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  • US theatrical version
  • R-Rated Blu-ray
Release: May 11, 2023 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the arte version from 10/22/2018 (10:05pm) and the R-rated US Blu-ray (The Criterion Collection).
The film was cut for its initial theatrical release in the following sequence. Later the film also passed uncut and most releases worldwide are known to be uncut. Currently, we can only assume, but considering the nature of these changes, along with exclusive alternate shots and rearranged scenes, it seems that German/French channel Arte uses this old (US) theatrical version. There was another broadcast on the German Pay-TV channel Sky Cinema on April 29, 2023 with the exact same censored version. 
With a total of 23 deviations (+ opening logo/black frame), 60.20 seconds (= 01:00 min.) are missing.
The running time information has been taken from the uncut Blu-ray, the indicated cut length per cut and in total, however, is reflected in PAL.
00:00 Min.
The US Blu-ray still shows the "Criterion" logo in advance. In this context, some black image is missing as well.
14.04 sec

01:01:13 Min.
The Arte version breaks off in the middle of the shot as the girl climbs naked into the trough and instead shows one of the musicians a bit earlier, before they rejoin the shot just as the girl climbs over the edge. Effectively, a brief glimpse of her left breast and buttocks is missing.
Arte: +1,68 sec
Uncut: 1.96 sec
Difference: 0.28 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:01:17 Min.
The girl drops completely into the trough and takes her first steps, interrupted by a cut to the playing musicians. Arte, meanwhile, interrupts the shot as the girl jumps into the trough and instead uses a shot of a tambourine playing, as well as Antiochus and Nora.Arte: +3,40 sec
Uncut: 7.92 sec
Difference: 4.52 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:01:34 Min.
The girl in the trough stomps around happily. Arte uses a later shot of her with a wine cup in her hand.
Arte: +3.32 sec
Uncut: 11.76 sec
Difference: 8.44 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:01:54 Min.
The naked girl again in more detailed splendor. Arte has a less revealing shot and how she takes a sip from the cup in the meantime.
Arte: +5.00 sec
Uncut: 4.04 sec
Difference: +0.96 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:02:12 Min.
A next girl takes off her dress. This is different in both versions. While Arte is quite close to her face and also stops the shot of her undressing relatively quickly, the Blu-ray presents the shot from behind. Here she pulls her dress completely off her body.
Arte: +0.88 sec
Uncut: 3.64 sec
Difference: 2.76 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:02:25 Min.
The uncut version shows another person exposing herself in close-up. Then a woman climbs to the trough and joins in the dancing and singing. Arte shows an alternative shot of that woman and how she enters. The camera is constantly aligned to her legs, moreover, at the end with a strong zoom.
Arte: +3.48 sec
Uncut: 13.00 sec
Difference: 9.52 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:02:49 Min.
People that are only partially dressed or don't wear anything at all are dancing with each other. Arte instead has an alternative tracking shot with a dancing couple.
Arte: +4.60 sec
Uncut: 8.08 sec
Difference: 3.48 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:02:59 Min.
Alternative, longer shot in both versions as Nora is asked to dance.
Arte: +1.92 sec
Uncut: 2.72 sec
Difference: 0.80 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:03:03 Min.
While Arte cuts from the close-up of Antiochus directly to the trough full of people, in the unedited version it is actually a slow tracking shot from him to the other side.
8.00 sec

01:03:31 Min.
Several dancing or stomping people in somewhat more revealing shots.
2.92 sec

01:03:45 Min.
Ditto. At Arte, however, alternative footage with some wine being poured directly from the barrel and the dancing/stomping people from above.
Arte: +4.36 sec
Uncut: 4.56 sec
Difference: 0.20 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:03:51 Min.
In the unedited version, the shot of Nora dancing follows, which was used a bit earlier on Arte, as well as a bird's eye view of the dancing people. Meanwhile, Arte again uses a different shot of the dancing/stomping crowd.
Arte: +2.84 sec
Uncut: 4.88 sec
Difference: 2.04 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:04:00 Min.
Immediately after the shot of the tamuburin player, the shots in both versions differ again.
Arte: +1.56 sec
Uncut: 1.60 sec
Difference: 0.04 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:04:57 Min.
Nora is allowed to completely expose herself and, after an intercut to Antiochus, climbs the first steps to the trough.
5.88 sec

01:05:07 Min.
Just as she has now jumped down into the trough, a shot of her and the bystanders is missing.
2.08 sec

01:05:11 Min.
Shortly after, the end of the direct follow-up shot was capped.
0.64 sec

01:05:14 Min.
Antiochus a few frames longer, then Nora jumping around, dancing in a more revealing manner. Not so, however, at Arte.
Arte: +3,92 sec
Uncut: 3,92 sec
Difference: none

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:05:20 Min.
Ditto, another alternative shot of Nora. In the Arte version covered and filmed from further away, the unedited version shows her from close up.
Arte: +1.36 sec
Uncut: 1.32 sec
Difference: +0.04 sec

ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:05:34 Min.
The shot of Antiochus falling headfirst into the trough is heavily zoomed in in the Arte version.
No runtime difference
ArteR-Rated Blu-ray

01:06:10 Min.
Very clever in the wild scurry of scenery, the beginning of the shot of Nora and Antiochus is missing here with a somewhat more direct look at her chest.
0.48 sec

01:06:12 Min.
Again Nora and Antiochus a little earlier in the trough. She jumps up in the air, exulting.
2.72 sec

01:06:17 Min.
Here, too, the two are a little more jubilant.
3.80 sec

01:06:41 Min.
Nora and Antiochus are allowed to almost sink to the ground, embraced, for longer here at the end of the shot.
2.60 sec

01:46:27 Min.
After the credits, which are also included at Arte, the US Blu-ray runs a bit longer into the black at the end.
3.28 sec