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Release: Nov 19, 2010 - Author: VideoRaider - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
I. Introduction

There is only a very small number of films which, just shortly after their theatrical release, can be characterized with superlatives such as revolutionary or matchless. But if there is one film that these attributes are really applicable to, it is certainly James Cameron's space fable "Avatar". Even though critics have not yet grown tired of branding the shallow story as too simple, the film has accomplished something no other film has been able to do within the last thirty years: it has re-defined the idea of cinema and lured the masses back into the movie theatres. In a time which saw declining box office takings, an identity crisis of cinema as a medium and sinister forecasts predicting the end of the silver screen as an instrument of mass entertainment, James Cameron, along with 20th Century Fox, has heralded the start of a new era of cinema. Not quite unexpected, but enormously successful. One can criticize "Avatar" as regards content, but even the most blistering critics cannot deny the following: the film is a cinematic experience never seen before. Even the greatest artists of the movie industry could not dispute on that. Steven Spielberg said, "Avatar" was „the most evocative and amazing science-fiction movie since Star Wars“. His long-time friend, the producer Frank Marshall, agreed just as euphorically („Audacious and awe inspiring. It’s truly extraordinary!“). Ruben Fleischer, director of "Zombieland" was positive that it was „So next level. So awesome. Avatar is a game changer.“ - and he was proved right. "Avatar" was indeed a game changer, which changed cinema for good. Some say it changed for the better, but some say it changed for the worse.

For more information about the production process of "Avatar" and the additional scenes of the Special Edition read the preceeding censorship report on the theatrical version and the Special Edition.

II. Censorship report

According to director James Cameron, the Extended Edition was specially compiled for fans. The actual theatrical version always represents his director's cut, while the respective Special Edition is only meant to deepen the story. Thus, the present Extended Edition was just enhanced by a few scenes, which do not change the story, but add two interesting aspects. The biggest difference is certainly the opening scene on Earth which was cut to accelerate the pace of the movie, since it does not really advance the story. The rest refers to the massacre in the Na'Vi school which caused the death of Neytiri's sister. The school scene was only inserted in the Special Edition, but the Extended Edition goes into it more explicitly. However, it is barely comprehensible why these scenes had not been in the Special Edition already, since the SE itself introduces this plot line.

Consequently, the Extended Edition should be regarded rather as a bonus version. It is based on the Special Edition and is almost completely identical with it - with the exception of the aforementioned scenes.

Altogether, the Extended Edition, compared against the Special Edition, is 436.64 seconds longer.
The opening scene has been changed. It now starts on Earth and takes a look back into Jake Sully's past as a paraplegic war veteran. He drinks, he fights, he rusts away - aimlessly and forlorn. That only changes when he is visited by two representatives of the mining company. They ask him to take over the role of his deceased twin brother and fly to Pandora.

Further outlooks on the future of the Earth are interspersed en passant. We learn that the Bengal tiger, just like many species more, has meanwhile become extinct, but was recreated using genetic engineering. Earth is overpopulated and polluted. Most people wear respirators. Due to the quantity of people (and corpses), undertakers have degenerated into industrial facilities.

For lucidity reasons, the complete opening scene will be reproduced here. The parts of it that had already been seen in the theatrical version have been subtracted from the total runtime.

269.32 sec.

[Jake sits on his bed and pulls off his pants. Meanwhile he watches TV on the video screen.]
TV reporter: "The Bengal tiger, extinct for over a century is making a comeback! These cloned tiger cubs at the Beijing zoo are the best latest of a number of species that have been cloned back into existence in the past five years."
Jake Sully (off): "I became a Marine for the hardship. To be hammered on the anvil of life. I told myself, I can pass any test a man can pass."

[Jake gets terribly drunk in a bar with some friends.]

Jake Sully (off): "Let’s get it straight, upfront. I don’t want your pity! You want a fair deal, you’re on the wrong planet. The strong prey on the weak. That’s just the way things are. And nobody does a damn thing."
[Jake sees a young woman being hit by a man at the bar.]

[Jake arrives on the scene and attacks the man from behind. To his surprise, the woman tries to stop him.]
Woman: "Get off! Get off of him!"
[Jake and the man continue fighting.]

Jake Sully (off): "All I ever wanted in my sorry-ass life was a single thing worth fighting for."

[Without a word, the doormen throw him out of the bar and he lands on the street.]
Jake Sully: "I hope you realized you lost yourself a costumer. Candy-ass bitch."
[Jake lies in the gutter and senselessly yells jarhead slang.]
Jake Sully: "If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training."

[Suddenly, two men approach him and look down to him.]
Man 1: "It doesn’t look like him."
Man 2: "It’s him."
Man 1: "You Jake Sully?"
Jake Sully: "Step off. You’re ruining my good mood."
Man 2: "It’s about your brother."

[Accompanied by the man, Jake enters a crematory where they ask for his brother's corpse.]
Man 2: "We’re looking for Sully, T."
Undertaker: "In there."
[The undertaker opens the cardboard coffin of his brother. Jake looks at him briefly.]
Jake Sully: "Jesus, Tommy."
[The undertaker closes the coffin again and authorizes cremation.]
Man 2: "The strong prey on the weak. A guy with a knife took all Tommy would ever be. For the paper in his wallet. The concern of the suits was touching."

