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  • US Verson (PG)
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 17, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US DVD (PG) and the German Uncut DVD (FSK 16), both released by MGM.

The US DVD contains alternate footage in the violent scenes. The raping scene and the burning scene have been shot in two versions by director Michael Winner. The US DVD contains the softer version, so that the movie got a PG rating. Despite the more harmless scenes, the movie is still quite violent for a PG rating.

Running time US DVD: 1:39:43 NTSC (= 1:35:38 PAL)
Running time German Uncut DVD: 1:36:11 PAL

Time measurement until the black screen at the end. The movie doesn't have any final credits.

Longer logos at the beginning of the Uncut DVD
3 cuts on the US DVD
1 cut on the German DVD
3 scenes with alternate footage, the US DVD is longer here
2 scenes with alternate footage, the German DVD is longer here
2 scenes with alternate footage, no difference
= 32.72 sec
Time index: UK DVD / German DVD

The US DVD starts with a "United Artists" logo, the German with a MGM logo, followed by the United Artists Intro.
6.8 sec


The US DVD ends when the men abuse Chato's wife. The German DVD also shows Earl ripping off her clothes. Then she's being savaged by all of them.
6.2 sec


US DVD: 13.64 sec
German DVD: 10.04 sec

Here the US Version contains alternate, more harmless footage when the men continue savaging the wife. She's being dragged into the shack.
US DVD: First the men with Chato's wife, then Jubal Hooker. He tells the men to bring the woman inside. She still has her clothes on.
German DVD: The men lift Chato's wife up, she's being naked. Jubal tells them offscreen to bring her inside. Then she's being dragged into the shack, she's naked all the time.
+3.6 sec



US DVD: 24.12 sec
German DVD: 22.96 sec

After the rape scene, when the men bring her out, the US DVD contains alternate footage again.
US DVD: The men carry the wife, covered by a blanket, outside. They put her down and tie her up but Whitmore doesn't agree with it. That's why he talks to Jubal. After that, he goes to thw wife and removes the blanket from her face.
German DVD: The men carry the naked woman outside, put her down and tie her up. Whitmore doesn't agree, so he talks to Jubal. Then he grabs a blanket and covers her nude body.

Then a shot of a laughing man in either of the versions. Slightly different footage has been used here as well.

Note: The short conversation between Whitmore and Jubal hasn't been shot a second time for the alternate scene in the US Version. That's why the dialog and the gestures don't match perfectly. Furthermore the sound ends right before the end of the conversation in the US Version. It's not very recognizable because the movements of the lips can't be seen or, to be more specific, the lips can't be seen pretty well. Another aspect is the blanket in the US Version. It's a different one in the German Version.
+1.16 sec


While the men are laughing at Whitmore, the German Version contains a shot of Jubal. He pulls off the blanket and tosses it away.
3.84 sec

When Martin Hall ties Chato's wife up, the US Version contains alternate footage again. The blanket is on the wife's body. In the German Version, she's nakes on the ground. Furthermore Hall leaves earlier in the German Version. The following dissolve is longer in the US Version.
+1.32 sec


Again the tied up wife, naked in the German Version but with the blanket in the US Version. Then a tracking shot to Whitmore and his men, waiting for Chato's attempt to save her.
no difference


Tracking shot of the body of Chato's wife before Chator frees her. She's still wrapped up in a blanket in the US Version whereas she's naked in the German Version.
no difference


Extended shot of Chato's Indian friend in the US Version, hanging head over heels over the fire.
+1.04 sec

Note: The following difference follows right on the before-mentioned difference, but it's being mentioned seperately because of the clarity.


US DVD: 16.96 sec
German DVD: 32.44 sec


Shots of the watching men's faces when the Indian is on fire. Then Whitmore, he goes along them and heads to the house. Then a shot of laughing Jubal.

German DVD

The men looking at the fire, but different footage has been used here. Extended shots of Whitmore (2nd screen) and Malechie (4th screen). Now the huge difference: Whitmore goes to the burning Indian, grabs his gun and releases him from his suffering. Earl is angry about that and yells at him. Whitmore steps back from the fire, then laughing Jubal. After that two men looking at Whitmore when he leaves.

When Whitmore is almost at the entrance, the versions are synchronized again.

15.48 sec

Chato puts a bullet in Elias Hooker's hand when he reaches for his revolver. Shot of the bloody wound.
1.6 sec


US DVD: 6.6 sec
German DVD: 12.56 sec

US DVD: A shot of bleeding Jubal lying dead still after the men striked at Jubal with a stone. Then a shot of the two men.
German DVD: Jubal straightens hisself and turns around after he got hit. The other man lifts up a stone and hits Jubal's head with it.
5.96 sec