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original title: Champagne & Bullets


  • Geteven Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 17, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Cindy and Rick are seen earlier as Cindy greets Rick.

CAB: 1 sec.


The Geteven version cuts to the tape before Huck brings the beer.

GEV: 4 secs.


The two women in the audience are seen earlier applauding.

CAB: 3 secs.


Rick and Cindy are seen earlier looking at the stripper.

CAB: 7 secs.


Laura has the waitress hand her the phone.

CAB: 7 secs.


When the Bad Guys decided to kidnap Cindy, the Geteven version cuts to Rick and Cindy liking the show.

GEV: 6 secs.


Huck can be seen earlier as he takes the beer.

CAB: 1 sec.


The original version shows earlier how the bad guys are taken away after the brawl.

CAB: 1 sec.


Geteven version shows an exterior shot of the police station.

In the original version, Cindy is still asking what they should do. Rick says that they have to bail Huck out. After that, two women are brought into the police station.

GEV: 8 sec.
CAB: 15 sec.


In the original version, before the bad guy leaves, he says to Rick that he has a score to settle with him.

CAB: 10 secs.


Mo says all is well and says to Rick that Huck should stay away from such trouble in the future.

CAB: 9 secs.


The Geteven version fades from the police station to the Mexican restaurant.

In the original version, Rick, Cindy and Huck leave the police station for longer.

GEV: 2 sec.
CAB: 3 sec.


The Geteven version fades from the diner to the next scene.

In the original version, a cut follows.

CAB: 1 sec.


The Geteven fades to Cindy's narration with a flash of light.

Cindy continues to narrate in the original version what happened at the last meeting of the coven. A woman with a child in her arms is seen while the other members pay homage to the devil.

GEV: 1 sec.
CAB: 25 sec.


The woman is handed a black candle. Nomad reports that they have been guided by the devil for decades and that is why he must be paid homage. The cult members agree with him.

CAB: 47 sec.


Cindy is seen earlier as she is grabbed by the cult members.

CAB: 3 secs.


Cindy and the two men are seen longer after she is tied to the stake. Nomad wants to continue. He says that now the child will be sacrificed.

CAB: 29 sec.


The Geteven version cuts very briefly to Nomad, then to the child, then fades to Cindy and Rick.

In the original version, Nomad continues to preach that he will now sacrifice the child, which he eventually does. Cindy has to watch this happen. She tells Rick that she is sorry. Casual partying and drug use soon turned into something serious. Rick wants to know what Cindy is saying.

GEV: 5 sec.
CAB: 2:09 min.


The Geteven version briefly fades to Cindy while Rick gives his Hamlet interpretation.

In the original version, you get to marvel at Rick's Hamlet monologue for much longer. In between, an inappropriate cut to him and Cindy.

GEV: 3 sec.
CAB: 33 sec.


As Rick and Cindy drink champagne in front of the fireplace, the Geteven immediately fades to Cindy taking Rick's hand.

In the original version, both are seen in front of the fireplace for longer. Cindy spots a pillow and asks Rick what it is. Rick simply throws the pillow away.

GEV: 1 sec.
CAB: 25 sec.


The Geteven version fades over from Cindy and Rick as Rick picks up the ice cube.

In the original version, Cindy and Rick are seen earlier, and the next shot starts earlier.

GEV: 1 sec.
CAB: 4 sec.


The Geteven version fades from the ice cube on Cindy's leg to her chest.

In the original version, Rick lets the ice cube travel longer over Cindy's body.

GEV: 1 sec.
CAB: 13 sec.


Geteven version fades over as Rick runs the ice cube over Cindy's body.

In the original version, he lets the ice cube circle her belly button longer. The next shot starts earlier.

GEV: 2 sec.
CAB: 5 sec.


The Geteven version fades to the fireplace.

The original version shows Rick and Cindy longer. Then the fireplace earlier.

GEV: 2 sec.
CAB: 6 sec.


The Geteven version fades to Rick's house.

The original version shows the fireplace longer, then the house earlier.

GEV: 1 sec.
CAB: 2 sec.