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3.04 Boomtown


  • US SciFi (TV-PG DSV)
  • US DVD
Release: Sep 07, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - more from this series
The third season (or series, depending on your region) of LEXX was the most sophisticated of all - because it was the only one. It's themes were life after death, good deeds vs. bad deeds and the motivation behind those. Even though most of it was only hinted during the early episodes, it was made more clear during the entire season/series.
As this was still a Canada-German co-production, the showing of bare breasts was not deemed bad and therefore we saw lots of them - especially in this episode. The US SciFi-Channel (now SyFy) decided to cut sexual activities and innuendos and censored the bare breasts in this episode, Boomtown, which was centered around sexual activities - and bare breasts. Yes, it's still the most sophisticated season.

The missing content in the SciFi-Channels version are
1 Voice-over
3 scenes - 14.5 seconds
7 scenes with "sexual activities or innuendos" - 139 seconds
the free view on bare breasts

Collectively 154 missing seconds (2 minutes and 34 seconds)

The aired version omits a longer voice-over by Fifi and a short view from the moths front, the underlined part is said during the omitted view.

Fifi: Yeah, I got news for you. We got more moths than you've ever seen before. And we're gonna hit you with more heat than you've ever felt before, pal!

approx. 5 seconds


06:24 (06:18)

The attack on Gametown is shown longer in the DVD version, it also shows a fade to black - which is missing from the US-TV version, as a commercial break was too early for them.

approx. 5 seconds


06:45 (06:33)

The two versions differentiate in scene order during the continued attack on Gametown.

No time difference


07:04 (06:53)

More moths are seen in the DVD version.

approx. 2.5 seconds


14:23 (14:10)

A short part of Stanley's sentence is missing in the TV version.

Stan: Look, I'll be right back. Ok?
Xev: Don't think so.
Stan (laughingly first): No, no. She just wants me for... you know... something.
(Stan follows Peach, running)

approx. 5 seconds

15:05 (14:47)

There are more sexual innuendos on DVD.

Root: How long?
Xev: Very, very long.
Root: Well, it's hard for me too. But it's important to come to a satisfying...
Xev: ...decision.
(Kai is seen watching the two)
Xev: Yes.
(Root caresses Xev's cheek)

approx. 19 seconds

19:35 (18:59)

A short part of the conversation, including explicit showing of Peach's playful nature, is missing from the TV version.

Peach: But we are when it comes to... sex.
(Peach lets her top down)
(Stan is shocked/surprised and begins to stutter as Peach is playing with her nipples)
Stan: Sex? Sex!

Peach: That's pretty much all we do here, Mister Stanley H. Tweedle.

approx. 6 seconds


22:33 (21:51)

Prince is seen a bit earlier in the DVD version.

approx. 0.5 seconds

25:29 (24:47)

The DVD versions sees Stanley a bit longer as he... well...

approx. 4 seconds

26:20 (25:33)

The breasts of Peach, Pear und Plum are censored in the TV version.

No time difference


27:24 (26:37)

Another part of the conversation between Xev and Root is missing in the TV version.

Xev: Everything a man could ever want or need.
(Root wants to feed Xev with a single grape)
Xev: I can't hold out much longer!
(Xev takes all grapes and munches them)
Root: Oh yes, you can.
(Xev "feeds" Root with the grapes)
Root: The wait is your journey. The arrival, your joy.

22 seconds

37:58 (36:51)

A complete scene with Root and Xev has been removed, due to the sexual content. Also missing is a short portion from the beginning of the next scene between Stan, Pear and Plum. Again, due to the sexual content.

Root: Can you hear the waves, Xev?
Xev: I've been hearing the waves long enough. Let's get on with it! Please!
Root: But the journey...
Xev: I'm programmed to love and you are going to download my programm, right? Just don't...
(Xev kisses downwards Roots body)
Xev: too soon.
Root: It's a biiiig programme, Xev. It takes time to download.
Xev: How long?
Root: Oh, as loooong as you can take it.
(Xev seems to have arrived at the "important place")
(Cut to Stan, who enjoys life)
Stan: Oh, oh that's good.
(Stan nibbles playfully on Plums thigh)

Pear: What does the H in Stanley H. Tweedle stand for?

64 seconds

39:02 (37:52)

More censored breasts.

No time difference


40:35 (38:26)

Even more censored breasts and some alternative angles.

No time difference


43:41 (41:31)

Stan can "enjoy" being the rooster in the yard a bit longer before he get's saved by the bell... gong... whatever.

21 seconds


44:13 (41:45)

Stan falls back on the bed, exhausted and Kai kisses Xev's nose in the following scene only on DVD.

approx. 3 seconds

47:22 (44:49)

The credits involve programming notes in the TV version.

No time difference