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The Burning

So I Married An Axe Murderer




The Pope’s Exorcist

Spartacus: Vengeance

2.05 Libertus


  • TV-Version
  • Extended Blu-ray
Release: Oct 07, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (Pro 7) and the Extended Version
(on Blu-ray by Starz/Anchor Bay)

10 differences, consisting of
7 extended scenes
2 extended scene with alternate material
1 additional scene

The extended episode runs 71.12 sec. or 1 minute 12 seconds longer than the TV version.
Extended Scene with alternate material
0:08:21: A short dialogue between Spartacus and Lucius in the extended version.

Spartacus: "It appeared abandoned."
Lucius: "I stand proof it is not! Return to where you came."

The TV version only shows a short close-up of the grim looking Lucius.
The extended version runs 8,64 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:10:11: More dialogue in the temple. Lucius tells more about Sulla.

Lucius: "... punishing any who dared to defy him"
Spartacus: "A slave is so treated."
Lucius: "I have owned them. If that be offense enough, have my life. The wine's gone anyway."

The TV version makes it seem that Lucius throws the wine jug because he's angry. The extended version shows different.
16,12 sec.

Extended Scene with alternate material
0:15:00: Varinius says a little more when Ilithyia is worrying about the games' quality. The TV version shows her instead.

Varinius: "Good Mercato assures me grand spectacle to be spoken of for years throughout the Republic."
The extended version runs 2,48 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:15:17: Lucretia engages in the discussion.

Lucretia: "I have envoked the god Hymenaeus to sanction the union. His blessing is affirmed."
Varinius: "The Gods bestow gift beyond measure."
9,76 sec.

Extended Scene
0:15:31: Albinius says a little more regarding Ilithyias new marriage plans: "Yet we must proceed with caution. I would not have Gaius aware of our plans until presented with dissolution, lets he make public scene."
1,52 sec.

Extended Scene
0:15:50: After Varinius expressed his interest in the marriage with Ilithyia, Albinius drops a line:

Albinius: "He appears well pleased."
4 sec.

Extended Scene
0:20:29: Lucretia says to Ilithyia:

Lucretia: "Until life flees from body."
2,8 sec.

Extended Scene
0:21:45: Lucretia adds a short description of the task she has for Ashur.

Lucretia: "Simple task."
2,76 sec.

Extended Scene
0:22:36: After Ashur got the task by Lucretia, a little more dialogue follows:

Ashur: "You have a way of making a man invisible as well."
Lucretia: "Great spectacle is being made of the games tomorrow. Ilithyia's slaves attend her. Most of Glaber's men provide welcome security to calm nervous city. It should not be hard for a man of your talents to avoid the remainder."

When Ashur asks what would happen if he were seen, the extended version shows him while the TV cut features his question as an off-commentary.
19,04 sec.

Additional Scene
0:51:59: An exterior shot of the burning arena is new in the extended version.
4 sec.