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1.06 The One Who Sows His Own Flesh


  • US TV Version
  • US Blu-ray
Release: Nov 05, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the US TV Version (Chiller / TV-14) and the Blu-ray Version (Shout Factory / Not Rated).

57 differences, among them
- 16 additional scenes
- 23 extended scenes
- 5 extended scenes in the TV Version
- 1 removed scene
- 1 scene with alternate footage
- 1 scene with extended footage in both versions
- 2 extended scenes with alternate audio
- 1 scene with alternate footage & alternate audio
- 2 extended scenes with alternate footage
- Length difference: 587.92 sec resp. 9 min and 47.92 sec

Slasher is an American/Canadian horror show. Co-produced by the Canadian network Super Channel, the show premiered on Chiller (US basic cable). The first season consists of 8 episodes and the pilot aired on 03/04/2016. In Canada, the show started on 04/01/2016. Since 05/25/2016, the show is available on Netflix US.

In the US, the Blu-ray of the first season was released on 07/12/2016. Compared to the TV Versions, the Blu-ray Versions are longer.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Blu-ray Version
00:00 / 00:00

Longer recap.

23.48 sec

Additional Scene
00:39 / 01:02

The scene showing what actually happened to Ariel Peterson 5 years ago starts much earlier on Blu-ray.
Ariel (on her cell phone): "You're like a totally different person when you're around your friends. You are, Larkwood. You're mean and you're cold and you act like you don't care about anything. Especially me. No! No, just stay there. I don't wanna see you right now. Yeah, have fun at your party, asshole!"
Ariel then throws up. At the same time, Trent and June show up in the ambulance. Trent stops next to her.
Trent (to June): "Ah, looks like somebody just yawned a big, bright, chunky rainbow."
June: "Looks like the Peterson girl."
Then they talk to Ariel.
June: "You OK, hun?"
Trent: "Can you walk?"
Ariel: "I think so."
Trent: "Yeah? Alright, here's what you're gonna do. You gonna go straight home, you're gonna drink a bucket of water and take two aspirin and jump into bed. Not gonna die. You'll just think you did."
June: "Shouldnt we drive her home or take her to emerg?"
Trent: "Hold her hand for three hours until she sobers up? Let her walk it off. Hey, if you want me kept up all night, June bug, it's gonna be because of you."
June: "She'll be fine."
Trent: "She'll be fine."
The ambulance drives off.
Ariel yells: "No! Wait! Come back!"

84.84 sec resp. 1 min 24.84 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
00:39 / 02:27

The shot of Chief Vaughn approaching Ariel in his car starts a little earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.56 sec longer

Additional Scene
00:55 / 02:42

Chief Vaughn's conversation with Ariel is longer on Blu-ray.
Chief Vaughn: "You been drinkin'?"
Ariel: "No."
Chief Vaughn: "That's alright, I'm off duty. I don't care how many shots of Jäger you did or with who. I just wanna make sure you get home safe and sound."

12.32 sec

Extended Scene
01:03 / 03:03

Chief Vaughn longer.

1.08 sec

Extended Scene
01:06 / 03:06

After Ariel gets in the car to Chief Vaughn, the car drives off.

10.16 sec

Extended Scene
02:36 / 04:47

Chief Vaughn longer.

1.04 sec

Extended Scene
02:41 / 04:52

Ariel earlier.

1.12 sec

Extended Scene
02:44 / 04:56

Chief Vaughn earlier.

4.6 sec

Extended Scene
03:33 / 05:50

Ariel longer.

0.48 sec

Extended Scene
04:58 / 07:16


1.36 sec

Extended Scene / Extended Scene TV Version
06:25 / 08:44

Chief Vaughn gets out of bed, grabs his things and leaves. On Blu-ray, he makes a comment before leaving.
Chief Vaughn: "You know, when you talk like this, Ariel, all you do is make me really upset."

As compensation, the shot of Ariel is longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.32 sec longer

Additional Scene
06:44 / 09:03

On Blu-ray, Jake and Ariel are having a litte chat.
Jake: "Is Daddy mad at me?"
Ariel: "No, honey, of course not. Just go back to sleep."
Jake goes back to sleep, Ariel gets up and goes to the door. She then walks up to chair. When she grabs the knife hidden underneath the chair, the versions are back in sync.

57.88 sec

Additional Scene
07:39 / 10:55

Two additional shots of Dylan resp. Sarah.
Dylan: "Right. A journalist killing an entire town to put himself on the map. It's a juicy story, isn't it?"

10.96 sec

Extended Scene
07:42 / 11:10

Sarah longer.

1.32 sec

Additional Scene
07:46 / 11:15

Additional exterior shot.

A conversation between Dylan and Lisa-Ann follows. The latter enters the newspaper office where Dylan is setting up.
Lisa-Ann: "Well, you wasted no time moving in."
Dylan: "Someone's gotta hold down the fort."
Lisa-Ann: "Dylan. This story is breaking. Big! And I wanna talk next steps."
Dylan: "So does Megyn Kelly. And Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery."
Lisa-Ann: "Well, lucky for me, I got in on the ground floor. What are you doing tonight for dinner?"
Dylan: "Eating a sandwich, right here."
Lisa-Ann: "You can take an hour out and have dinner with me, like a civilized person. Tell me the time and the place."
Dylan: "Well, there is only one place. How's, um, how's seven?"
Lisa-Ann: "Perfect. Looking forward to it."
Then she leaves.

Subsequently, a shot of Sarah in front of Cam's house. The rings the bell.

69.08 sec resp. 1 min 9.08 sec

Extended Scene
07:55 / 12:33

Cam earlier.

2.12 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
07:57 / 12:37

Sarah slightly earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.52 sec longer

Extended Scene
08:18 / 12:58

Cam earlier.

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
08:53 / 13:34

Sarah and Cam are having another chat with Marjorie regarding Ariel's disappearance. Their conversation is longer on Blu-ray.
Marjorie: "I saw Ariel where I saw her and when I saw her. What more do you need to know?"
Cam: "Benny Peterson was at the Legion that night. That's right around the corner from where you said you saw Ariel."
Marjorie: "Yeah, I know where the Legion is."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

Cam: "He left at 11:40 p.m. and no one saw him again until the next morning."
Marjorie: "That's because he was busy raping and murdering his daughter."
Cam: "OK. Well, we now know that's impossible. So I'm gonna ask you again, Marjorie: Are you sure that's Ariel that you saw that night?"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

Please note: During the entire conversation, there are shots that are insignificantly longer on Blu-ray. It goes without saying that this been considered in the process of calculating the length difference.

16.12 sec

Additional Scene
10:14 / 15:11

Following the enlightening conversation with Marjorie, Sarah and Cam are having a rather conversation in front of the motel.
Sarah: "I saw Ariel walk by… blah blah blah… she didn't see her."
Cam: "She's unbelievable. I know, it's upsetting."
Sarah: "Upsetting? Cam, she was 15. OK? She was a child. And I think how terrified she must've been."
Cam: "I know but honestly, it's not your concern. Sarah, you didn't even know Ariel."
Sarah: "I'm sorry? Alison, Trent… June? The Executioner targeted them. Killed them because of their association with this girl. When I think about what she must've gone through… it almost makes me wonder whether The Executioner is actually doing God’s work."
Cam: "What?"
Sarah: "Marjorie's lying. You know it and I know it."
Cam: "No. Hey, the other day… Those things, all that shit I said… I'm sorry."
Sarah: "It's OK. Really, I'm sorry, too."
Cam: "No. No, you being here… That's the one good thing that's happened this summer."

78.56 sec resp. 1 min 18.56 sec

14:46 / 21:02

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.08 sec longer

Additional Scene / Partial Recut
14:48 / 21:02

Additional exterior shot.

Then Cam and Chief Vaughn. The latter is very upset about Cam questioning Majorie one more time without his knowledge.
Cam: "Look, all I did was ask a witness a few questions."
Chief Vaughn: "Withut floating it by me first!"
Cam: "Yeah, well, I tried. And you weren't here and you weren't answering your phone."
Chief Vaughn: "Well, I would've said no. What did Marjorie say? Did you come up with anything new?"
Cam: "No, just the same old bullshit. But this time her facts don't line up. And we tried pressing her."
Chief Vaughn: "We? Jesus Christ, Cam. You just burried your wife a week ago."
Cam: "You're gonna watch what you're saying, sir."
Chief Vaughn: "And you're gonn wanna top thinking with your dick and start thinking like a cop! And until you can I want you to go home!"
Cam: "Look. Whoever took Ariel is a target now. The same way June was."
Chief Vaughn: "That's my concern! I want you to go home. I want you to go home, Cam! Now!"
Cam: "Sir."
Cam leaves the office, Chief Vaughn is anything but happy about the latest developments.

A further additional exterior shot.

Then Dylan and Lisa-Ann at Dinner.
Lisa-Ann: "What are you gonna have?"
Dylan: "Well, it's a toss up between the Osso Bucco potato stack and the Chinese chicken salad with Mandarin staples. Welcome to 1996."
Lisa-Ann laughs, then she wants to toast with Dylan: "Cheers."
But Dylan is not on board: "To what?"
Lisa-Ann: "The biggest story since Casey Anthony."
Dylan: "Yeah, well, I'm not sure everyone shares your enthusiasm."
Lisa-Ann puts her glass back on the table: "OK. I think there's been a bit of a misunderstanding."
Dylan: "No. No misunderstanding. You chose Alison over me but then she got her head deep-fried."
Lisa-Ann: "OK. So then, how do I make it better?"
Dylan: "What are you offering?"
Lisa-Ann: "What do you want? More money? Done. Air time? You'll be my go-to guy on this case. We can talk about bringing you in on a permanent basis. Why don't you come by my hotel? We'll order a bottle, do a little career planing…"
Dylan: "A book deal."
Lisa-Ann: "I'm sorry. What?"
Dylan: "A book deal. True crime. All of the killings started 30 years ago."
Lisa-Ann: "I'm not a publisher, Dylan."
Dylan: "You've published four books. And you didn't write any of 'em."
The waitress shows up.
Dylan: "You ready to order? 'Cause I know what I want."

183.2 sec resp. 3 min 3.2 sec

Extended Scene
15:28 / 24:45

Tom insignificantly longer.

0.04 sec

Removed Scene / Recut
15:33 / 24:50

Now Dylan's dinner conversation with Lisa-Ann in the TV Version. Then Cam's conversation withh Chief Vaughn - please see 14:48 / 21:02.
So basically, we have the entire scene a little later in the TV Version. Except the two exterior shots are missing plus the order of the scenes with Cam and Chief Vaughn resp. Dylan and Lisa-Ann is reversed. Ignoring the two exterior shots, the two scenes with Cam and Chief Vaughn/Dylan and Lisa-Ann are insignificant 1.92 sec longer. Die dialog remains unchanged. (no screenshots)

TV Version 174.36 sec resp. 2 min 54.36 sec longer

Alternate Footage / Partial Recut
18:28 / 24:50

The exterior shot of the Richard Lake Motel differ. Later on, the distance shot from the TV Version will also be used in the Blu-ray Version.

TV Version 0.84 sec longer
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

19:15 / 25:34

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.56 sec longer

Extended Scene
23:14 / 29:33

The shot of Marjorie shooting up starts earlier. The Blu-ray actually shows the syringe resp. a part of it. One does not get to see the needle in her arm though.

2.52 sec

Extended Scene
23:19 / 29:41

The subsequent shot of Chief Vaughn and Marjorie shooting up in the background is also longer. To be more specific, this is the hot shot scene.

