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UK BD box set with the extended UK Versions of the entire 4 seasons

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  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jan 24, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the International Version (German Blu-ray by Polyband / FSK 16) and the UK Version (UK Blu-ray by 2entertain / BBFC 15).

24 differences, consisting of
- 14 additional scenes
- 8 extended scenes
- additional opening credits
- alternate end credits
- Length difference: 444 sec resp. 7 min 24 sec

The Show

Luther is a British crime drama from 2010. So far, there are 4 seasons consisting of 16 episodes in total: Season 1 consists of 6 episodes, the seasons 2 & 3 of 4 episodes each and season 4 consists of 2 episodes only. In June 2017, a fifth season was announced for 2018. Without any spoiler alerts, it is safe to say that fans of British shows will enjoy Luther if one does not have an aversion of crime dramas in general.

The Versions

Like other shows before (e.g. Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes), Luther is yet another example for shorter, international versions (in comparison to the original UK Version that is). In order to do so, all the episodes are two-part episodes now and numerous alterations have been made. Often, the missing footage focuses on a or several particular characters but there are a few alterations that have censorship all over it. Certainly, the International Versions are still watchable, no argument there. But the better version is the uncensored UK Version, no doubt.

Time index refers to
International Version (German Blu-ray) – UK Version (UK Blu-ray)
Extended Scene
52:17 / 00:36

The final shot before the opening credits is longer.

3.7 sec

52:18 / 00:41

Opening credits only in the UK Version due to the fact that the International Version is a two-part episode.

45 sec

Extended Scene
52:18 / 01:26

The very first shot subsequent to the opening credits starts earlier.

3 sec

Additional Scene
58:35 / 07:46

Graham listens to a news report regarding the dead body that has been found. He then turns it off, sits on the bed and looks at the victim's necklace.

20.2 sec

Additional Scene
01:01:46 / 11:17

Luther is at the station, working the case. Numerous pictures are spread all over the floor but he appears not to have found the answer yet because he looks a little desperate.

30.6 sec

Additional Scene
01:04:29 / 14:31

Graham leaves his wife's birthday party.

Then Linda and Dennis.

And Graham one more time.

19 sec

Additional Scene
01:05:28 / 15:49

Graham closes the garage door. Then Graham earlier in his cab.

10.6 sec

Additional Scene
01:06:17 / 16:48

Additional shot of Teller. She comes in and sees the pictures on the floor.

7.9 sec

Additional Scene
01:11:39 / 22:18

Additional scene with Luther and Teller.
Luther: "No!"
Teller nods, Luther is upset.

Then Zoe and Mark.
Mark: "You alright?"
Zoe: "Me?"
Mark: "Yeah."
Zoe: "Yeah, I'm good. I'm great! Why?"
Mark: "Oh, no reason. You just seemed… You sure?"
Zoe: "Yeah, I'm sure."
Mark starts singing.
Zoe laughs: "Stop."
Mark: "No."
Zoe: "Stop."
Mark keeps singing.
Zoe yells: "I hate that song!"
Mark: "Oh, you love it. You love it."
Zoe tosses food at Mark.
Zoe: "I hate it!"
Mark: "You love it! Help!"

Back to Luther. He tries to call Zoe but her phone is off.

83.7 sec resp. 1 min 23.7 sec

Additional Scene
01:13:32 / 25:35

Another additonal scene at the station. Teller's phone rings, she answers.
Teller: "Teller!"
Teller hangs up, then she explains: "Chartwell Hospital's on fire."
Teller gets up and leaves, so does Reed. Finally, a shot of Luther. The camera zooms in on him.

22.3 sec

Additional Scene
01:14:04 / 26:30

Alice takes a look at Madsen through the glass first. With her entering his room, the versions are back in sync.

15.2 sec

Additional Scene
01:15:31 / 28:12

Luther's conversation with Schenk is longer.
(Schenk: "But the fire was arson and these two events cooccuring.")
Luther: "Madsen hat a permanent guard."
Schenk: "Who was directed away from his post by some doctor."
Luther: "What doctor?"
Schenk: "Well, quite young, very pretty. Dark-haired and heterochromatic."
Luther: "Hetero what? I'm sorry?"
Schenk: "Different colored eyes. Like David Bowie. But no doctor with heterochromia of the eyes is currently employed by the Chartwell Hospital."
Luther: "Well, I don't know. Some doctor lost a contact lens perhaps?"
Schenk nods: "Probably. But if not… If somebody is impersonating, posing as a doctor, someone who wants access to Henry Madsen. Would you have any notion of who that might be?"
(Luther: "I could think of 100 people that would wanna see him dead but I'd start off with the parents of the victims.")

49.7 sec

Extended Scene
01:22:05 / 35:36

The last shot of Graham going nuts in public is longer.

6.4 sec

Additional Scene
01:22:13 / 35:49

Luther's conversation with Linda starts earlier. She is already sitting in the interrogation room when Luther walks in.
Luther explains: "We don't have any other room so I have to use the interview room. Can I get you a drink or anything?"
Linda: "Eh, yes, some water."
Luther: "You want some water? OK."
Luther grabs the file from the table and leaves the room.

14 sec

Extended Scene
01:22:13 / 36:03

The subsequent shot of Linda starts earlier.

4.7 sec

Additional Scene
01:26:14 / 40:10

Zoe's conversation with Mark is longer.
(Zoe: "You already know."
Mark: "Yeah, pretty much."
Zoe: "How?"
Mark: "Well, it hardly takes an intuitive genius, does it?")
Zoe: "Well, why didn't you say something?"
Mark: "Perhaps it's none of my business."
Zoe: "Of course it's your business. Don't say that. Please… It's absolutely your business!"
Mark: "Look, ehm… You know, for what it's worth…"
Zoe interrupts: "Oh, Mark!"
Mark: "No, seriously, this is what I think you should do. You should make a list of the reasons why you married him and then make another list of the reasons why you left him and then see if the two lists don't overlap."

38 sec

Extended Scene
01:26:14 / 40:48

The subsequent shot of Zoe starts earlier.

5.1 sec

Extended Scene
01:35:41 / 50:20

Graham and Claire earlier in the UK Version.

9.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:40:54 / 55:42

In the International Version, Linda hits Graham's head with a hammer once. She lunges for another blow but the cops can stop her.
In the UK Version, the shot subsequent to the first blow starts earlier. In other words, Graham gets hit twice - contrary to the first blow, the second one occurs in the off though because one gets to see a close-up of angry Linda instead. The cops come running in the background and after the second blow, the cops manage to grab Linda here as well.

2.8 sec
Internationale FassungUK Version

Additional Scene
01:41:18 / 56:09

Additional shots of Graham on the ground & Linda.

10.7 sec

Additional Scene
01:41:32 / 56:33

And another shot of Graham lying on the ground. He blinks.

6.9 sec

Extended Scene
01:42:24 / 57:32

The shot of Luther is longer.

3.4 sec

Additional Scene
01:42:30 / 57:41

Only the UK Version contains footage of Schenk at the hospital. He takes a look in Madsen's former room.

19 sec

01:42:57 / 55:55

The UK Version contains end credits & a preview of the next episode while the International Version only contains the actual credits.

27.5 sec