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Centipede Horror

original title: Wu gong zhou


  • Hongkong Laserdisc
  • Uncut
Release: Jan 02, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Hong Kong original version on the laserdisc from Winson Entertainment Co. Ltd. and the extended U.S. Blu-ray from Error 4444.

- 17 differences
- Cut duration: 71.1 sec (= 1:11 min)

A few additional master errors with durations under 0.5 sec were not listed in the cut report.

The Hong Kong shocker Centipede Horror has been released in America exclusively on Error 4444's label store as a Blu-ray, which has a censored Animal Cruelty Free Cut on board in addition to the original version. A similar approach has been taken with the Blu-ray of Red Spell Spells Red. After we already checked the laserdisc of the latter and couldn't find any differences to the HD premiere, we now also had the laserdisc of Centipede Horror, which was released in Hong Kong at the time.

Interestingly, there are indeed differences here and the Blu-ray is about a minute longer. For this, we should point out the bonus featurette, which we already presented as an attachment in the first cut review: At least one more alternate version was shot for the magician scene. The Hong Kong laserdisc, however, already corresponded to the "harder" version here and so it is noticeable that the Blu-ray was extended by some tame additional material during this scene.

Apparently Error 4444 has created an exclusive long version here. All the harder footage is in there, but it falls off a bit in terms of quality. If the alternate shots (in better picture quality and thus probably available in the HD complete scan) fit in chronologically, they were left in on the Blu-ray. All in all, a clear recommendation for the Blu-ray.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
Hong Kong laserdisc in NTSC / Uncut version of the Blu-ray

Other logos / notes as a start.

Laserdisc 15 sec longer

Winson LaserdiscError 4444 Blu-ray

Afterwards, the laserdisc has credits, while the master on the Blu-ray is clean. As stated in the other report, the credits sequence on Blu-ray is stored separately in the bonus material. Only the film title can also be seen in the main Blu-ray versions, but it comes in a different color.

Winson LaserdiscError 4444 Blu-ray

45:37-45:39 / 45:21-45:22

Before the woman's dress slips off, the Blu-ray shows a short close-up of her. On the laserdisc, the frontal shot starts earlier.

Laserdisc 0.4 sec longer

Winson LaserdiscError 4444 Blu-ray

45:40 / 45:22-45:25

While the LD remains in long shot throughout, the Blu-ray shows a close-up of the dress falling to the floor and then another close-up of the woman's upper body.

2.5 sec

45:43 / 45:28-45:29

After the rest of the frontal shot was also shown on Blu-ray, there is another close-up of the face.

0.9 sec

45:58 / 45:44-45:48

Before the mage bends down, he looks at the woman in additional shot.

3.5 sec

By the way, before leaning down, the image quality changes significantly, which is why it is clear that Error 4444 has combined different image sources here for the HD release. Here are the two relevant single frames when the source changes:

46:05-46:09 / 45:55-45:57

Again, the LD stays in the same perspective for much longer. The Blu-ray inserts a closer view of the magician for the middle part of the shot.

Laserdisc 1.8 sec longer

Winson LaserdiscError 4444 Blu-ray

46:12 / 46:00-46:13

The Blu-ray has an additional frontal shot here, in which the magician continues to grope the woman. Since the breasts are covered, it can be assumed that this shot is from the more innocuous alternate version presented in the bonus featurette.

13 sec

47:52 / 47:52-48:04

In additional close-ups, more spots of color are left on the body. There is another cut to Chee and Wai watching from outside.

11.4 sec

48:02 / 48:14-48:17

Another view from the dabbing.

3.1 sec

48:07 / 48:22-48:24

Another short cut to the outside.

1.5 sec

48:15 / 48:32-48:33

As the magician walks away, there is another close-up of the woman's face.

1.5 sec

49:15 / 49:33-49:40

The Blu-ray inserts another take from a closer perspective (breasts here off-screen) into the middle of what is actually an uninterrupted longer shot of the woman.

6.6 sec

49:17 / 49:41-49:52

More detailed shots of the suffering woman and in between the magician knocks the bones on the floor.

10.9 sec

49:41 / 50:16-50:19

The woman screams in another close-up.

2.9 sec

49:45 / 50:23-50:30

Ditto and another shot of the mage.

6.8 sec

49:57 / 50:42-50:52

More of the same.

10.1 sec

50:10-50:11 / 51:05

The Blu-ray has a few minor jump cuts and misses the end of the shot.

+ 1.7 sec

Just under a minute later, the picture freezes a bit longer at the end of the scene on the Blu-ray, which makes up for the difference in runtime that just occurred in favor of the laserdisc.

64:44 / 65:38

Small master error: After Wai and Chee cross the street, the first shot at the magician starts a little earlier.

0.5 sec

The end credits are shown again without/with text.

Winson LaserdiscError 4444 Blu-ray