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4.13 The One with Rachelís Crush


  • TV Version (Blu-ray)
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 22, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version

5 differences, incl. 1x alternate footage
Length difference: 31.6 sec

New season, old problem: Any Blu-ray release worldwide only contains the TV Version of every single episode while, for instance, the US and UK DVDs contain the Extended Versions.

Episode 4x13 (The One with Rachelís Crush) is approx. half a minute longer. A few smaller cuts here and there, especially Chandler causes a few more laughs due to the additional footage.
While the opening of the TV Version contains new footage, the opening in the Extended Version is still the same.

This changes with the next episode though.

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


Additional black screen in the TV Version due to a commercial break.

+ 1.2 sec


In the Extended Version, Joey explains: "All of these people were in movies together. It's much different with plays."
Chandler: "You guys were just in acting class together and she slept with you."
Joey: "Acting class is a lot more like a movie than a play."

In the TV Version, both the previous shot of Chandler and the subsequent one of Joey are slightly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 8.8 sec longer


The shot starts earlier. As a result, Chandler makes a rather desperate comment: "Please eat, because Joey opened up everything."

3.8 sec


The TV Version fades to black and then back in due to another commercial break. This is not the case in the Extended Version for obvious reasons.

no difference


Joey says to drunken Chandler: "Man, I am so sorry."
Chandler: "The bartender taught me a trick though."
He enthusiastically gets a few matches, lights one of them only to realize: "I don't remember it."

He also holds the matches in the subsequent shot which is also in the TV Version. The additional footage here explains where it is coming from.

15.7 sec

Subsequently afterwards, the exterior shot has been replaced by another one.

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


When Rachel holds her ID next to Joshua's at the end of the episode, she makes a kissing noise in the Extended Version.

3.3 sec