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  • UK-TV
  • uncut
Release: Jan 20, 2015 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
When "Buffy the vampire slayer" became more popular, it was only a matter of time until people would try to emulate its success and copy it. Even though Buffy changed channels from The WB (now The CW) to UPN (now The CW), UPN still managed to create "Special Unit 2" - a show with which UPN jumped on the bandwagon. Similarities with Buffy are mainly on the surface, as it stops with both fighting supernatural creatures. Where Buffy has them as demons, vampires and werewolves; SU2 calls them "Links", as they're the missing links between the modern ape/monkey and the modern homo sapiens. And while werewolves do exist in SU2, vampires do not - and the mere concept is seen as ridiculous. But the series never takes it too seriously, so there are some monsters that are ridiculous - like the fatmonster, which somewhat resembles the Golgothan from Kevin Smith's "Dogma" if was made of bodyfat instead of fecal matter.

Unfortunately, the series found its end when the creators of "Bureau 13", a Pen and Paper RPG, saw similarities between the show and the game. And as UPN and the creators couldn't settle on something, the show was discontinued - and never saw a DVD release.

This is a comparison between the cut UK-TV airing, represented by an airing on cbsaction, with the uncut version, represented by an airing on Pro7 (Germany). Pictures are taken from an airing on SciFi (US).
Due to 15 cuts there are a total of 72.52 seconds (1 minute 12,52 seconds) missing.

The Mummy is choking Jerry longer.

3.6 seconds


Nick attacks the mummy again, but fails to do something against it.

17.8 seconds


The Mummy replies with a "No. Not Illinois." before he picks up and chokes the woman for a longer amount of time. She also tries to defend herself with pepper spay - without any luck.

9.4 missing seconds



The morphing effect was shortened.

0.88 second


The Japanese mummy chokes Kate marginally longer.

0.28 seconds


Nick hits the mummy's head with the stick.

0.24 seconds


The mummy tilts its head with an audible crackling sound, as the neck was broken.

1.64 seconds


The fight is a little longer, during which the mummy gets its hands on the stick and consequently beats Nick up.

13.88 seconds


The mummy attacks again, but Nick can grab the stick. He spits blood before he furiously attacks the mummy's head.

4.96 seconds


Nick gets beaten up by the mummy.

5,32 seconds


Nick is on the ground, getting back to his senses. Kate gets shown for a short time, she moves her head from the now freed women to Nick - this short view of Kate is shown later in the UK cut to mask another cut.

2.92 seconds


The before mentioned view of Kate is seen here.

The uncut version shows how the mummy gets impaled instead.

5.4 seconds


The stick is struck more often by lightning.

1.52 seconds


The metallic stick heats up while getting struck some more.

3.84 seconds


The impaled mummy is seen a bit longer as the stick cools down.

0.84 seconds