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Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

2.01 Return of the Shredder

original title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


  • UK-Version
  • US-Version
Release: Mar 07, 2011 - Author: pippovic - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The cartoon series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which as the name suggests features four mutated ninja turtles, was first shown in the US in 1987 and became an instant TV-hit. Because of its big success, the British were soon eager to buy the series, but due to a strict “protection of minors” law, the series had to be censored there. For the most part only scenes showing Michelangelo using his nunchucks were edited or removed. Furthermore, dialogues were edited to turn the word ninja into hero. However, sometimes complete scenes are missing due to the use of that infamous word! In addition to that, sound effects were added in fighting scenes to make them sound funnier and less scary.

Comparison between the censored German version and the uncensored original US-version .
The German version of the complete Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles series is based on the censored UK-version and can therefore be used as a reference for the censorship of that version. However, it is possible that there are still minor changes between the two European versions, which are not listed here.

Both, the censored version and the original version were taken from the DVD-box released by KSM in Germany. The German version is played slightly faster, which makes it difficult to compare the two versions. Therefore, the time references might not be 100% accurate.

This episode was cut 8 additional times, which amounts to a running time of 35,12 seconds. Furthermore, one image was censored. The 14 scenes in which the word ninja was removed are not counted as cuts. The one sentence of Michelangelo is an exception. However, those changes add up to almost two seconds, which were added to the total running-time.

The Intro

The running-time of the Intros is 01:00.352 min. During the Intros many scenes were changed or edited.
A detailed comparison of those changes can be found in the censorship-report of episode 1.
For the German DVD release the title of the series was changed back to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and some images in the intro are also different. This is not really of interest here. However, if you are interested in those changes, go to our German language version of this censorship-report for more details.

Comparison of the Episode

A robbery in a supermarket, where Leonardo and Michelangelo are grocery shopping. After Michelangelo has taken out his nunchucks, it is shown how Leonardo lifts his arms. Then a cut follows. The uncensored version shows how Leonardo draws his swords and how Michelangelo spins around his nunchucks. After that they are running through the supermarket performing their tricks.
4,32 sec.

One of the gangsters attacks Michelangelo, but gets his butt or rather nose kicked. First, Michelangelo fends off the attack and then retaliates with his nunchucks.
Michelangelo: "Strike one, Dude".
The gangster is pushed back and Michelangelo throws one of his nunchucks after him.
Michelangelo: "Strike two".
But he only hits the cans behind the gangster, which amuses the latter.
Gangster: "Ha, ha, you missed!"
7,04 sec.

Die Turtles talk about the brawl in the supermarket. One of the sentences of Michelangelo was cut out because it contains the word ninja
Michelangelo: " ... not like taking on Shredders Foot-Ninjas".
2,68 sec.

The dojo-master uses the word ninja. This is of course not in the censored version. The scene is therefore slightly shorter.
4 frames

The leader of the gag that was hired to compromise the reputation of the turtles says ninja, which again is only in the original version.
9 frames

Again the word ninja was used by the leader of the gang.
8 frames

And again the word ninja is uttered. This time by the leader of gang toward the bank employee that is supposed to open the vault
7 frames

The word ninja was removed from the business card the ninja hands over to the bank employee.
no time difference

This time one of April’s colleagues uses the word ninja, but not in the censored version
no time-difference

Her colleague uses the word a second time.
3 frames

Even Shredder uses the evil word.
6 frames

Bexter, the scientist, also uses the word. He is the sixth person to do so.
4 frames

April uses the word (person number 7). This time it was replaced with hero.
no time-difference

The bad word is again used by April when she is showing the surveillance tape of the jewelry shop to the Turtles.
no time difference

Number 8: April’s boss uses the word.
5 frames

A fade-out was shortened here.
1,88 sec.

Again the word Ninja is used by the dojo-master, which makes this his second offence.
no time difference

After Raphael has kicked over the empty barrels, they are not shown rolling down the hill. There is a reason for this: Michelangelo using his nunchucks. The uncensored version shows him jumping into the air. The barrels roll through below him. The censored version continues before the wannabe Turtles are hit by the barrels.
1,6 sec.

Raphael pushes the gangster who is still trapped in the barrel down a hill. His way down is rough. Below Michelangelo is waiting. He stops the barrel with one of his feet, puts it up and then hits the barrel several times with his nunchucks. He seems to enjoy it and he barrel is dented
9 sec.

After Shredder has turned around, he sees the four Turtles, but only in the uncensored version, because they are holding their weapons and Michelangelo again shows off his nunchuck skills. Furthermore, Leonardo says something. In the censored version this scene was replaced with a scene that is shown again some time later. In the alternative shot Michelangelo says that they would cut Shredder into pieces, which doesn’t really match as the shot shows him being rather insecure.
-0,24 sec.
original version:
censored version:

Bexter continues sliding through the room in his rat-catching vehicle. Donatello runs toward the car and spins around his stick. He jumps onto the car and hits off one of the machines attached to it. Then he jumps off it. Now Michelangelo and Raphael are shown. The also attack the weapons of the vehicle. Shortly after that Donatello returns and the trio attacks the vehicle’s cab. The censored version continues when Michelangelo is hitting the windshield while lying on the car’s roof. The censored version doesn’t show how he entered the roof.
7 sec.

The evil word ninja is used for a last time, this time by April. Luckily, the viewers of the censored version are spared the abomination of letters
no time difference