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Uncensored Volume 12

Sixteen Candles


Dangerous Cargo

The Beast and the Magic Sword

Family Guy

11.11 The Giggity Wife


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 24, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD set "Volume 12".

8 differences, among them 3 with censored audio track and 1 with alternate footage (no more blurring)
Length difference: 28 sec

Here we go. New DVD set, new bunch of comparisons. The here compared US release "Volume 12" contains all episodes of Season 11. Contrary to the US TV Versions, all the DVD Versions are uncut and uncensored.

Episode 11 ("The Giggity Wife") is almost half-a-minute longer. The finger at the beginning isn't blurred anymore, then Quagmire's short-term wife makes more comments. The subsequent homosexual references between Peter and Quagmire were also too rude for TV.

Hellen Keller shows the finger with censoring.

TV VersionDVD Version


Peter hands over a wedding gift: "Hey, I hope you guys don't mind, but I got you a little wedding gift."
Quagmire: "A carrot?"
Peter: "It's the one she used on herseIf in front of us."
Quagmire: "Oh, come on!"
Peter: "Quagmire, if you're gonna be married to a whore, you're gonna need to have a sense of humor."

11 sec


Quagmire also says: "Why not? I got to get that woman out of my life. I had to pour half a box of Carpet Fresh on her crotch, just to stay asleep last night."
Joe: "Yeah, but listen, Quagmire."

7.2 sec


Only in the DVD Version contains a few frames of Dr. Hartman reaching for Charmese's crotch.

0.5 sec


Some more dialog.

Charmese: "You were so into me that first night."
Quagmire: "Honestly, I thought your vaginal gatherings were the timid penis of a coy first date."
Charmese: "Well, first of all, I'm flattered, but, Glenn, this is heartbreaking."

10.4 sec

Modified Audio Track

New and ruder comment in the DVD Version.

TV Version: "Hey, I'm not just a poorly cleaned butt."
DVD Version: "Hey, I'm not just a poorly cleaned butt-hole."

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

Modified Audio Track

Quagmire uncensored: "What the fuck is going on with my life?"

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

Modified Audio Track

In the TV Version, Quagmire describes what's going on in the genital area less direct.

TV Version: "The paintbrush is about to touch the canvas."
DVD Version: "It's grazing your hairs."

TV Version 1.1 sec longer
Screenshot for the sake of orientation