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  • Theatrical Version
  • TBS Extended Version
Release: Oct 25, 2010 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
The movie
A mysterious stranger moves to Castle Rock and opens an antique shop. He is called Leland Gaunt, an utterly charming elderly gentleman who has a sympathetic ear for everyone. But what he sells causes friendly, peaceful citizens to become evil, hateful and murderous creatures. In the end, the stranger Leland Gaunt, who enjoys playing with people's fears and brings some of them to the grave, turns out to be the devil himself, passing through Castle Rock. Only sheriff Alan Pangborn senses that the stranger is up to no good and brings anxiety to his town...

Image comparison
To improve the layout of this censorship report, the images from the theatrical version were cut on top and bottom (otherwise, the report would look like this in direct comparison):
Theatrical VersionDC

Director Fraser C. Harris produced a three hour long version for American TV. Scenes of violence were mitigated, however. This version will be referred to as Director's Cut in this censorship report.

Due to the large number of differences (countless small scene extentions/abridgements) and to maintain clarity, only major differences will be mentioned. Smaller deviations, cuts with a length of under one second and short scene extentions/abridgements will not be discussed. Furthermore, some scenes are arranged differently in both versions; these variations will be mentioned as timing changes in the report.
2:42 The black Mercedes
In the opening sequence, Alan repairs Norris's broken-down car. Then they hear the sound of a loud vehicle approaching, which hits the driver's side door of Norris's car. Alan gets in his car and chases the hit-and-run driver, until the latter overturns on a road works and starts burning. As Alan approaches the burning vehicle to check if someone was still inside, he fancies to see a person; then the car explodes. Norris arrives late and helps Alan to get up.
428 sec.

9:50 Back at the police station
Alan hands the remains of the license plate to Sheila for examination. While they walk into the next room, Alan tells her what has happened. In the adjoining room, Alan puts on a new shirt and learns from Sheila that he has received a message. He picks it up and walks towards the exit. Half way there, he realizes that he has forgotten his ring, which Sheila already holds ready for him. As he is leaving the police station, Gaunt watches him from inside a Volvo. He drives past Alan towards the new shop.
143 sec.

12:13 The new shop
Brian's mother talks with Myra on the phone about the new shop. They are interrupted by Polly. Several shots of the café follow and the new shop is the big talking point.
86 sec.

13:39 The parking ticket
On the street, Norris and Alan talk about the accident. Then Alan tells Norris to give Buster's car a parking fine notice, since he has parked it on a disabled parking space.
69 sec.

Timing change
Theatrical version:Alan enters the café - Brian in the shop (1+2)
Director's Cut: Brian in the shop (1) - Alan enters the café - Brian in the shop (2)

14:48 Brian's bike ride
There are more shots of Brian on his way to the shop
24 sec.

21:44 Brian in the shop
Gaunt asks Brian what he would like: in the director's cut, he speaks about his father, who has left him.
22 sec.

24:47 The ring
As Alan puts the ring on Polly's finger, she gets an arthritic attack. She wants to take some pills, but Alan keeps her from doing it and gets her hand protectors. While he is gone, she takes the pills regardless. After they have kissed, the director's cut is longer.
98 sec.

28:23 Brian leaves the shop
As Brian leaves the shop, he nearly gets run over by Hugh.
34 sec.

28:58 Leland's book
Before Leland begins with Castle Rock, he flips through his book longer.
10 sec.

30:01 Norris
The shot of Norris watching himself in the mirror starts earlier.
2 sec.

32:06 Buster's parking ticket
Buster asks Alan whether he could do something about his parking fine. Alan tells him to pay it. Furthermore he warns him never to attack one of his deputies again, or he would take the stuffing out of him.
30 sec.

32:36 At the boat
Polly goes aboard Alan's ship and they talk about the accident. Then another shot of the lighthouse and the shop follows.
130 sec.

35:12 Polly and Myra
As Natty walks over to the shop, the shot of Polly and Myra watching her is missing. Furthermore, Natty crosses the road longer.
6 sec.

35:27 Gaunt's shop
There have been some changes in the scenes at Gaunt's shop:
35:27 A longer shot of Gaunt giving thanks to Miss Butterfield
35:43 Longer shot of Pete and Wilma
36:08 As Natty enters the shop, the camera angles are different
38:10 As Mrs Roberts leaves the shop, a short shot is longer
38:46 Gaunt asks Natty how she was doing
18 sec.

Timing change
Theatrical version: Brian smudges the sheets (1) - Allan enters the shop - Brian smudges the sheets (2)
Director's cut: Allan enters the shop - Brian smudges the sheets (1+2) at timecode 52:58

40:48 Natty leaves the shop
Alan enters the shop and talks to Natty as she is leaving the shop. Then he introduces himself to Gaunt. In the theatrical version, Alan enters the shop and introduces himself.
21 sec.

41:54 Alan and Gaunt in the shop
Alan browses around in the shop, when Gaunt brings the cake. Gaunt tells him that he watches the people walking past the shop window, so that he could understand their hopes and dreams.
50 sec.

44:28 Cora and the bust of Elvis
While Allan leaves the shop, he greets Cora. In the shop window, she sees a bust of Elvis. Alan walks to his car and makes a note to check Gaunt.
65 sec.

45:33 Telephone call with the revenue authorities
Alan takes a call from the revenue authorities. While he is on the phone, Polly arrives. She hears that there are problems concerning Buster's bookkeeping and that Alan defends him. Polly asks since when he defended him. Subsequently, Father Meehan calls and asks him to come to the church. While Alan is talking to the priest, Polly is up for some snogging. When Alan tells her to stop, she leaves the room slightly hurt.
125 sec.

48:18 In the church
Father Meehan talks to the cleaner in church.
12 sec.

Timing change
Theatrical version:Wilma discovers the dirty sheets - Wilma calls the café and threatens Natty
Director's cut: Myra and Natty leave work for the day - Leland Gaunt introduces himself to Polly - Brian smudges the sheets (1+2) - Wilma calls the café and threatens Natty

49:46 Myra and Natty leave work
As Myra and Natty leave, Polly checks up the account.
64 sec.

52:58 Brian smudges the sheets
On the DVD, one sees Brian arriving on his bike. In the director's cut, he smudges the sheets longer and then cycles off.
6 sec.

55:30 Wilma calls the café
One sees Natty baking a cake. Polly comes and asks Natty if she could close the café today, since she had a date. During the telephone call, the camera angles are different. After Wilma has hung up, Natty breaks a sugar glass with the receiver and shouts.
47 sec.

56:17 Natty goes home
While Natty walks home, she meets Leland Gaunt. He gives her a porcelain figure.
126 sec.

Timing change
Theatrical version: Hugh sits in the bar - Hugh gets his sports jacket - Leland is selling 3+1+2 - Leland introduces himself to Polly - Alan and Buster
Director's cut: Alan and Buster - Hugh sits in the bar - Alan and Polly - Hugh gets his sports jacket

59:36 Alan and Buster
After Buster has turned off the TV, the phone rings, but no one answers.
60:43 Buster sits down and tells Alan that he loved Mortel but had no money.
When Molly comes down the stairs and sees them talking, she is shown earlier in the director's cut.
62:41 After Molly has gone, one sees Buster thanking Allan, who tells him he would surely have to pay.
85 sec.

64:55 Alan and Polly at dinner
Alan cooks for Polly. She tells him that she saw him and Buster on the boat.
131 sec.

70:59 Cora's phone call
While Cora adores the bust of Elvis, she takes a call from Gaunt. He wants to talk to Brian. Brian sits in the kitchen and marvels at the baseball card. Gaunt tells him to come to the lighthouse. Then follows a scene in which Cora says to the bust of Elvis that she owed Mr. Gaunt a favour.
167 sec.

72:47 At the lighthouse
Gaunt praises Billy for doing him a favour.
8 sec.

75:30 Buster and Gaunt
When Buster asks what the slot car racing track costs, Gaunt tells him to open his wallet and just take out the first banknote in there. Then he stirs him up a little.
62 sec.

83:05 Hugh on his way to Natty's house
Hugh leaves for Natty's house
17 sec.

85:18 Natty in Buster's house
Natty spreads parking tickets in Buster's house. They differ in the director's cut and the DVD.
No time difference
Theatrical versionDirector's cut

87:24 Natty's return
Before Natty comes home, one sees her riding up on her bike.
38 sec.

89:05 Natty finds her dog
In the TNT version, the skinned dog only sways forwards. In the theatrical version, he rotates to the right as well.
1 sec.
Theatrical versionDirector's cut

90:57 Natty's and Wilma's fight
The director's cut was slightly censored:
- Both knife thrusts were removed (90:57+92:26)
- After they have fallen off the roof, the DVD shows them lying on the ground; the director's cut shows Pete. (93:07)
10 sec.
Theatrical versionDirector's cut

93:24 Gaunt's book
After Gaunt has crossed out Wilma and Natty, there is a close shot of him laughing.
6 sec.

93:30 Polly's pills
Before Polly goes to Gaunt, she takes her pills and watches her hands. Cross-fade to Gaunt's shop.
39 sec.

97:29 Reporters at the crime scene
As Alan reaches the crime scene, reporters cover the tragedy. Alan asks Norris about the current state of affairs. Before Alan crosses the crime scene tape, one sees him approaching it in the theatrical version.
28 sec.

98:12 At the crime scene
On the DVD, one sees Alan casting a glance at the corpses. In the director's cut, he sees Brian and tells him to leave. Then he has a short talk with Norris.
24 sec.
Theatrical versionDirector's cut

102:32 Brian leaves the crime scene
After Brian has left the crime scene bumped into Gaunt, Norris asks Alan if it really had to come to that. Here, the camera angles were changed. In the director's cut, one sees Brian and Gaunt. As Brian walks away, Gaunt points his finger at him and says "bang".
21 sec.
Deutsche DVDDC

103:11 Buster makes a bet
Buster calls his book-maker and bets on races.
44 sec.

103:55 Natty's house
Alan and Norris search Natty's house and stumble upon the skinned dog.
17 sec.

104:12 Brian's dream
Gaunt invades Brian's dreams and brings him nightmares.
98 sec.

106:41 Murder theories
When Alan asks: "When you kill someone, do you smash the window half an hour beforehand?", Sheila's reply that she did not suspect Natty Cobb is missing. Furthermore, the deputy surmises that the killer might have been the same person who had thrown the turkey feces. After the conversation, one sees Alan leave.
12 sec.

Timing change
Theatrical version: Norris clutches at the mousetrap - Alan at Brian's house - Alan and Brian
Director's cut: Gaunt sells 1 - Norris clutches at the mousetrap - Gaunt sells 2 - Alan at Brian's house - Alan and Brian

107:31 Gaunt sells 1: Myra
After blowing her a kiss, he helps Myra put on her coat and reminds her of the favour she is owing him.
29 sec.

108:48 Gaunt sells 2: Treasure Island
The headmaster enters the room and introduces himself to Gaunt.
9 sec.

109:29 Alan at Brian's house
Alan drives up to Brian's house. He hears music playing inside and rings the bell. When no one opens, he leaves. Inside, one sees Cora kissing her bust of Elvis. Then, the deal about the treasure island is shown. Leland rubs his hands and laughs after the principal has gone.
126 sec.

111:50 Alan and Brian
As Alan arrives at Brian's, the latter grumbles about his mother and her Elvis bust.
21 sec.

115:01 Leland sells 3: Reverend Rose
During the conversation between Reverand Rose and Gaunt, the part about time being so short. In the director's cut, the pan shot to the statue of the equestrian with the prominent private parts is missing. The last image is seen longer in the theatrical cut.
Theatrical versionDirector's cut

116:39 Leland sells 4: Father Meehan
The scene in which Father Meehan inquires about the goblet is missing completely.
34 sec.

117:13 Fingerprints
Alan asks Cora whether she was okay and lets her leave with the officer. Subsequently, he hands the gun over to Norris for examination of the fingerprints. Furthermore, he asks Norris to check up on Leland Gaunt. Eventually, he learns that the fingerprints on the knife were Hugh Priest's.
69 sec.

118:22 Reverend Rose on the boat
The reverend spreads the money on Alan's boat in order to incriminate him. During the fade-out to Father Meehan slashing the car tires, a shot of the church is missing.
70 sec.

120:26 Buster and Cora
After Hugh has been thrown out of the bar, Cora incites Buster. She tells him that Norris has slept with his wife.
41 sec.

121:29 Hugh on his way to Gaunt
One sees Hugh going to Gaunt's shop and knocking at the door. As he turns around, Gaunt stands behind him and asks him in.
44 sec.

122:13 Alan at Polly's
Alan knocks at Polly's door longer
6 sec.

123:59 Hugh and Gaunt
While Gaunt gives Hugh the gun, he mentions that he had been in the business for a long time. In the director's cut, he adds that he had learned to offer people the pleasure they really wanted. Furthermore, he tells about his times in Europe. Hugh then leaves the shop, while Cora comes in.
41 sec.

125:40 Alan's and Polly's argument
Alan stumbles upon an empty pillbox and confronts Polly. She lies at him. In the following conversation about Gaunt's amulet, Polly is on Gaunt's side.
102 sec.

129:59 Alan's break-in
After Alan finds the door of Gaunt's shop locked, he goes to the back of the house. Meanwhile, Polly, lying in bed, is shown and is woken by the amulet. Having arrived at the back side, Alan kicks in the door.
74 sec.

132:06 Polly's favour
While Alan searches the shop, Polly gets seduced by Gaunt (N.B.: the transitions are arranged differently in both versions). Alan goes on searching the shop (at which he discovers the inscription: et vivum detulit aprum terribilem). Gaunt continues poisoning Polly's mind against Alan. In return for the amulet, he demands a kiss. During the close up shot of the dynamite, the camera pans further downwards.
209 sec.

141:21 Boat search
More shots and different camera angles of Polly searching the boat.
31 sec.

145:00 Buster and Norris fighting
In the theatrical version, Buster insults Norris longer while he collars him.
5 sec.
Deutsche DVD

147:27 The garage door
The garage door opens before Buster pulls into the driveway.
11 sec.

150:01 The bloodstained hammer
After Buster has finished off his wife, the director's cut shows Leland Gaunt laughing. In the theatrical version, Buster cleans his bloody hammer.
Deutsche DVDDC

151:33 Buster's telephone call with Gaunt
After Gaunt has ordered Buster to come to him to do a job, Buster asks "What is it now?". Gaunt replies that he should not waste time. A shot of Gaunt follows.
20 sec.

151:55 Hugh Priest
Before the cut to Hugh, one sees people leaving the bar.
18 sec.

154:11 Buster at the graveyard
Buster digs at the cemetary and converses with Gaunt. At that, a shot of Gaunt pointing at the church and saying that he hated it is missing.
10 sec.

154:43 Crime scene: The bar
In the director's cut, the camera additionally pans over the bar; Alan and Norris speculate about the circumstances of the crime. The shot of the corpse is missing, though.
10 sec.
Deutsche DVDDC

155:48 Alan beats Gaunt up
As Alan leaves the bar, he tells the people outside that all the violence in town had to end. Then he catches sight of Gaunt across the street and approaches him. When Gaunt provokes him, he beats him until Norris intervenes. Alan leaves the scene and is being watched by Polly from the window.
225 sec.

159:33 Alan and Polly in the café
Alan tells Polly that he loved her and that he was going to put an end to the occurences in town now.
61 sec.

161:03 Alan in church
During the conversation with the priest, the following parts are missing:
- Alan talks about his faith.
- Alan talks about Castle Rock.
19 sec.

163:59 Chaos in church
After the explosion, wanders through the remains of the church, before he sees Gaunt.
12 sec.

166:59 Alan and Myra
In the midst of the mayhem, Alan catches sight of Myra and holds her up. Then he tells the others to go home.
18 sec.

170:36 Alan and Norris in the chaos
Before Alan tells Norris to call state police, a police car pulls up in the theatrical version. However, their conversation about where the guys had got the dynamite is missing.
12 sec.

173:13 Father Meehan
Father Meehan justifies himself before Alan.
10 sec.

178:40 After the second explosion
After the second explosion, a few shots are missing.
38 sec.

179:36 Gaunt's departure
Gaunt tells Alan that he will return. In the director's cut, Alan says "not yet". As Gaunt leaves town, Polly approaches Alan and asks if she could have her ring back. Then they kiss.
73 sec.
German DVDDC