[The men turn to Jake.]
Man 2: "Your brother represented a significant investment. We’d like to talk to you about taking over his contract."
Man 1: "And since your genome is identical to his, you could step into his shoes, so to speak. It would be a fresh start on a new world. You can do something important. You can make a difference. And the pay is good."
Man 2: "Very good."
[Jake's brother is shoved into the incinerator.]

[The men turn towards Jake again.]
Jake Sully (off): "Tommy was the scientist, not me. He was the one who wanted to get shot out light-years in space to find the answers. Me, I was just another dumb grunt getting sent someplace he was gonna regret."

[The camera shows Jake's dead brother slowly consumed by fire - subsequently, the picture morphs into Jack aboard the space craft.]

Due to the new cut, the Extended Edition misses these two shots.
- 6.6 sec.

Before they take off to Pandora, an additional shot of the shuttle pilot has been added.
4.52 sec.

Pilot 1: "Copy, Venture Star. Go for de-orbit burn at 2-2-4 niner."

Before Jake returns to Pandora, he and Grace talk some more. Norm is jealous, because a shallow ex-marine like Jake has meanwhile been accepted into the inner circles of the Na'Vi - even though Jake does not even know the goddess Eywa. When Dr. Augustine considers a picture of Neytiri, she begins to wallow in memories and talks about Neytiri's sister Sylwanin. Jokingly, Jake tells Norm that he had a date with Sylwanin too. Dr. Augustine remarks that Neytiri's sister was dead. Apparently, this scene is meant to link to the school scene. It is obvious that Neytiri's sister had been killed by humans.
19.92 sec.

[Jake teases Norm.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Knock it off. It’s like kindergarten around here."
[Jake gets into the avatar box; Dr. Augustine looks at Neytiri's picture.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Neytiri was my best student. She and her sister Sylwanin. Just amazing girls."

Jake Skully: "I got a date with Sylwanin too."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "She is dead."

Dr. Augustine brings Jake back and tells him to eat something. He refuses, but Dr. Augustine insists on it and he obliges. At the dining table, Jake finds a picture of Dr. Augustine as Neytiri's teacher. He asks her about what happened at the school. Dr. Augustine tells him that Neytiri's sister and some of her friends had attacked a bulldozer which had threatened them. Hoping to find shelter with Dr. Augustine, they fled into the school. However, the mercenaries pursued and killed them.

For lucidity reasons, the complete opening scene will be reproduced here. The parts of it that had already been seen in the theatrical version have been subtracted from the total runtime.

180.76 sec.

[Dr. Augustine opens the avatar box. Jake gets out.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "You were in 16 hours today."

[Jakes drives into the small lounge; Dr. Augustine gives him something to eat.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "You are still losing weight."
[Jake ignores the food and drives away.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "No, you don’t."

[Dr. Augustine pulls Jake back.]
Jake Sully: "I gotta get some sleep."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Come back here."

[Jake sits at table again and looks at the junk food in disgust.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Bon appétit."
Jake Sully: "Today I made a kill. And we ate it. At least, I know where that meal come from."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Other body. You need to take care of this one. Okay? Get it? Let’s eat it."
Jake Sully: "Yeah, yeah."
[Jake continues to just watch the food disgustedly.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Here, I’ll make it easy for you. Give it to me."
[Dr. Augustine picks up the food and opens it.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "You look like crap."
Jake Sully: "Thank you."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "You’re burning way too hard."
[Jake pulls the cigarette out of Dr. Augustine's mouth and throws it away.]
Jake Sully: "Get rid of this shit. And then you can lecture me."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Now, I am telling you, as your boss, and as someone who might even consider being a friend someday to take some down time. Eat this, please. Trust me, I learned the hard way."

[Jake looks at a picture of Dr. Augustine and the young Neytiri at school.]
Jake Sully: "What did happen at the school, Grace?"

Dr. Grace Augustine: "Neytiri's sister, Sylwanin, stopped coming to school. She was angry about the clear cutting. And one day, she and a couple of other young hunters came running in, all painted up. They had set a bulldozer on fire. I guess they thought I could protect them. The troopers pursued them to the school. They killed Sylwanin in the doorway. Right in front of Neytiri. And then shot the others. I got most of the kids out. But they never came back."
[Jake gives the picture back to Dr. Augustine; she puts it on the sill.

Jake Sully: "I am sorry."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "A scientist stays objective. We can’t be ruled by emotion. But I put 10 years of my life into that school. They called me sa’nok."
Jake Sully: "Mother."
Dr. Grace Augustine: "Mother."
[Dr. Augustine touches Jake's chest.]
Dr. Grace Augustine: "That kind of pain reaches back through the link."

When the marines vacate the research laboratory and prepare for retaliation, Jake and Dr. Augustine talk longer. A short, but interesting extension, since it becomes obvious that the war against the Na'Vi had been desired and planned.
15.08 sec.

Dr. Grace Augustine: "You know, they never wanted us to suceed. They bulldozed the sacred site on purpose - to trigger a response. They fabricating a war. They get what they want."

Due to the extension of the second last scene, the Extended Edition misses the following shot.
- 4.88 sec.