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4.09 After


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 15, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version (US premiere on 03/16/2014 on AMC) and the longer Extended Version (US Blu-ray by Anchor Bay)

- 21 differences
- Length difference: 316.9 sec (= 5:17 min)

Due to commercial breaks on AMC, there is a black screen for 2 to 3 seconds every now and then. The slight differences to the TV Version resulting from that are not going to be mentioned in the following comparison but they explain the slightly bigger difference regarding the running time information.

Besides tiny cuts for any worldwide Blu-ray release and a shorter version of the Pilot, there are no further different versions of the iconic zombie show. But this changes with the release of season 4 because the Blu-ray contains two exclusive Extended Versions - as advertized on the front cover. Furthermore, there is a thrid episode which is a little different: the choice of words is more direct in a key scene.

The here compared episode 4x09 "After" is more than 5 minutes longer. As the audio commentary also confirms, the cuts were only required for time reasons. That means the differences are as unspectacular as expected: Rick and Carl make more steps every now and then which is completely redundant for the story. In fact, these scenes slow the rather calm episode even more down.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Extended Version Blu-ray
As usual for the AMC broadcast, the TV Version starts with a recap. Not considered in the process of calculating the length difference.

+ 28.2 sec

00:53 / 00:25-00:29

Further shot of the scuffing zombies.

4.5 sec

01:01 / 00:38-00:45

Two additional shots.

7.3 sec

09:37-09:38 / 09:22-09:55

In the Extended Version, draws his weapon and the two of them slowly approach the house. In front of the door, Rick says: "Quick and quiet. We need to clear it before sundown."

In the TV Version, the previous shot of Rick is slightly longer and the shot of the door being opended starts a little earlier as well (no screenshots).

Extended Version 31.5 sec longer

09:55-09:58 / 10:12-10:33

In the Extended Version, the two of them are walking insignificantly longer around the apartment.

In the TV Version, the previous shot of Rick is slightly longer and so is the following shot. Carl here enters the scene from the left (no screenshots).

Extended Version 17.9 sec longer

10:59 / 11:33-11:38

The Extended Version shows Rick a little earlier in the kitchen.

In the TV Version, the previous shot of Carl on the stairway is slightly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 4.7 sec longer

11:01-11:03 / 11:40-12:06

The Extended Version contains a close-up of Rick when Rick gets the knife out. He keeps walking for a little bit.
Subsequently, the shot of Carl walking across the hallway starts earlier. Cut to Rick who checks out if the pan could be used as potential weapon.

In the TV Version, Rick gets the knife out as well but the distance stays the same - no close-up (no screenshots).

Extended Version 24 sec longer

11:57 / 13:00-13:23

Extended shot of arl plus Rick unsuccessfully tries to start a conversation: "Find anything? Check the back door?"

23.1 sec

12:25 / 13:51-14:00

Carl calmly looks down to which responds more decisive: "Help me with the couch."

9.2 sec

12:54-13:10 / 14:29-15:02

When Rick wants to offer Carl some of the snacks and Carl maturely responds with "We should save it" meint, there are entirely different takes in either of the versions. Only in the Extended Version, Rick also opens the bag resp. Carl helps him with an annoyed look on his face when he realizes that weakened Rick has its problem with it.

Extended Version 16.1 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

13:17-13:25 / 15:09-15:15

The following alteration has been made for continuity reasons: in the TV Version, Rick passes Carl the sealed bag while he tosses over the open bag in the Extended Version.

TV Version 1.4 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

16:41 / 18:34-18:42

Extended shot of Michonne in the car.

7.9 sec

17:50 / 19:51-20:33

After Carl prepared some cereal, he approaches Rick lying on the couch and looks at him. Then Carl returns to the kitchen.

42 sec

18:40-18:45 / 21:23-22:05

Instead of asking him to get up, Carl goes into the kitchen in order to get a cold washcloth in the Extended Version. With a calm voice, he says: "Mom used to do this to me when I was sick."
But Rick doesn't react which upsets Carl so he removes the washcloth and says with a louder voice: "No! You have to wake up right now. Wake up!"

The TV Version only contains a high-angle shot of them, followed by a close-up when Carl is trying to wake him up.

Extended Version 36.8 sec longer

19:00-19:01 / 22:20-22:35

In the Extended Version, Carl makes a step back, picks up his hat and goes to the backdoor. This also explains why he is wearing his hat in the following scene.

The TV Version contains a slightly longer interior shot of Carl standing in front of the locked door (no screenshots).

Extended Version 14.3 sec longer

20:26 / 24:00-24:09

Extended shot of Carl luring the zombies.

9.1 sec

20:30 / 24:13-24:19


6,1 sec

22:46 / 26:37-27:17

First shots of Michonne and her zombies.

39.8 sec

30:27 / 35:01-35:02

The Extended Version contains an additional shot of an attacking zombie.

In the TV Version, the previous shot of Carl is a few frames longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 0.6 sec longer

32:28 / 37:02-37:04

A shot of the zombies starts earlier.

1.5 sec

34:00 / 38:36-38:39

Extended shot of sobbing Michonne.

2.6 sec

34:03-34:04 / 38:42-39:03

The Extended Version contains a longer shot of Michonne.

In the TV Version, the previous high-angle shot is a few frames longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 19.4 sec longer