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Uncut trilogy Blu-ray by 88 Films


John Wick: Chapter 4

Evil Dead Rise

Scream 6

The Last of Us

The People Under the Stairs

Tiger Cage

original title: Dak ging to lung


  • Asian alternate cuts
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 12, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Canto alternate version plus the bonus featurette "Extra Shots From the Taiwanese Version" on the British Blu-ray from 88 Films and the uncut German Blu-ray from Mr. Banker Films / Cargo Records.

- 23 cuts
- Cut duration: 46.3 sec

The TIGER CAGE Trilogy on Blu-rays in Germany and UK

Long before Donnie Yen also became known to a wider audience of action fans, he appeared at the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s, of course, in a number of Hong Kong smash hits. Several times this happened under the direction of the great Yuen Woo-Ping (Matrix) and Tiger Cage is another such example.

Since April 29, 2022, the German Blu-ray premiere is available in two limited mediabooks. Previously missing dialogue scenes were dubbed for the first time. In this case, it was even a worldwide HD premiere, even before a release of this new 2K master in the UK on August 08, 2022. In Germany, meanwhile, the successor Tiger Cage 2 was released on Blu-ray mediabooks on August 12, 2022.

In the UK, a 3-disc box set with these two films and Tiger Cage III, as well as lots of exclusive bonus material, was released right away. Most notable for us was a bonus featurette "Extra Shots From the Taiwanese Version" that is only 34 sec long.

TIGER CAGE 1: Censorship, alternate takes and other curiosities

Unfortunately, the complete Taiwan VHS has not been placed on the new Blu-ray as well. Presumably several "plain" cuts are also objectionable here, since Taiwanese releases often feature additional material but are also censored in other places. However, the short featurette on the British Blu-ray already gives a good insight into what made this version special. It was mainly less drastic alternative shots on the Taiwan VHS. But also at least one exclusive shot for the final scene could be discovered there.

On top of that, we already learned from Mr. Banker Films that licensor Fortune Star first delivered a shorter version with Cantonese audio. Similar to Robotrix, this did not end up on the final release, but was made available to us for this comparison. Fortunately, only a separate restoration of the uncut version ended up on both the German and UK releases. Fortune Star had it with English audio only, so both in Germany and UK the Cantonese audio track was synched to this version.

In any case, the Cantonese alternative version remains an interesting document of censorship, because in addition to the crudest spikes of violence, it was above all knee jabs and punches to the genital area that were cut in this version. Well, everyone has different priorities. At this point it should also be noted that in contrast to that, the laserdisc and the VHS from Hong Kong are actually uncensored in the violent scenes, although some of the minor deviations without censorship reasons were found identically (= obviously reel changes). Possibly Fortune Star's Canto version is a reconstruction of the cut version released in e.g. Taiwan, but without having access to the Taiwanese exclusive bits in HD.


On May 9, 2023, Shout Factory released the trilogy on Blu-ray in the US as well. In this case the "Cantonese version" described here (runtime: 92:46min vs 93:34 min uncut) was actually put on the disc as well. The "English version" on the Shout disc is the regular uncut version of the movie, as released in Germany/UK.

Running time details are arranged according to 
Cantonese alternative version in 24fps / German Blu-ray in 24fp

08:00 / 08:00-08:03

The head shot can still be seen in a shot from behind, in which blood splatters to the sides. In another shot from the front, the guy falls down.

3 sec

10:07 / 10:10-10:11

Odd: The cops shoot a few frames longer and the follow up shot of the fleeing baddie also starts a little earlier.

1.6 sec

11:26 / 11:31-11:32

Here, too, a few irrelevant frames are lost at the end of the scene outside and the beginning of the following scene in the office.

1 sec

19:30 / 19:36-19:39

A first bloody hit in slow motion and closer view + another shot of the assassin.

3.6 sec

21:41 / 21:50-21:51

During the transition to the first shot of the funeral, a few irrelevant frames are lost again.

