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1.06 Over the Hill


  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Sep 09, 2015 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
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Removed Scene

After Gene argued with Alex because she took his Quattro without his permission and stuffed all kinds of trash from Cale's restaurant in the trunk, which is why the car now stinks like hell, Alex vanishes with all the trash in the station.
In the UK Version, the scene with Gene goes on. Viv also walks towards the entrance while Gene turns around and looks at his Quattro speechless.
Then the versions are back in sync.

5.8 sec

Removed Scene

The end of the scene with Ray and Chris playing a videogame is incredible 9 frames longer - the dialog remains unchanged.

0.36 sec


The now following scene at Luigi's is also missing in the International Version resp. it comes later.
Gene sits at the bar and drinks his beer, Luigi talks to someone in Italian. Luigi then approaches Gene and says: "What are you doing, drinking by your own? Where are your men? And why is the lovely signorina up in her flat, also by her own?"
Gene: "The lads will be here soon, as for the lovely signorina, well she can take a swan dive from the window as far as I'm concerned."
Luigi: "Ah, I see. Be careful. Who will catch her?"
Gene: "No one, hopefully."
Luigi: "You say that now but what if he is dashing, handsome, full of youthful vigour?"
Gene: "Luigi…"
Luigi: "Look, I seen him. I don't know his name but she bring him here once. He is very keen."
Gene: "Yes."
Luigi: "Yes. So, strike while the iron's hot. Go to her."
Gene: "Luigi! DI Drake is of no interest to me whatsoever. Comprehendez? Now change the bloody subject or go away."
Luigi: "You don't fool me."
Gene turns around takes a sip from his beer. With the next scene, the versions are back in sync.

54.8 sec

Recut / Removed Scene

Now the already mentioned scene from the UK Version (24:13) in the International Version - without any alterations made. (no screenshots)
In the UK Version, the mentioned scene from 24:13 continues. Gene empties his glass and puts it in front of him. Even though Gene told him to change the subject or to go away, Luigi just can't let it go.
Luigi: "You drink alone because of love. Yeah, yeah, you can deny all you like but you’re not alone."
Gene can't take it anymore, gets up and leaves. But even on his way out, Luigi keeps talking: "All Englishman in the art of seduction are pathetic. No passion!"
Then the versions are back in sync.

International Version: 54.8 sec
UK Version: 11.64 sec

Removed Scene

Gene and Alex fight in front of Luigi. Then Chris call. Gene answers the phone and askes "Right you pair of tonsils, what you up to?".
Then Alex and Gene on their way to the station in the International Version.
In the UK Version, the scene is not over yet..
Gene (still on the phone with Chris): "Come again? Right, I'm on my way. "
Gene hangs up and explains: "They reckon they've got the young biker down at the station. I'm going down there. You stay here, you’re not well."
Alex: "No, I'm better."
Alex follows Gene to the exit, then the versions are back in sync.

11.92 sec

Removed Scene

After talking to little Donny, the International Version continues at Luigi's.
The UK Version however also shows Gene and Donny on their way to Luigi's resp. they are in the Quattro and Gene drives off.
Donny: "Where are we going?"
Gene: "To a party."

7.12 sec

Extended Scene

The scene with Gene in front of Cale's restaurant contains longer shots in the UK Version. (screenshots only from the UK Version)

6.64 sec

Extended Scene

The final conversation about the case is longer in the UK Version.
Ray: "The restaurant's a scam. The Cales were using it to launder money. It didn't matter to them if no one came in to eat. It didn't bother 'em."
Gene explains: "Look, this is how it works. You buy a restaurant for cash. Yeah? Dirty money, money from a bank raid. Do it up, you run it at a loss, and then you sell it on and the money you make…"
Ray: "…is clean money, legal money."

The bold-marked dialogs are missing in the International Version.

2.96 sec

Removed Scene

After Chris' stupid question about money laundering, the International Version continues with Gene and Alex. In the UK Version, the money laundering scene goes on.
Ray leaves and Gene says to Alex: "Right, let's get you home, shall we?".
Then Gene and Alex leave as well. Then the versions are back in sync.

8.8 sec

Removed Scene

Only the UK Version contains a preview of the next episode between the end credits and the logos. (no screenshots)

44.96 sec
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