5.48 sec

Extended Scene
23:26 / 29:53

Chief Vaughn longer.

4.2 sec

Extended Scene
23:35 / 30:06

Ditto: Chief Vaughn longer with Marjorie in the background. As a result, her comment is longer on Blu-ray.
Marjorie: "I… Iain… It's… It's hella… It's really strong. Did you? Iain. What did you do?"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

9.8 sec

Extended Scene
23:53 / 30:34

And again, the shot of Chief Vaughn is longer.

4.32 sec

25:14 / 32:00

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.92 sec longer

Additional Scene / Recut
25:16 / 32:00

Additional exterior shot of the motel. To be more specific, this is the previous exterior shot from the TV Version (please see 18:28 / 24:50). So basically, the previously shown close-up on Blu-ray was exclusive footage while the distance shot from the TV Version was simply recut. Said distance shot has the exact same length here. (no screenshots)

3.32 sec

Additional Scene
26:56 / 33:43

Additional exterior shot.

Then Sarah and Dylan at his office. Dylan is on the phone.
Dylan: "And you're positive it's Marjorie Travers? Mm-hm. 100?"
Dialog partner: "Yeah, we got the confirmation. It's definately her."
Dylan: "Yep, OK. Thank you."
Dylan hangs up and brings Sarah up to speed.
Dylan: "They're saying it's an overdose."
Sarah: "How convenient."
Dylan: "And you think it's a…"
Sarah: "Of course."
Dylan: "Put you on the record?"
Sarah: "On the record?"
Dylan: "You're the last person to see Marjorie alive. The police are saying one thing, you're saying another."
Sarah: "I'm sorry. Are you asking if you can interview me?"
Dylan: "Sarah, listen to me. There's something going on here. And it's all tied back to Ariel. Now, if one person reads this and remembers something the night Ariel went missing, we could crack this case."
Sarah: "Dylan, a woman I saw this afternoon is lying dead in a motel room because Cam and I got to close to something."
Dylan: "That's my point."
Sarah: "And instead of asking if I'm Ok, you ask if you can interview me."
Dylan: "Fine, fine. No interview. How insensitive of me to try to help you find a missing girl, alright?"
Sarah: "Oh, great! Now I'm the bad guy. You're classic."
Quite angry with Dylan, Sarah leaves.

61 sec resp. 1 min 1 sec

Additional Scene
28:55 / 36:43

Sarah's conversation with Chief Vaughn regarding Ariel's disappearance is longer.
(Chief Vaughn: "So what, you think this is some big conspiracy?")
Sarah: "Connect the dots."
Chief Vaughn: "I tell you what. Why don't you connect them for me?"
Sarah: "OK. Ariel Peterson walked home from a party. By herself. She gets into a car on Chariton Street and that's the last time anyone ever saw her. Those are the facts."
Chief Vaughn: "OK."
Sarah: "Now for the lies. (Alison Sutherland hacks into Benny Peterson's account and writes fake but incriminating e-mails that make it look like he murdered his daughter.)"

27.44 sec

Extended Scene
29:42 / 37:57

Chief Vaughn earlier.

2.36 sec

Extended Scene
30:51 / 39:08

Chief Vaughn's vehicle longer.

0.36 sec

31:05 / 39:21

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.32 sec longer

Extended Scene
31:05 / 39:21

Chief Vaughn slightly longer.

0.04 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
31:12 / 39:27

Sarah earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.28 sec longer

Extended Scene
32:14 / 40:27

Chief Vaughn's comment is longer.
Chief Vaughn: "Well, I really don't give a shit. I'm the chief investigator."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

5.32 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
32:16 / 40:35

Sarah slightly longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer

Extended Scene
33:55 / 42:13

On Blu-ray, Chief Vaughn screams Sarah's name several times. Also, he fires off more shots.

