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Half a Loaf of Kung Fu

original title: Yi zhao ban shi chuang jiang hu


  • UK Blu-ray (HD restoration)
  • German Blu-ray
Release: May 19, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the British Blu-ray from 88 Films (2022) and the German Blu-ray from Splendid (old upscale master).

- 8 documented differences with a proportional duration of 6.3 sec
- Total difference without logos: 58 sec

Several other master errors with a duration of < 0.5 sec were not noted in the cut report.

Half a Loaf of Kung-Fu is a weird early work by Jackie Chan, in which he tried parodistic elements for the first time and went all out in terms of silliness. In the end, not really a good film, but for die-hard fans it is exciting to see his first attempts at walking in the style later so clearly associated with him. Like so many Hong Kong productions, this one first appeared only as an SD upscale from Fortune Star on various Blu-rays worldwide. The release in Germany was also based on this.

After a native HD scan of the cut Japanese theatrical version surfaced on Blu-ray in Japan in the meantime, a Blu-ray from 88 Films has been available in the UK since May 16, 2022. This contains a new 2K restoration and the cheaply produced flick has never looked so good. Surprisingly, similar to the Celestial restorations of Shaw Brothers films, there are plenty of framecuts throughout the film here for the first time. This is actually unheard of from Fortune Star. Quite accurately, the new HD version runs one minute shorter as a result.

But similar to most Shaw titles, this is almost completely irrelevant for the normal viewer. Only one exterior shot for a scene transition is completely missing. It's mostly just less than 5 insignificant frames (0.2 sec) per shot. Nevertheless, of course, somewhat annoying. But judging from what is listed in this report after all, this can still be tolerated quite well in this case.

Running time information is arranged according to
British Blu-ray / German Blu-ray

By way of introduction, here are two comparative images that, despite the small screenshot size, visualize the strengths of the new HD restoration. In some unfavorably filmed exterior shots, the old master has blown-out white all over the place, while the new restoration makes e.g. the sky with clouds visible for the first time. Otherwise, a slight yellow tint often dominates, which is no longer objectionable in the new restoration.

UK Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

The German Blu-ray still has logos from Splendid and Amasia to start. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

16 sec

During the opening credits, it's noticeable that the credits appear at slightly different frames or, in the case of the German Blu-ray, a little later.

UK Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

Shortly after this credit, Jackie's Zatoichi performance loses 3 frames. Shortly after that, another 3 frames, and another 3 - this is how it goes through the whole film, so to speak.

Worth a special mention: The final director's credit is slowly faded in on the British Blu-ray, while it comes flying into the picture from the right on the German Blu-ray.

UK Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

06:10 / 06:28-06:29

People go to the gate a little earlier.

0.6 sec

06:29 / 06:48

Jackie reaches for the red slip of paper a little early.

0.4 sec

06:39 / 06:58-06:59

The sign can be seen insignificantly longer.

0.4 sec

09:40 / 10:02

Jackie takes another swing here in one shot while throwing eggs.

0.4 sec

09:44 / 10:07-10:08

A shot shortly after starts much earlier.

1 sec

50:52 / 51:41-51:42

Jackie comes into the picture from a little further to the left.

0.5 sec

62:33 / 63:26-63:27

A bit more interesting: Another short fight action at the end of the shot and the camera zooms in.

1.1 sec

73:01 / 73:58-74:00

The only completely missing shot: After Jackie and co leave, there is an exterior shot with the sun. It pans slightly over to a tree.

1.8 sec

The final credit for Fortune Star has a different copyright.

UK Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

Slipcase & reverse cover of the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films:

Reverse cover of the German Blu-ray by Splendid: