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  • R-Rated
  • Full screen edition
Release: Mar 22, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the R-Rated cut and the Open Matte full screen edition (both available on the German Blu-ray steelbook by Koch Films)

Supernova (2000) had an eventful production history behind it. Walter Hill and Francis Ford Coppola worked on the science fiction thriller in the meantime. The final director "Thomas Lee" is a typical dummy alias, similar to the better known Alan Smithee. The cinematic result is somewhat half-baked, but quite solid genre entertainment. We've already written more about this in the report for the PG-13 version, as in America the film was censored for its theatrical release.

As e.g. the report on Terminator 3 or our Backdraft comparison showed, some films in 2.35:1 widescreen have curious things to discover in full-screen releases. Due to the (partially) open matte, "special" details become visible at the top and bottom, which intentionally or unintentionally taste a bit like censorship in the widescreen version. And that's exactly what Koch Films stumbled upon for the German Blu-ray premiere, which has been available since February 2022. Viewers can choose between the uncensored R-rated in Widescreen (main feature) and a full screen version of the same R-Rated cut, in addition to the PG-13 US theatrical version.

In several scenes in the first half, more exposed breasts can be discovered here in particular. As further image comparisons show, however, the cropping generally deviates frequently. In any case, one "benefits" from this in several nudity shots. Curiously, there is even a mirror effect at one point. Otherwise, you can be quite satisfied with the main version in 2.35:1, but it's still a nice bonus, of course.

The Blu-ray steelbook is available via resellers on e.g. Amazon, but originally (and therefore cheaper) it is distributed exclusively in the Koch Films online shop.


The sex scene of Danika and Yerzy already shows more in the R-rated than in the PG-13. In full frame, the breasts and also the abdominal movements can be seen a bit better.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


Danika takes off her top, and you can see her breasts even in the R-rated scene. However, she moves a bit during the scene, so the breasts are mostly covered. This is not the case in open matte.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


As Danika and Yerzy are approached here, only the full screen edition shows the breasts at the bottom of the frame.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


Even in open matte, you can hardly see anything of the naked Yerzy. When the light flickers here once, at least his butt is clearly better visible before the camera moves up to his face.
Immediately afterwards, Danika's breasts are more clearly visible.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


The sight of the dead A.J. was mirrored for whatever reason. By the way, this shot is completely missing in the PG-13.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


When Yerzy shows Danika the form, her breasts are more visible in open matte.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


In the frontal shot of naked Troy, you can see nothing more even in full screen. To illustrate this, we have taken the shot directly in front of it as well.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


Another sex scene of Danika with Karl is quite tame. At least you can see a bit more of her body in the horizontal. Previously, however, the breasts were also more visible in the R-rated, so this is really a harmless part of the scene.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte


When Kaela takes off her pants, you can already see her butt and breasts in profile in the R-rated version. In the full screen version, there is clearly more at the top and bottom, but nothing "exciting" to see in addition.
In the rest of the scene, by the way, her breasts are not visible whenever her face is in the picture at the same time.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte

Finally, some more image comparisons of other scenes across the film. In some cases, the full screen version is simply zoomed in and focuses on the more relevant parts on the left/right of the image. For the most part, the widescreen of the theatrical version is quite a harmonious choice.

R-Rated Blu-rayOpen Matte