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Saint, a Woman, a Devil, A


  • R-Rated
  • X-Rated
Release: Dec 13, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The R-Rated version was compared to the X-Rated version.

Synopsis of A Saint, a Woman, a Devil

Toby is quite astonished when she and her friend Sheila want to spend a few days at her strictly religious cousin Sylvia's house and catch her having sex with a vacuum cleaner salesman. When Toby is also drugged by Sylvia so that she ends up with Sheila in the role of macho-lesbian Tony, she gets fed up. She seeks advice from a priest, who tells her that Sylvia has also gone too far with him. First, he advises against an exorcism and refers Toby to a psychiatrist. Dr. Balaban's therapy seems to work, but when Sylvia shows up at a sex party and gets involved with junkies, Dr. Balaban realizes that he has to take harder measures.

In A Saint, a Woman, a Devil, which was later released under the title Sylvia, Joanna Bell as schizophrenic leading actress Sylvia walks the fine line between religious fanaticism and sexual debauchery. The psychological aspect of the movie is mostly used to lead our female heroine into copulation, but in this respect, the movie is much more ambitious and cryptic than some other X-Rated movies. Assistant director is Maniac director William Lustig.

Vinegar Syndrome DVD contains two cut versions of the film

There are two cut versions of the film on the US DVD by Vinegar Syndrome. One is the complete X-Rated version and the R-Rated version, which is missing the sex scenes. Since the sex scenes are constructed in such a way that they either start or end softly, the explicit footage can be cut out without gaps in content. Except for a short shot, the R-Rated does not offer any alternative footage.

The US DVD is of very good quality and can be played on international DVD/Blu-ray players thanks to RC0.


R-Rated: 89:48 min.
X-Rated: 107:58 min.


Before the vacuum cleaner salesman leaves the house, you can see him having sexual intercourse with Sylvia.

X-Rated: 4:26 min.


Between Tony, one of the personalities of Sylvia, and Sheila it comes to sexual intercourse in which a vibrator is used in addition to oral sex.

X-Rated: 3:06 min.


After Sylvia was explained how a "Panty Raid" works, you can see her and her date having sexual intercourse.

The R-Rated shows only briefly the end of the sex scene, where there are no explicit shots to be seen.

X-Rated: 1:43 min.


In the R-Rated, the picture freezes briefly as Mr. Wavery is shown.

In X-Rated, oral sex between Mr. Wavery and Sylvia occurs.

R-rated: 2 sec.
X-Rated: 1:53 min.


In the X-Rated, at first there's oral - then normal sex between Mary and Ben.

X-Rated: 3:13 min.


While Toby is abused by the man, there's a short cut to the orgy.

X-Rated: 22 sec.


One more time, the orgy is shown.

X-Rated: 14 sec.


After the man has passed out, the R-Rated briefly cuts to Sylvia dancing in front of the people.

Instead, the X-Rated shows scenes of the orgy.

R-rated: 8 sec.
X-Rated: 1:07 min.


In X-Rated, the sex scene between Sylvia and the two junkies continues.

X-Rated: 2:15 min.