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1.01 The One Where It All Began / The Pilot


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: May 13, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
To go on air, all episodes were shortened too a reasonable length for that kind of series on TV. The uncut episodes have been released on several medias so far. The comparison has been made with the US DVD-Box ("The Complete First Season").

Here we have a comparison for the very first episode called "The One where it all began. Comments in spare brackets are also in the TV Version and just being mentioned to make it easier for the reader. The DC also contains lots of extended scenes which are also being mentioned here.

Other things, like different angles, are being listed cursively (because the corresponding scenes aren't missing). Unfortunately that method didn't work very well for two scenes because it's a mixture of anything and nothing (missing scenes, alternate and extended shots).
Missing shot of the Big Apple right after the credits. Furthermore the shot of the Central Perk cafe is different in the TV Version.

Chandler: "All right Joey, be nice. [So does he have a hump...]"

Monica: "[It's not even a date,] it's not..."

Extended shot of Chandler.

Chandler: "[...starts to ring.] Now I don't know what to do. Everybody starts looking at me."
Monica: "They weren't looking at you before?"
Chandler: "...Finally, I figure I'd better answer it.
A shot of Phoebe gets lost in the DC here.
[and it turns out it's my mother]
The TV Version continues with a shot of Monica, the DC with a shot of Joey instead.
which is very very weird..."].

Joey earlier.

[Ross: "Just leave my aura alone, okay?"]
Phoebe: "Fine, be murky."

[Chandler: "Did I say that out loud?"]
Ross: "I told Mom and Dad last night. They took it pretty well."
Monica: "Oh really." Also in the TV VErsion but without sound. "So that hysterical phone call from a woman sobbing at 3 am "I'll never have grandchildren" was what? A wrong number?"
Ross (gloomily): "Sorry."

[Chandler: "And I just want a million dollars."]
The DC contains a shot of all of them so that the audience sees monica getting up. Then a close-up of gesturing Chandler.

In comparison to the TV Version, the shot of Rachel telling her story doesn't get interrupted until she arrives at the cafe. The following scenes contain some different shots as well. The dialogs remain unchanged.

The DC contains a transition here. Music and shot of the appartment are different as well.

[Monica: "...not happy about it."]
Chandler and Ross start "dubbing" the people on TV.
Chandler: "Tuna or egg salad! ... Decide!"
Ross: "I'll have whatever Christina's having."
[Rachel: "Daddy, I just..."]

[Rachel: "Well it matters to me."]
The shot of Rachel is shorter, followed by a shot of the others instead. This time Phoebe "dubbs" a scene.
Phoebe: "If I let go of my hair, my head will fall off."

[Rachel: "Come on, Daddy, listen to me!] It's I... [It's like all of my life..."]

Shot of NY. Not until then the shot of Chandler and Joey. The music is also different.

Monica: "[Taking control of your Life.] The whole hat-thing."
[Joey: "And hey..."]

Extended shot of Joey. The door buzzer sounds.
Chandler: "I got it!"
Chandler goes to the door. In the middle of this scene, the TV Version continues as well.
[Chandler: "Please don't do that again..."]

Monica: "Oh, God, is it 6:30?"
Monica looks at her watch.
["Buzz him in."]

Cut to Ross in the DC when he says "That'd be good". Then Monica, who asks "...Really?". Same shot but another take. [Ross: "No. Go on!..."]

[Ross: "...It's Paul, the wine guy!"]
Shot of Phoebe and Chandler.
Phoebe (to Chandler): "Does that mean does he sell it drink it or he just complains a lot?"
Chandler shakes his head.
In the TV Version, the shot of Monica opening the door starts earlier instead: one can also see her on the way to the door.

[Chandler: "...Paul was it ?"]
Monica: "Okay, I'll be right back. I've just gotta go a--, go a--"
Ross: "A-wandering?"
Monica: ..."Change." [Okay, sit down. Two seconds.]"

Extended shot of Phoebe and Rachel. Monica goes to her room.
Joey: "Hey Paul, here's a little tip. She really likes it when you rub her neck in the same spot over and over and over again until it starts to get a little red."
Monica: "Shut up, Joey!"
This scene also the close-up of Paul from the TV Version, but here it's a distance shot and Joey is also in it.
[Ross: "So, Rachel. What are you up to tonight?"] Ross' comment is being made in an alternate shot with Rachel. In the TV Version it's just Ross. Then it goes on regularly.

Alternate shot of Ross reaching for his head in the DC: it's a close-up here.

Alternate shot of Rachel looking incredibly weird. In the TV Version, Ross makes more gestures with his hands.

The TV Version goes to a close-up when Rachel gets up. The DC sticks with the previous shot.

[Phoebe: "...but I don't want to.
Shot of Chandler and Joey. The TV Version continues with a dissolve to Ross' appartment.] Shot of Ross, then a dissolve to the sub. Entirely different music has been used here. Now a sequence complety missing in the TV Version. Phoebe is singing near the stairs to the subway.
Phoebe: "Love is sweet as summer showers, love is a wondrous work of art. But your love, oh, your love, your love is.. like a giant pigeon... crapping on my heart. La la la..." Ein Typ schmeißt Geld in ihren Pott. "Thank you. La la la..."
Dissolve to NY, then to Ross' appartment and the following is also in the TV Version [Shot of Joey, Chandler and Ross. Ross: "I'm supposed to attach a..."] Then the close-up of Ross in the DC [...bracket-y thing to the side things..."]
The TV Version doesn't come up with the close-up before he says: "I have no bracket-y thing...".

Shot of Joey and Chandler in the background while Ross gets up slowly.
Joey: "I think we've got a bookcase here."
Chandler: "It's a beautiful thing."
[Joey picks sth. up.
Joey: "What's this?"]
Chandler: "I would have to say that is an L-shaped bracket."
Joey: "Which goes were?"
[Chandler: "I have -- no idea."]

[Ross: "...I should have known."]
Joey: "Hey, hey, hey. -- We're gonna start with that, we're out of here."
Chandler: "Yes, please don't spoil all this fun."
[The DC sticks with the distance shot, the TV Version continues with a close-up of Joey and Chandler.
Joey: "Let me ask you a question..." Then the DC continues with the close-up as well and the episode goes on regularly.]

Monica: ["You actually broke her watch?] Wow, the worst thing I ever did was shred my old boyfriend's favorite bath-towel."
Paul: "Uuuh, steer clear of you."
Monica: "That's right."
[Cut to Rachel.
Rachel: "Barry, I'm sorry..."]

[Rachel: "...machine cut me off again, anyway."]
Instead of the scene with Rachel and Ross, the DC switches to a close-up of Rachel and sticks with that for now.
Rachel: "Look ... look ... I know that some lucky girl is going to be incredibly lucky to become Mrs. Barry Finkel. But it isn't me. It's not me. And...not that I have any idea who "me" is right now but you just to give me a chance to a---"
The answering machine cancelled Rachel one more time. She dials Barry's number again. Cut to the others.
Ross: "I'm divorced! I'm only 26 and I'm divorced."
Joey: "Shut up!"
Chandler: "Ross, you must stop!"
Chandler hits a wooden scaffolding with a hammer which collapses. Chandler makes gestures while being bugged.
Ross: "That only took me an hour."
Chandler: "Ross, you've got to understand, between us, we haven't had a relationship that's lasted longer than a Mento."
Chandler and Joey get up.
Chandler: "You, however, have had the love of a woman for four years. Four years of closeness and sharing after she ripped your heart out. And that is why we don't do it."
Ross looks at Chandler uncomprehendingly.
Chandler: "I don't think that was my point!"
[Ross: "You know the scariest part is..."]

Shot of Chandler.

Shot of Paul instead of Monica when he says "...sexually".

