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original title: Dian zhi gong fu gan chian chan


  • Japanese Version
  • Regular Version
Release: Sep 01, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut Japanese Version and the uncut Original Version (both included on the Japanese Blu-Ray released by Twin / Paramount).

- 14 cuts
- Difference in time: 128.6 sec (= 2:09 min)

The Japanese Version is censored during the credits which makes fun of a lot of genre clichés. This, however, does not seem to be the reason: Just as in many other Japanese releases, there is a different score as well as a new title song. Besides many short moments later in the movie, they used the credits sequence to play the song in its entirety. Since the five minute long original scene probably was too long for that, they cut out many sequences here and there shorter, in order to trim the scene down to roughly three minutes.

Apart from that, there is no additional material in the Japanese version, thus collectors should not bee to eager to get this blu-ray.

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Japanese Version Blu-Ray / Regular Version Blu-Ray
Logos / Credits

After the identical note of Lo Wei's company, the Japanese Version includes an additional title card.

+ 11 sec

The following credits by themselves are identical, however, the cuts in the Japanese Version alter the scene and place some sequences to earlier/later parts.

00:58 / 00:47-00:49

A few frames towards the beginning of the long shot of Jackie coming in from the right and making a few flips are missing.

1.8 sec

01:12 / 01:04-01:13

A longer first long shot of Jackie as blind Samurai is not included in the Japanese Version.

9.7 sec

01:14 / 01:15-01:22

Jackie rolls his eyes a little longer and the people around him get closer.

7.5 sec

01:15 / 01:23-01:29

After the close-up shot the Japanese Version misses out on a shot of the attackers getting in formation. Also, the closer shot of Jackie waving his sword around starts slightly earlier.

5.6 sec

01:20 / 01:34-01:35

Rather unimportant missing frames at the end of a sequence.

0.7 sec

01:26 / 01:41-01:57

The slapstick solution is missing: Jackie makes a grimace and then gets chased by the guys in slow motion.

Jackie's following appearance as a sword fighter starts a little earlier, too.

15.5 sec

01:29 / 02:00-02:10

Actually it is a longer shot of Jackie during which the camera zooms to his face. The Japanese Version spares the audience this middle part.

10.7 sec

01:32 / 02:13-02:14

Jackie is shown slightly longer holding a sword.

1.2 sec

01:37 / 02:19-02:26

Jackie slumps down and the guys dance around him.

7.1 sec

02:11 / 03:00-03:32

Before we see Jackie as an abbot, the camera at first moves towards him at the cross a little longer. The image gets blurry.
Then we see the first shot of the monks and Jackie's nagging while he walks past them begins earlier.

31.9 sec

02:15 / 03:36-03:52

Abbot Jackie nags a little longer and the monks look at him with an annoyed look on their face.

15.3 sec

02:20 / 03:57-04:03

The monks look around and then strike back by salnging Jackie. He covers his ears in a close-up shot.

6.5 sec

02:22-02:23 / 04:05

They edited a short scene of Jackie with his fingers in his ears back in the Japanese Version.

+ 1.5 sec

02:23 / 04:05-04:21

The actual ending is missing: Jackie (again shown in slow motion) has to do the typical monk activities and obviously does not seem to be good at it.

In the end there is a close-up shot of the training block. Since the Japanese Version misses out on this shot, the entire punchline of the following scene is lost, after all, it reveals that the block is just a miniature.

16.6 sec

At the end, the regular version includes a note from Fortune Star.

5.8 sec