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Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut

Thelma & Louise

The People Under the Stairs


John Wick: Chapter 4

The Truman Show

So I Married An Axe Murderer

Cinema Paradiso

original title: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso


  • Theatrical Cut Part 1
  • Director's Cut Part 1
Release: Jun 16, 2019 - Author: Der Dicke - Translator: Der Dicke - external link: IMDB
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Toto is having sex with the village prostitute in the empty cinema. She ends up likening him to a young bull
52 Sec

...which casts a new light on the subsequent scene.

identical running time

The Director's Cut includes a slightly longer, considerably different version of the following projection room scene featuring Salvatore and Alfredo.

DC: ​

Close-up of Salvatore's black eye. Alfredo tells an anecdote regarding Chaplin's “Modern Times”.​

TC: ​

Close-up of Salvatore's black eye, followed by a different shot of Alfredo. He licks the reel, then remarks that the reel is set at the beginning of the film. Finally Alfredo puts the reel to one side.

​As soon as Salvatore and Alfredo can be seen on screen together once more, the two versions are matching again.

In total 18 Sec

Some more footage of Salvatore running after Elena.​
10 Sec

Salvatore is watching some of the footage he filmed of Elena, imagining a conversation with her. Subsequently he commits a gaffe on the phone.
79 Sec = 1 Min 19 Sec

Salvatore is letting Alfredo know that he is growing tired of Alfredo's words of wisdom. To demonstrate Alfredo's position of weakness, Salvatore leaves him standing in the street by himself for a moment. However, he quickly grows remorseful and moves to ensure Alfredo's safety - only to be teased by Alfredo.
36 Sec

Note: After the two friends have sat down and Alfredo has told the "soldier's tale", the Theatrical Cut at last features the sequence "Two cinemas, one reel" (ca. 1:09:49).

During their encounter in the confession box, Elena refers to the embarrassing phone call that only featured in the Director’s Cut. Salvatore offers his apologies.
9 Sec

Additional shot of Salvatore outside of Elena's house, desperately waiting for Elena to open her window. His mother is wondering why he is not home yet.
14 Sec

Alfredo is keeping quiet. The party is toasting the New Year. Salvatore's mother is offering a toast to him.
17 Sec

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