The TV Version goes on with a shot of the tube that shows a couple getting married. The DC contains several and some alternate shots, several times interrupted by Rachel.

During Ross' second comment ("Do you know how long it's been since I grabbed a spoon"), the TV Version contains a distance shot of Joey and Chandler while the DC sticks with Ross.

[Ross: "...mean anything to you?"
Shot of Joey and Chandler.]
Then Ross again.
And now Joey und Chandler one more time.
Joey: "Great story. But I gotta go. I got a date with Andrea. Angela! ... Andrea!" Joey schaut zu Chandler. "Oh man..."
Chandler: "Andrea's the screamer. Angela has cats."
Joey: "Right, thanks. It's Julie! I'm out of here."
Joey leaves. Then a shot of Ross. Meanwhile the sound of Joey smashing the door in the background.
[Ross: "Here's the thing..."]

Now an exterior shot of the appartment in the TV Version. The DC contains a shot of NY, then an (alternate) exterior shot of the appartment. The music is different as well.

[Joey: "Congratulations."]
Rachel: "You know, I figured if I can make coffee, there isn't anything I can't do."
Chandler: "No, I think it's 'If I can invade Poland, there's nothing I can't do.'!"
Joey: "Listen, [while you...]"

[Monica leaves her room.]
Monica: "Oh good, Lenny and Squiggy are here."
Shot of Chandler and Joey, then Rachel.
[Rachel: "Good morning."
Shot of Monica.
Monica: "Good morning." The TV Version contains the greeting but it's one single distance shot.
Shot of Paul shutting the door.]

The DC contains a close-up of Rachel welcoming Paul.

TV Version: Paul takes on his jacket. He sticks in the doorframe with Monica.
Monica: "I had a really great time last night."
Chandler, Rachel and Joey push the table closer to the door. Meanwhile Paul says "Thank you, thank you so much."
Shot of Monica, she says: "We'll talk later."
Monica and Paul are kissing. The three in her appartment look satisfied. Shot of Monica and Paul through the door crack, he says "Thank you". Shot of Monica. Paul leaves.
DC: Exterior shot of the door opening. Paul comes out of the appartment. Monica goes to the hallway with him. Shot of Rachel. Then a distance shot. She goes to Chandler and Joey.
Paul: "Thank you, thank you so much."
Now Chandler, Rachel and Joey move the table for a better understanding of the conversation.
Monica: "Stop."
Paul: "No, I'm telling you, last night was like all my birthdays, both graduations plus the barn-raising scene in 'Witness'". Monica turns around while smiling. Chandler, Rachel and Joey pretend their were talking. Monica closes the door a bit.
Monica: "We'll talk later."
They're kissing. Chandler, Rachel and Joey keep moving the table. Shot of Monica. Paul says "Thank you." and leaves.

While Chandler says "If I don't input those numbers...", the angle changes (to a close-up of him). Then, after his last comment, a shot of Joey. Then back to the distance shot. The TV Version sticks with the distance shot all the time.

Monica: "[...of pinocchio] at the little theater in the park?"
Joey: "It was a job, alright."
[Chandler: "Look Gepetto..."]

[Chandler leaves the appartment, still doing his Pinocchio-thing.]
Shot of Joey.
Joey: "You should both know that he's a dead man."
Shot of Rachel and Monica.
Joey: "Oh, Chandler!". Joey closes the door slowly.

After Rachel said "...slept with a hanger in your mouth.", it takes a couple of seconds more until the shot of Monica starts in the DC.

[Rachel: "...are you in trouble."]
Monica: "Big time."
Rachel: "Want a wedding dress? Hardly used."
Monica: "I think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here. [Okay, I'm just going to get up...]

Additional shot of NY in the DC. The music is different, too. Furthermore the shot of the cabs passing by is also different.

[Monica: "How did you do that?"]
Franny: "Oh, I hate you. I'm pushing my aunt through Parrot Jungle, and you're having Sex. [So, who ?"
Franny and Monica are being filmed in a distance shot while Franny's saying that. The TV Version contains a close-up of Franny instead.
Monica: "You know Paul?" The DC sticks with the distance shot here while the TV Version contains a close-up. Now the TV Version continues with a distance shot as well.
Franny: "Paul, the Wine Guy?"]

[Ross: "...To get you into bed."]
Monica: "I hate men. I hate men!"
Phoebe: "Oh no, don't hate. You don't want to put that out into the universe.
[Monica: "Is it me?"]

Extended shot of Phoebe and Monica. The TV Version contains an alternate shot of Ross instead.

The TV Version (!) continues with a shot of Ross after Monica said "I just thought he was nice, you know.".

[Rachel: "I'm trained for nothing."]
Shot of Chandler insteadq of Ross in the DC.

The shot of Ross is longer / starts earlier.

Rachel: "Come on, guys. Is this really necessary? I can stop charging any time I want."
[Monica: "Come on, Rachel. You can't live off your parents your whole life." Being filmed in a close-up and changes slowly to a distance shot. The TV Version contains a shot of Monica putting scissors next to Rachel's credit cards.
Rachel: "I know that."]

While the DC sticks with the shot of Phoebe, the shot in the TV Version gets interrupted by a shot of Monica.

The DC sticks with Phoebe again, the TV Version shows Rachel for a sec.

[Monica: "You're ready?"]
Rachel: "No. No, I'm not ready. How can I be ready? "Hey Rach, you're ready to jump out of the airplane without parachute?" Come on. I can't do this."
Monica: "You can, I know you can."
[Rachel: "I don't think so."
Ross: "Oh come on."] "You made coffee, you can do anything."
Chandler drags the plant pot (where Joey and him previously poured the coffee in) to himself. The 5 friends encourage her to cut the cards. The TV Version contains 3 shots of that before Rachel finally cuts her cards. The DC only contains one single shot of the 5 friends encouraging her. Furthermore the scenes continues in the DC. Rachel cuts one of the cards, all of them are slightly cheering.
Rachel: "You know what? I think we can just leave it at that. Kind of symbolic gesture."
Monica: "Rachel, that was a library card!"
The others keep cheering. Then a shot of Ross. He holds the cards out to her, one after another, while she's cutting. The next shot is also in the TV Version.
[All: "Cut, cut, cut...!"]
Chandler: If you listen very closely, you can hear a thousand retailers scream.
[They applaude.]

When Monica says "Welcome to the real world", the TV Version goes to the close-up before the comment but the DC does afterwards.

[Monica: "'re gonna love it."
The TV Version changes to the distance shot, the DC sticks with Monica and Rachel. The following shot of the house is different.]
Shot of Monica's TV with the US flag and the national anthem.
[Monica: That's it."]

[Ross: "...major crush on you."]
The shot of Ross is slightly longer.

Extended shot of toss before he grabs his jacket from the chair.

Alternate shot with Ross saysing "I just grabbed a spoon."

[Phoebe: "Was I doing it again ?"
All: "Yes!"]
Monica: "I said you had a nice butt. It's just not a great butt."
Joey: "You won't know a butt if it bit you."
Ross: "There's an image?"
[Rachel: "Would anybody like more coffee?"]

[Chandler: "Kid's, new Dream: Now a close-up of Chandler in the DC. The TV Version contains a shot of Rachel sitting down instead. I'm in Las Vegas--"]
A costumer: "Miss, more coffee?!"
Rachel (obviously bugged, to another customer): "Excuse me, could you give this to that guy over there? ... Go ahead. Thank you. ... Sorry. Okay, Las Vegas."
Chandler: "Okay, so. I'm in Las Vegas. Chandler is being shot in a close-up. Then the TV Version is back in the game but the shot of Chandler starts earlier in the DC. [I'm Liza Minelli."]
The background music is also different.