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Uncensored US Version for PS 1




The Dallas Connection

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee


Japan PSX
Region: Japan

International PSX
Region: USA

Release: Apr 04, 2015 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana
Back in the days, they were just slaves in a meat factory of horror. And now, they are on the menu themselves... Abe has tough luck because he's part of the Mudokon race. Why? Rupture Farms, the meat factory he works in as a slave, produces tidbits such as Paramite Pies, Scrab Cakes and Meech Munchies (unfortunately, the latter aren't available anymore). The latest stroke of genius by Rupture Farms are the delicious Mudokon Pops. Since the Pops are made of Mudokons, Abe doesn't have a choice but to save (or torturing) his 99 Mudokon pals and put an end to Rupture Farms.

Personally, I believe Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is one of the Top 10 games for PS 1. Just the idea that the Mudokon follow without exception being well aware that they could die a horrible death is simply genius. The difficulty level is rather balanced (unless one intends to save every single Mudokon) and the animation is just hilarious. 11/10 points for this outstanding game :-)

About the censorship:
Since the number 4 isn't exactly popular in Japan, it would have been quite difficult to sell the game on the Japanese market. The reasons for that are: in Japan, there was a social minority called Burakumin. The four finger gesture is being used to label a Buraku as an animal (with 4 legs) Their descendants are still being discriminated in particular parts of society. Furthermore, the number four is considered an unlucky number - similar to the number 13 in Western regions. That is why it's not uncommon to leave out the number four when it comes to houses and parking spots.

Due to the "Kobe child murders" in 1997 (a boy killed two children, one of them by beheading), the Mudokon Pops design has been altered.

Further regional alterations haven't been considered in the following comparison. Last but not least, the screenshots have been brightened up because they were too dark.
Mudokon Pops
The speared Mudokon head has been replaced in the Japanese Version.

4 Finger
In the entire game, all Mudokons and switches lack 1 finger.
A few examples: