will. At the end, it is not quite clear whether she enjoys it or not.

UK: 59 sec


The shot of the body being cut down is a little longer.

UK: 2 sec


Now the scene at the tavern in the UK Version (at [00:32:46] in the US Version).


At the tavern, Bess gets chased longer. One of the men opens her blouse and starts kissing her.

UK: 19 sec


Bess gets pushed around between the men. She is being taken to Sean who starts kissing her. She attempts to make a run for it through the guest room.

UK: 31 sec


The US Version zooms in on her to avoid nudity.

3 sec each


Same here plus the scene is a bit shorter.

UK: 8 sec
US: 8 sec


Now the coven scene in the UK Version.

The US Version contains a small of Wolf.

UK: 4:48 min
US: 3 sec


Maureen longer in the UK Version.

The US Version shows the wolves one more time.

UK: 1 sec
US: 3 sec


Now the scene at the tavern in the US Version. Compared to the UK Version, it is a bit shorter though (please see previous cuts).

US: 4:43 min


The shot of Sean's bloody face is longer.

UK: 1 sec


Before the funeral, the US Version contains the scene with Oona telling her minions about Sean's death.

US: 13 sec


In the UK Version, that scene with Oona comes right after Harry's statement that the dog needs to be killed.

US: 13 sec


Cut to Margaret.

UK: 2 sec



UK: 1 sec


And again, the US Version zooms in on Margaret in order to make her breasts disappear from the screen.

13 sec each


Same here.

7 sec each


Ditto when Margaret loses consciousness.

8 sec each


Cut to Patricia. Then blood some blood spatter on the wall.

UK: 1 sec


Patricia's body earlier.

UK: 4 sec


Right before the funeral, the US Version contains the scene with Oona saying that Patricia was dead.

US: 9 sec


In the UK Version, this scene comes right after the funeral.

UK: 9 sec


Now a shot of soldiers rolling a cartwheel in the UK Version.

UK: 8 sec


The remains of the burned girl a bit earlier.

UK: 3 sec


Roderick longer when he gets his butt kicked by Edward.

UK: 3 sec


The shot of Edward kicking butt is longer as well.

UK: 2 sec


Roderick gets punched in the stomach after he gets chained up. Bully Boy leaves the room.

UK: 16 sec


The US Version only shows Bully Boy leaving. The punch in the stomach is missing.

US: 6 sec


Harry on his way to the coven a little longer.

UK: 2 sec


The back of Maureen's body slightly longer.

UK: 1 sec


Harry's body longer.

UK: 1 sec


Bully Boy's body on the carriage longer.

UK: 1 sec