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Magnum, P.I.

3.02 Ki'is Don't Lie


  • Magnum Version
  • Magnum/Simon&Simon Version
Release: Apr 29, 2011 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The episode of the show "Magnum, P.I." 3.02 "Ki'is don't lie" has been compared to the double-episode of the shows "Magnum, P.I." and "Simon & Simon" (3.02 "Ki'is don't lie" and 2.01 "Emeralds are not a girl's best friend").
While the regular episode is found on the UK-box of season 3, the double-episode is found on the bonus features-disc of the US-Box of season 1. Two endings were shot for this episode of the cult show around the excentric private detective. One of them ends the episode, the other one leads over to an episode of "Simon & Simon", where the plot is continued.

The Magnum / Simon & Simon-version is about 40 sec. longer than the Magnum-version

00:00 min.

The US-DVD shows the Universal-opening credits at first.

Duration: US 20 sec. longer

35:37 min.

Simon & Simon turn much longer in the UK-version. Afterwards a shot of Magnum with gun, TC and Rick. Then another one of Simon & Simon.

Duration: UK 6 sec. longer

42:23 Min. - 42:44 Min.

In the US-version, Higgins rushes through the hallway in the airport. In both versions, he tells the airport personel to stop the airplane. In the US-version, the airplane is already gone, though, but at least there is another machine going to LA shortly after, so Higgins goes running again. In the UK-version, he fakes an emergency, so the airplane has to turn around.

Duration: US 4 sec. longer



43:11 min. - 44:47 min.

UK: Dead tired Magnum notices Catherine being gently forced out of the terminal by Higgins. They talk shortly before safety personel join and take them away. The next scene takes place in a hotel room with Magnum and the two Simons. The detectives do some wisecracking and then politely say goodbye.

US: Higgins comes up to tired Magnum (looks differently from the UK version) and tells him there is going to be another flight to LA in a short while. They argue about who was going to follow Geraldine. Since he feels violated in his honor, Magnum's shoulder is injured and he's being arrested by the police, Higgins takes the flight. The hotel scene is now also shown in the US-version, but in an alternative way. The Simons thank Magnum and promise to take care of HIggins in LA and to look for Cathrine.

Duration: US 22 sec. longe



The US DVD is about 40 sec. longer than the UK-DVD.