4.76 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Audio Track
34:04 / 42:58

The Blu-ray also shows Sarah running to the passenger door. Resulting from that, the audio track is diffrent.
Blu-ray: "Ah, my God! Get in! Hurry! Who is he?"
TV Version: "Ah! Hurry! Who is he?"

In addition to that, one can hear the woman yell "Hurry!" during the additional Blu-ray footage that shows Sarah next to the car. In the TV Version, one can hear her yell "Hurry!" at the beginning of the subsequent shot.

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
34:19 / 42:43

Longer exterior shot.

1.2 sec

Additional Scene
34:22 / 42:48

The Blu-ray now shows Cam talking to Sarah at the hospital.
Cam: "He said that… you made him kill her."
Sarah: "He said… he wasn't a murderer until I turned him into someone. Or something, I don't know. Just…"
Cam: "No, Sarah. That… that might actually be a good thing. It might mean that… that Ariel isn't dead. Maybe he didn't kill her when he snatched her up."
Sarah: "He will now. He was… he's desperate."
Cam: "Sarah, I need to go."
Sarah: "No. No, no, no."
Cam: "Look, I have cops all over this hospital."
Sarah: "Cam. Please. Please don't leave me."
Cam: "OK. I promise you that bastard will never get within five feet of you again. Do you hear me?"
Sarah nods.

54.6 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
34:39 / 43:59

Chief Vaughn slightly longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer

Alternate Footage / Alternate Audio Track
34:51 / 44:12

The TV Version contains a close-up of Ariel while the Blu-ray shows her from a further distance. Moreover, Ariel's comment is different.
TV Version: "Please, Iain."
Blu-ray: "Iain, please. Just let us go."

1.52 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene / Alternate Audio Track
34:52 / 44:14

Again, Ariel's comment is slightly different.
TV Version: "Iain. Just let us go and we will never tell anyone. Please, Iain."
Blu-ray: "Iain. Just let us go and we won’t tell anyone. We'll never tell anyone. Please, Iain."

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
35:30 / 44:53

Iain longer when he attempts to strike a match in order to torch Ariel, Jake and himself.


35:34 / 44:58

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.44 sec longer

Additional Scene
35:36 / 44:58

Additional exterior shot.

2.84 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene
36:51 / 46:16

Sarahs conversation with Nancy is longer.
Nancy: "Do you ever watch those home shows on TV? You know, the ones where the wives get to design their new house and their husbands… Well, the husbands get something called a… a man cave. Isn't that a hoot? A man cave? You know, a place where boys can be boys, no girls allowed."
Sarah: "Yeah, yeah. Well… Does Iain have a man cave?"

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

Also, alternate footagee has been used during Nancy's "Isn't that a hoot? A man cave?". The TV Version sticks with Nancy while the Blu-ray contains a small shot of Sarah instead.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

8.32 sec

Extended Scene
39:53 / 49:26

Sarah longer.

3.36 sec

Extended Scene
40:06 / 49:42



Extended Scene
40:55 / 50:33

Longer distance shot of Chief Vaughn on the run resp. on the boat.

7.76 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene
41:27 / 51:12

When Chief Vaughn enters the boat shed, the Blu-ray shows him from a further distance. When The Executioner takes action, the Blu-ray cuts to the closer angle as well. Due to the different angle, only the TV Version reveals that The Executioner is already for Vaughn in the shed - Vaughn walks right passed him. On Blu-ray, The Executioner is incredibly hard to spot because one can only see his arm. This leaves the option that The Executioner entered the shed right after Vaughn did.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Also, the shot is longer on Blu-ray. The TV Version ends as soon as The Executioner whacks Vaughn over the head. The Blu-ray also shows Vaughn going down and The Executioner stepping up to Vaughn.

4.4 sec

End Credits
42:25 / 52:15

The TV Version contains a preview of the next episode with the miniaturized end credits on the right. The Blu-ray contains the regular end credits - no preview.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer