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Landlord, The

original title: L'Affittacamere


  • Italian Version
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 28, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Landlord

Pretty teenager Loredana visits the horse racing track with her sister Angela and her aunt. She is so impressed by the dapper jockey Bresci that she bets her aunt's money on Bresci, who does not win the race. The aunt is so horrified by this that she dies while still at the racetrack. Loredana and Angela inherit their aunt's villa on the condition that they not sell it. Loredana and Angela come up with the idea of turning the villa into a hotel. After the renovation work is completed, Loredana starts to advertise. However, the lawyer Mandelli and the surgeon Settebeni get the impression that it is a whorehouse. When the judge finds out about it and Bresci arranges a rendezvous with the judge's wife in the hotel, chaos breaks out.

The Landlord stars Gloria Guida, whose character's name in the original Italian version is Giorgia Mainardi. In the German dub, her name is Loredana, as in the then-popular La Liceale series. She is assisted by Fran Fullenwider as Angela, a strict Catholic who must keep her fiancé Lillino from having sex before marriage, while at night she dreams herself into various historical roles as a sleepwalker. As with other films from the metier, the gags are mainly flat and raunchy embedded in an episodic plot. Fans of the genre will certainly get their money's worth.

Two shortened versions on the German DVD

The bonus material of the German DVD by Mr. Banker Films includes an Italian extended version, which is unfortunately also cut. Apparently, they only had access to the Italian DVD here, which has an identical runtime. In this Italian version, some erotic scenes are missing and various short raunchy dialogues have been removed. This version only offers the Italian audio without subtitles. Both versions of the DVD cut together are the same as the uncut version. The uncut version was seen on Italian television. It is noticeable that this version has short misses, especially during the reel changes, which again are included in the German version.

The plot cuts of the German version can be forgiven, so if you are interested, you can still grab the German DVD, as this is currently the best way to see the film after all.

Picture comparison:

German version:

Italian version:

Italian TV version:


German version: 86:23 min.
Italian version: 90:15 min.
Italian TV version: 92:55 min.

Comparison between the Italian version and the uncut original version.


In the uncut version, Bresci and Rosaria are seen earlier. Bresci wants to make love to her, but she says she doesn't want to do it in the office.

TV: 12 secs.


Bresci and Rosaria are seen making love for a longer time. Bresci pulls down her panties.

TV: 13 secs.


In the uncut version, the minister signs on both of Loredana's breasts before pulling her skirt down.

TV: 15 secs.


Loredana takes off her pantyhose. The minister signs on her legs. Then she takes off her panties so he can sign on her bottom. Loredana is supposed to say "Sign you pig!" to him while doing this.

TV: 37 sec.


In the Italian version, the scene where Mandelli washes the signatures from Loredana's body is missing.

TV: 31 sec.


In the uncut version, the wife says that her husband was great in bed before the surgery. The room starts laughing. The judge orders silence in the room.

TV: 20 sec.


The judge orders Settebeni to proceed. The next shot starts earlier.

TV: 1 sec.


In the uncut version, the wife is seen earlier. She says that her husband's penis doesn't even straighten up anymore.

TV: 4 sec.


The man is seen on the phone longer in the uncut version. He says "What is not yet, can still become."

TV: 2 secs.


In the uncut version, the judge confronts his clerk how he could dare to act like that.

TV: 2 secs.


In the uncut version, Angela asks if it is meant that they can kiss her and Loredana. Lillino replies that people think they can lure her into bed. In the next shot, Loredana is seen earlier.

TV: 5 sec.


In the uncut version, Lillino adds that he will make kindling out of Angela and Loredana if they get naughty.

TV: 1 sec.


In the uncut version, the hotel clerk says that the minister is going shagging.

TV: 2 secs.


Rosaria continues to undress in the uncut version. She says she is losing her self-control. Bresci says she should not say this.

TV: 7 secs.


Lillino says to Angela that the doctor told him to take it easy. Angela says that he should show her that he is not a man. Lillino says that he has no breasts and he can't show his penis because it is asleep. He sends her away. The next shot starts earlier.

TV: 13 sec.