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17.07 The Griffin Winter Games


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 29, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series

Comparison between the TV version and the DVD version, the latter represented by the US DVD set "Season 17"

- 5 differences, including 3 audio censorships and 1 blur effect
- Runtime: 21.8 sec

Same procedure as every year: The next DVD set of Family Guy, available in the U.S. since December 2019, contains all episodes of season 17, some of which are also available in an extended or simply uncensored form compared to the original TV versions. A sticker on the plastic foil gives this away, but on the set itself there are no further hints.

Episode 17x07 ("The Griffin Winter Games") offers a small additional scene at Meg's tournament. Obviously it's just a tightening cut in the TV version. Furthermore, there are 3 audio censorships in the episode and also a blur censorship when Meg shows her middle finger.

* In 17x05 (Regarding Carter) there is only a reversed beep censorship in the 19th minute: "Who told Carter he could give away our fucking money?"
* In 17x06 (Stand by Meg) there is no deviation at all, although you could have expected something in the 16th minute of Peter's Basic Instinct interlude. Even on DVD you don't see his testicles, though.


After the voiceover joke there is a short scene before the starting signal.
Meg waves to the family, then the stadium announcer says, "Everyone, please rise for our national anthem performed by Rhode Island's own, The Very Nervous Trumpeter."
A man then plays something extremely crooked and unsuccessfully until he throws the trumpet away and runs away.
The speaker says again, "All right, well, that was stupid."

21.8 sec

Audio censorship

The spokesman announces the team without a beep: "Please welcome your 2018 New York Pieces-Of-Dog-Shit."

Picture for clarification

Audio censorship

Johnny goes, "What'd you say, you little fuck?"

Picture for clarification

Audio censorship

Here too: "And I know what a fucking football is."

Picture for clarification

Blur effect

In two consecutive animations, Meg's middle finger was blurred.

TV versionDVD version