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original title: Nu ji xie ren


  • Asian Alternative Version
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 26, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Asian alternative version and the original version on the British Blu-ray from 88 Films (the latter version is identical to the German DVD from Shock Entertainment)

22 differences, consisting of:
* 8x additional material in the Asian alternative version with a duration of 389,8 sec (= 6:30 min)
* 14x additional material in the original version with a duration of 353,3 sec (= 5:53 min)

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report. Also, the Asian alternate version runs at 24fps, causing a small additional difference from the 23.976fps of the original version.


Robotrix is a prime example of early 90's Cat.III cinema from Hong Kong: rape (or sex and violence in general), a weird story and tasteless slapstick. A cocktail that, as is well known, was often not to the liking of censors worldwide. The old German version was shortened by 10 minutes, while the British got to see a version censored by 3 minutes. The latter, by the way, was already a re-rating of the BBFC in 2013, which was already a bit longer compared to the VHS, but is just still significantly defused. It is all the more pleasing that there was now a happy ending, because the Blu-ray premiere, available since 20 September 2021, is also uncut in the UK for the first time.

As usual with HD releases by 88 Films (or Eureka), this cult film of Hong Kong cinema is presented in fine HD quality and with worthwhile bonus material. One featurette was of particular interest from our perspective, as "Scenes from the Alternative Version" collects a few minutes of footage that, according to the introductory text plate, were originally intended for release in Taiwan and Singapore. We were also kindly provided with the full film version, which is not included on the new Blu-ray. However, we can thus also state with this complete comparison that the featurette covers ALL of the exclusive footage from this version.

Most notably, there are goofy comedy scenes where David Wu (Joe) and Ng Kin-chung (Puppy) get more screentime. The humor once again takes some getting used to for Western viewing habits. At least Amy Yip is allowed to play with her charms a bit more. In a few places, there is even alternative material to discover, which is also shown in the featurette. What is not documented there is that the Asian alternative version is also censored by almost 6 minutes. Almost all sex moments have been removed. A bit of naked skin, most of all exposed breasts, have remained after all. Still, as a complete film version, of course, this is not a recommendation for those interested in such a Cat.III title.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Asian Alternative Version / Original Version Blu-ray

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Additional material in Asian alternate version.
02:08-03:11 / 02:07

Towards the end of the opening credits song, there is the first extension. Joe pulls up at the precinct and drops Selina off, who is pissed that he's making her late. She also briefly brings up a meeting with the prince, thus introducing this subplot.
Joe stays behind with Puppy and grumbles about the unfortunate situation. Puppy grumbles back, saying that Joe would already treat Selina like a girlfriend, even though they only went out once. She would also be out of his league professionally. Joe replies that even a queen has to marry someone sometime.

+ 62,5 sec (= 1:03 min)

03:35 / 02:31-02:41

The first shot at the pool is missing, as the prince shows his bare butt here.

9.4 sec

04:00 / 03:06-03:07

The prince spins the girl around at the end of the shot. Here it was probably a thorn in the eye of the censors that you see a bit too much of the genital area.

1.2 sec

05:08 / 04:15-04:22

Also at the end of the scene, he throws a girl around and you see the abdomen for a short time.

6,5 sec

Alternative / Additional material in Asian alternative version.
05:19-05:30 / 04:32-04:44

When the woman with the tray comes in, an alternate take was used. This is basically only noticeable when the camera is moved back and the girls are then placed around the prince a little differently. The girl in his arm is exposed on top in the original version and he plays around with her nipples. In the alternative version, the bust is covered by the bathrobe.

Nonetheless, the censorship is rather odd, as exposed breasts are otherwise seen in many places in the alternate version as well.

No time difference

Asian alternative versionOriginal version

Alternative / Additional material in Asian alternative version.
05:32-05:45 / 04:45-04:59

Another shot with the naked girls and the prince can be seen as an alternate take.

No time difference

Asian alternative versionOriginal version

Alternative / Additional material in Asian alternative version
05:51-06:04 / 05:05-05:18

As everyone faints and the prince is dragged away, there are two alternate takes again.

No time difference

Asian alternative versionOriginal version

29:57 / 29:13-31:04

The full sex scene is withheld in the alternative version. Yamamoto goes at it rather roughly, and during sex from behind, she asks when he'll finally be done. Thereupon the mood changes, because she has no more desire. But Yamamoto continues brutally and rapes her. He grabs her by the neck and pushes her against the wall, where she slowly loses consciousness. The alternative version only resumes as blood runs down her legs.

111,6 sec (= 1:52 min)

30:01 / 31:08-31:12

The follow-up shot also starts earlier, with Yamamoto looking down before continuing to choke her.

3,6 sec

30:02 / 31:13

Before she falls out the window, there is a brief close-up inside. The exposed abdomen was obviously the reason for the intervention again.

0,3 sec

Alternative / Additional material in Asian alternative version.
30:09-30:12 / 31:20-31:23

In the shot of the body from above, they used a different take for the alternative version, where her breasts are covered.

No time difference

Asian alternative versionOriginal version

Additional material in Asian alternative version.
30:12-33:46 / 31:23

Immediately following, there is an additional conversation between the investigators that opens with a photo of this exact alternative take. They discuss the gruesomeness of the murders and how they might catch the perpetrator. Joe mentions as a recurring pattern that the killer seeks out women with large breasts. So you have to lure him with a "woman" - to which a colleague directly objects, since he apparently got into trouble on a previous assignment dressed as a woman. The others all report similar experiences, only Puppy does not answer. Everyone now presses him a bit to take over the role, but Puppy points to his beard. But the men have a solution for that too: they grab him jointly and one of them takes out a wet razor. Puppy resists, whimpering, and they ponder whether to shave the top or the bottom first. During the scuffle, Puppy's suspenders are pulled away and suddenly he's standing there in just his underwear. At this moment, Selina enters, followed by Dr. Sara and Ann. The commissioner follows as well and they make themselves ready to greet him. Puppy's pants fall down once again.

+ 213,5 sec (= 3:34 min)

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