1 sec

29:44 / 29:55-29:57

After Shirley runs forward, the gangster first punches another guy and then gets kicked in the groin by Shirley.

2.3 sec

31:30 / 31:43-31:45

The assassin falls down a little longer after the chest hit.

1.4 sec

32:15 / 32:30-32:31

During the transition to the scene on the boat (which is missing in Germany), a few unimportant frames are lost again.

1 sec

41:22 / 41:38-41:39

Totally irrelevant as well: Michael (Simon Yam) searches through the video tapes a bit earlier.

1 sec

49:03 / 49:20-49:26

The henchman (Michael Woods) kicks again in the same shot and gets a punch in the groin from Terry (Donnie Yen). He also holds this for a short time in closer view.

6 sec

Exclusive in Taiwan
51:07 / 51:30

Terry's head shot is shown from a different angle in the Taiwan version. Here you don't see Terry's bloody head in the picture, but only Cookie's face. This shot is a bit shorter as well. Before that, there is also a short close-up of Michael's gun only in Taiwan.

Taiwan bonus clips (88 Films Blu-ray)Uncut / Original version

51:21 / 51:44-51:47

Terry staggers forward a little longer.

2.9 sec

52:30 / 52:56-52:57

From the last shot outside to seeing Michael inside, a few irrelevant frames are lost again.

0.9 sec

61:47 / 62:14-62:15

Another scene transition (interrogation -> Amy in the apartment) loses a few frames.

0.8 sec

71:13 / 71:41-71:42

Before the shot of the traffic light there's a short cut without apparent reason once again.

0.8 sec

Exclusive in Taiwan
76:08 / 76:37

Instead of the knee kick into the genital area, only the Taiwan version has a short shot from behind where Shirley kicks Michael in the hip instead. The first frames of the shot before the knee kick were still in there though, so there is an obvious jump cut here.

Taiwan bonus clips (88 Films Blu-ray)Uncut / Original version

76:09 / 76:38

An absurd 3 frames more were removed after the knee strike at the end of the shot for the Canto version: Michael's crotch thus comes into the picture again briefly.

0.1 sec

76:10 / 76:39-76:40

After the cut to Shirley, Michael falls back a little earlier, holding his crotch.

0.9 sec

79:52 / 80:22-80:24

When Woods is pushed against the wall, the Canto version breaks off the shot right at the impact, thus suppressing the thick blood splatter.

1.9 sec

81:13 / 81:45-81:46

During the transition from Michael's announcement to Shirley in the car, insignificant frames are lost one last time.

1 sec

84:45 / 85:17-85:18

The barbed wire bores into the neck in close-up.

0.6 sec

84:48 / 85:21-85:23

Shortly after, the blonde falls to the ground a little earlier and has a suffering facial expression.

1.9 sec

88:06 / 88:41-88:42

Jumpcut after Cookie has given Michael some headbutts. Actually these are two separate shots of Michael and in between there is another close-up of Michael's thigh, which Cookie continues to kick.

1.4 sec

89:02 / 89:39-88:49

When Michael hits Cookie with the iron bar, Cookie crawls forward a bit and bites Michael in the bloody thigh wound. Michael hits Cookie a few more times until he collapses.

10.1 sec

90:51-90:55 / 91:38-91:42

After the shot of Michael's blood on the wall, the Canto version immediately shows Michael slipping to the side. Then Fan is shown again. Actually, though, these two shots come in reverse order and are a tiny bit longer.

Uncut 0.5 sec longer

Asian alternate versionUncut / Original version

Exclusive in Taiwan
90:53 / 91:41

The Taiwan version explains what apparently was the reason for switching these two shots. They appear here in the same order as in the Canto version. However, between these two shots, there is an additional shot of Michael on the ground, with some blood running off to the side.

At least something - but it's a pity that the head shot, obviously censored at this point in ALL known releases of the film, was not available in the Taiwanese cut either.

German Mediabook - Cover A:

Packshot of the UK trilogy Blu-ray box: